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[11.01.20] T-ara appointed Honorary Advisors; Initiates Bill for protection of abandoned dogs


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On the Jan 19th episode of T-ara's <Dream Girls>, Senator Na KyungWon has appointed T-ara as Honorary Advisors.

The recent challenge of Mnet's <Dream Girls> to T-ara is to become senatorial aides for prolific senator Na KyungWon. After having a rough start with their interviews, it seems the girls are getting a hang of it.

With determination showing, the people are convinced that theyre taking it seriously.

They also discussed a bill to pass to the senate, for the protection of abandoned dogs in South Korea. The only thing hindering this law to be passed is for the congress to discuss it and pass their votes.


Cr: Newsen

Written By: ~~

Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @ tiaradiadem.com

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Guest baramsori

OMGGGG They even propose a bill to be passed, fighting!!!!! But I hope the next Dream Girls jobs will be less serious <3 I want them to have easy brezzy time to relax like in T-aradot.com.

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This is some serious stuffs!

Yeah, it is really a noble job to be able to do something for the society.

Protection for abandoned dogs is one a good example of it.

It is amazing that the girls are becoming the Honorary Advisors.

Hope the bills got to be passed!

Yeah, you go girls! T-ara fighting! <3

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