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[11.02.21] T-ara's Jiyeon, "half make-up" humiliation, 'same face different feel'


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Hahaha that picture is so creeppy! I think Jiyeon is beautiful even without makeup. I know in their earlier days, they hardly had on makeup and she was gorgeous then. And without make up, her beauty is just enhanced :)

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Maknae Jiyeon still looks the same, except of course from the removed eyeliner.


Jiyeon with the eyeliner: That would be the mature and sexy look.

Jiyeon without the eyeliner: That would be the fresh and cute look.

Either way, it's still WIN

Either way, she's still beautiful.

Either way, I still love her. ^_^

Jiyeon jjang~ :lol:

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Haha! Saw the episode. She seem ashamed but at the same time was laughing at herself!

Haha! Dorky her!

I tink it's ok! Not so different. But of course, after all the schedules, she'll look tired when without make-up.

Can't blame her.

Still, she look cute and pretty! <_<

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there is no much difference, she is still cute, the funny thing is the MC acted like there is a huge difference that makes Jiyeon embarrassed.

I remember on their first Episode Shin beon shun complimented Jiyeon saying its her first time seeing Jiyeon without wearing any makeup and she is still beautiful.

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