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[11.01.14] Qri's looks, ruined because of <YaYaYa> concept?


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i totally disagree that Qri has too much makeup on. the makeup made her eyes look HUGE!!The makeup style they're doing for Yayaya is kind of Gyaru, Japanese "Gal" makeup. It focuses on thicker eyeliner, and lots of lashes. Actually, i don't think the victim is Qri, because she pulls it off just fine, she looks good with thick eyeliner and think eyeliner. I think that the victim was Soyeon, their makeup artist over exaggerated Soyeon's bottom lashes (since Waeroni) and made the look look unbalanced(if there is such a word).. but Soyeon looked alright nonetheless, even with her being the "victim"...

This is all my own opinion btw..(: no ofence to anyone :)

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