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[11.01.20] Idol-themed films popularity rising, "White" scheduled to release in February


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In 2011, there are planned to be 10~20 films or movies looking at the lives of idol groups. The evolution of idol movies is being started. Featured one after another, they'll be shown in a variety of ways such as horrors, thrillers, dramas and comedies. Idols are not only in TV variety shows, but now dramas and movies, starting the golden age of the idols.

Idols in films

Scheduled for release in February, the thriller "White" is about the death surrounding a popular idol girl group and involves a mystery. The movie stars Ham Eunjung from the girl group T-ara. With the appearance of an idol in the movie, it has attracted attention.

With K-pop becoming an influence in Japan and girl groups SNSD and Kara being popular in the music market, films are also heading there. An official for CJ Entertainment, the distributors of "White" said, "While in production, we had overseas and Japanese markets in mind."

Other idol-themed movies include "Flying Girls" and "Happy Together".

-excerpted the parts not about Eunjung/White-


Source: Sisa Press

Written by: -

Translated by: nathaniel @ Diadem

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Eunjeong's Hair is so.. WEIRD__ Lol! That better not be her real hair .. Aeygo I still don't get this.. It won't be about jung no more? IT BETTER BE! I'm going to watch it and it better be good.. Hwaiting!~


LOL YES so weirddd... but nvrmind still look cute and sexy !!! and... ill be waiting for u Eunjung!!! ^-^

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