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[11.02.16] Hyomin's stress-relief method?


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T-ara recently released her unique stress relief method.

On the 15th Hyomin tweeted [check

http://www.twitter.com/legenddiadem for the WHOLE story ] whilst releasing a photo at the same time

Inside the photo Hyomin is jumping up and down wearing a Cardigan that covers her whole body

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Be happy all by yourself! Just think of happy moments to relieve stress. I like that! Good that she's back to her normal self!.

Hyomin fighting!

Yea. I hope Hyomin is able to ignore the crazy fangirls harassing her and continue to just be herself. It must be harder for her than some idols since she is so involved with the Internet and online stuff that she sees a lot more things written to her or about her than maybe some other idols who don't get as involved.

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