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[POLL] Wae Ireoni or Ya Ya Ya


Wae Ireoni VS Ya Ya Ya  

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  1. 1. Which song should T-ARA promote?

    • Wae Ireoni?
    • Ya Ya Ya

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I've noticed from Music Bank that Wae Ireoni ranked better than Ya Ya Ya.

Ya Ya Ya was in the 20s while Wae Ireoni was 9th.

Now don't you guys think that this is weird?

Since it's Ya Ya Ya that the girls are promoting all-out.

I personally like Wae Ireoni better, song-wise.

But the girls are just too cute and playful in Ya Ya Ya... <3

So what do you guys think?

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Yayaya is a cute and catchy song et I love it , but for me Wae ireonie is way better :lol:

seriously , I was a little disappointed when I found out that they're promoting YaYaYa

I completely agree with you. Wae ireonie is a much better song and deserved to be higher than Yayaya in my opinion

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Wae Ireoni fo' sho!

'Yayaya' is a cute song and everything but it's not addicting enough to make T-ara gain more attention and popularity.

Wae Ireoni is a really great song. The first time I heard it, I just fell in love with it. & I kept on replaying it. They should have promoted that as their main comeback song. I also love the choreography.

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YAYAYA just sounds and looks weird overall. The whole concept, dance and song just aren't appealing, to me. As for Wae Ireoni, the song is nice and has a retro feeling like someone mentioned, and its dance is way cuter. The part with their fingers, you know, that could be HUGE in Korea, those types of "easy" dances catch on soon. I would like a lot better if they chose to promote Wae Ireoni instead of YAx3

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Wae Ireoni is wayyyyyy better. I dislike the lyrics for YaYaYa. The same lyrics kept repeating. It gets irritating after awhile. And the dance moves.. T-ara can do better. Why does CCM gives them such easy dance steps for..

But the concept of YaYaYa is cool but the dance moves and songs are just.. bleh.

So yeah, Wae Ireoni is better. ^^

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