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  1. woah a 1 billion won mv thats 30min long cant wait to watch it lol wow 30min is a drama episode
  2. oooo interesting a learn at home video didnt know about that till now i should go check that out right now
  3. oooooooooo new song coming half a month left but wow 20 dancers with them on stage thats almost 30 ppl thanks for sharing
  4. hyomin looks awesome in that witch pose i wonder how many times she had to do that to get it right they all look soo cute in the pictures xD
  5. they must like horror movies a lot shes the third one to play in a horror movie wish both of the movies success since they are in it =P
  6. no idea who the guy is. hope eunjung has fun on wgm with him. theres a different pair now since it was all idol pairings before
  7. oooo interesting eunjung on wgm we get to see her more on variety shows wonder who her virtual husband would be
  8. lol i wonder if the police at that time will remember if they watch the show "oh so she was that girl that made us run around at night looking for her" xD
  9. lol first thing i noticed was her nails why would she sleep with her nails like that xD she looks gorgeous though
  10. =D she looks soo cute and happy in the second pic glad she found her way of releasing stress
  11. lol she can sleep anywhere even when theres food around xD manager should be helping her find a better place to sleep
  12. you like them then you like them doesnt matter if they had work done and i like them =D thanks for the translationg
  13. hehe hyomin looks so funny in that pic cant wait to watch this episode thanks for the translation
  14. hehe she looks so adorable rudolph hyomin xD thanks for the translation merry christmas
  15. TT-TT gonna miss this show with g7 in it sooo much all the animals are orphans now since the shows canceled
  16. lol what the hell, how do they link the lyrics to that at all???? e-tribe already explained what the lyrics mean already anyway so dont understand how that can happen at all
  17. hope they'll be a big hit love their songs but i kinda like WAYLT over YaYaYa well its still T-ara so T-ara fighting
  18. didnt really get the lyrics but like the song anyway cause it sounds good to me its great now that there is an explaination
  19. everybody was great especially like hyomin and her blonde look
  20. wow first medival not indian concept cant wait for their comeback looking forward to the mv release thanks for the translation
  21. love the first pic, she looks like a princess sooo beautiful it seems like she cant live without the phone camera thanks for sharing
  22. victoria is hilarious always talking to the plants and hyomin trying to copying her in that episode was hilarious x10 xD thanks for translating
  23. wow its awesome that they got 3 songs on the list only other group that got 3 songs are 2am and 2pm awesome just in a years time too
  24. lol poor folding screen even the bull ignores her cant wait to see this xD lol at sunny "the bull was not born for this"
  25. this shows how close they must be the first one to wish sunny happy birthday love their concept on the show but too bad now sunnys gonna leave whats gonna happen to hyomin
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