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[10.12.25] T-ara braves extremely cold weather, professionalism shines


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This is too much

It freaking -18 degrees

and they're wearing short sleeves

wth is wrong with their stylists

At this rate they're gonna be sick

they're already so busy with Dream Girls, Hello Baby, promoting their songs, some of them have to film drama

These girls need to slow it down as much as I love them on stage, shows

Their health is more important

I hope they wont get sick

T-ara fighting!!

Ps: They handled it like professionals when it's -2degrees here I'm packed in clothes but I'm still shivering. So hats of to T-ara

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even GD TOP sang HIGH HIGH, but the weather at that event was so LOW LOW LOOOOW.

*gaahh~ this is such a random comment*

dang!! -17,4 Celsius are so.. KILLING!

I worried abt Eunjung's twitt.

I dont wanna blame, but, CCM should prepare jacket for out door event.

buy one new jacket is cheap, dude.


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woah ... it's -18 degrees out there ... it's not too cold anymore :( it's freezing there ... and they carry on their performance with that kind of outfits ? don't think it's good for their health ... hope they won't be sick after this ... always wish you all the best and will always support and love T-ara ~ ;)

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This is quite crazy. :D T-ara should take care of their health more. I hope they don't fall sick... They are already so strong by not falling sick because of the tight schedules. It is really admirable that they continue with their performance as if nothing was wrong, their professionalism really shines. Go t-ara!

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What is wrong with the stylists? Seriously, my heart broke when I was watching the clip on YouTube.

They were shaking and enduring the cold. At least the stylists could've given them a long sleeve shirt to wear underneath the one-piece if the stylists insist on making them wear the concept costumes. Seriously... -____-" Kudos to T-Ara for being pros though. I just really hope they do not get sick... ):

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