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  1. Wooh It's really nice to be back. It's been a long time I visited this forum. I hope I can visit more often.

  2. I wish them luck and happiness in 2015. I definitely miss them performing in South Korea. I continue support them as a queen.
  3. I hope they will win, T-ara fighting. T-ara is very amazing group,.I will keep supporting you all.
  4. I hope that Eunjung will blossom more in 2012. Eunjung unnie please get well soon.
  5. Why Eunjung unnie always injured??Poor her. I hope she will get better soon.
  6. What language will they use??..Can't wait to watch the We Got Married Chinese Version...Hyomin love you!!,.Hyomin fighting!!
  7. I'm so happy for T-ara, they deserved that they received this year. They're songs are great and addicting like roly poly,it beccome popular and hot topic. Be careful T-ara and stay beautiful and strong!!.
  8. yes, I'm really excited about the said official fanclub name. Yah,.it's great you know that they haven't an official fanclub but many fans still support them and they become popular. I'm so proud to be T-ara's fan!!. T-ara hwaiting!!
  9. It shows that T-ara is a talented group. Being an idol-actor group is very difficult but they manage their time. T-ara fighting!
  10. It shows that T-ara is a talented group. Being an idol-actor group is very difficult but they manage their time. T-ara fighting!
  11. Yeah,. I'm waiting to know T-ara's official fan club name!!!. Hope there wish will come true. They worked really hard and they deserve it.
  12. Congratulation to T-ara who clinched no.1 in Oricon of their first day release of their album. I hope they will succeed in Japan and more popularity gain. I will support you,T-ara. You are really great!!.T-ara daebak, T-ara hwaiting!!!
  13. It's 1 billion won for the music video?,.that's a big wow. The music video takes 30 minutes, it's too long. I'm excited and curios about their mv and their song. T-ara fighting!!!
  14. So sad it's their last stage in this week. I'm really sad I want to see their performances more in stage. Good luck to Japan, T-ara. T-ara fighting!
  15. yay,..I'm excited for their comeback this coming July 1. So awaiting comeback. T-ara fighting!!!
  16. I can't wait to watch the episode especially their first meeting. I'm quite disappointed because Eunjung unnie's virtual husband is not an idol but I'm looking forward to this couple. Eunjung unnie fighting!!!
  17. wow the guerrilla date temporarily stopped because of so much crowd. They really cute couple in that picture. Hwaiting Eunjung unnie!!!
  18. T-ara so sexy. The photos are all good. I'm excited to watch the video, can't wait to see their performance. T-ara fighting!
  19. I'm excited to hear the track. Brave Brothers are great. It definitely a nice song. I'm waiting for it..
  20. Love_Boram


    She's so sexy in this picture. Love it. She has a white legs.
  21. She looks very pretty in this picture. Hyomin is an ulzzang. Love this picturr. Hyomin fighting!
  22. so touch..I like Eunjung..She is a professional. I hope she will be fine..Be healthy unnie Eunjung!..Eunjung fighting!
  23. Happy to see her in healing. Good take care of your health unnie. I miss your performance together with T-ara. Eunjung fighting!!!
  24. Congrats for Eunjung unnie for winning the award. I'm really happy to see her having an award..Hope too see her w/ T-ara. Get well soon..
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