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[POLL] Best Rapper


Best Rapper  

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  1. 1. Who?

    • Eunjung
    • Hyomin
    • Hwayoung

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Now, with Hwayoung is in T-ara already..

Eunjung and Hyomin got a new company: Hwayoung!

Between these three, who do you think is the best rapper?

I personally voted for Hyomin. Not because I'm biased, but I swear I couldn't forget her rapping in all T-ara songs.

Especially in I Go Crazy Because of You!

But Eunjung and Hwayoung are also fierce!

What do you think?

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I was going to vote for Hwa Young [because she's my main bias],

but I ended up voting for Eunjung because let's face it, Eunjung's the best rapper in T-ara as we know it.

Hyomin's a great rapper but she doesn't make herself sound like one,

as for Hwa Young, she's great and fierce also but she's only been in T-ara for a short amount of time. She's got time to improve. She's already got the skills down though; just a little bit more practice (:

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Eunjung obviously, she was amazing from the start and still is the best rapper in T-ara

Hwayoung is second! she is fierce and her husky voice is really good.. if you listen to the new songs you can clearly say that her rap is fantastic.

The next one imo is Soyeon, i was really surprised when i heard her rapping for the first time, she is actually good (i think you should add Soyeon to the poll)

i hope she will rap more in the future~

As for Hyomin, she has her good moments.. but most of the time i don't like her rapping at all.

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I knew it. I'm the only one who voted for Hwayoung. =)

To be honest, I love Eunjung's raps the most.

But I voted otherwise for two reasons:

1. I based my vote on their Temptastic album. (Hwayoung's raps in Ma Boo and I'm Okay are awesome. The girl got flow and swagger.) Hwayoung's live rap (WAYLT) is not bad too.

2. I'd want to hear Eunjung sing more!!!

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Guest cruzer1979

I don't understand why someone said Hwayoung blow her mind off in Ma Boo.

Gosh, because mostly....

Rapping are done by Eunjung....

don't offense because i love hwayoung also but in ma boo... eunjung rapping is marvelous ... make hwayoung became second best....

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