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[11.01.04] Boram, "T-ara usually doesn't starve and eats more than other girl groups."

shining star`★

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Boram "T-ara usually doesn't starve and eats better than other girl groups"

Boram speaks up about her food habits.

Jeon YoungRok and Jeon Boram appeared the 3rd January on the TV Show "Newsen Issues-People" and talked about the behind the scene who occurs in the entertainment world.

This day, Jeon YoungRok revealed that he felt sorry towards Boram. He declared, "I feel particularly sorry toward Boram, but a lot of people aren't starving."

Boram continued by revealing, "It's not like I'm starving all the time, sometimes I don't realize I'm hungry. Sometimes I just eat a cherry, tomato, or sweet potato. If I don't, I won't appear pretty on screen." She then added "Compared to other girl groups, T-ara members eat a lot." which provoked a lot of laugh.

However Jeon YoungRok couldn't hide his sadness when he revealed that he felt bad to know that his daughter couldn't eat whatever she wants. "On screen she looks a bit chubbier but in reality she is really light."

Both Jeon Boram and Jeon YoungRok are starring in the hit musical "I Really Really Like You."


Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=20...%BC%BE%C6%B6%F3

Written by Jeon Won

Translated by shining star`★

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Someone should really invent a camera that captures the exact side of a person <3 But honestly, whenever people call them "Fat" when they don't diet.... it doesn't make sense! they should at least have the luxury to eat anything they want, in order to be healthy

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reading that his father feels sad about her not able to eat what she wants makes me really sad also

"sometimes i just eat a cherry tomato or sweet potato" WTF? only that during the whole day??

ahhh these food issues are really tiring, they should get over it and be really healthy :huh:

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If Boram is with them i don't think they will starve hehe

Since most of the time Boram always being snacks

But in SGB if i'm not wrong is hyomin said that Boram only share food if she's in great mood :huh:

and i think T-ara is the only group that eat quite alot :P O.o

anyway great that they didn't starve and stay healthy :P

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Glad to know that the girls are not starving!

I'm totally agree with the other members..

even they do eat a lot, they maintain a good appearance.. :P

Well, Boram, even she eats a lot, she still the cutest.. <3

Ouch, her father really take great care of her...that's so moving.

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