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[11.03.13] Korea's best actor/idol, T-ara's Jiyeon and MBLAQ's Lee Jun


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Korea's best actor/idol, T-ara member Jiyeon and MBLAQ's Lee Jun (이준)




MBLAQ's Lee Jun with the role of Gnomeo!

T-ara's Jiyeon with the role of Juliet!

"Gnomeo and Juliet" Seems to have given a good impression with rumors blazing about the movie, having hit number 1 at the American box office 3 weeks after its release.

The topic of dubbing has been a hot issue concerning this movie, with MBLAQ's Lee Jun (who previously debuted in Hollywood with his acting skils) and T-ara's "Actor/Idol" Jiyeon playing the lead roles.

These stars, riding along with the backs of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt have been cast to play the male/female roles of Gnomeo and Juliet respectively.

It seems as though the two will bring the worldwide heat for the movie to Korea.


Source: T-arafan

Written by: -

Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem

Note: Pictures related to the news topic are allowed to be posted below

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:lol: wow! this is so cool!

i hope there will be more T-Ara fans and more Jiyeon fans and more MBLAQ + Joon fans :DDDD go go go! now i know why jiyeon came back earlier to Korea.. cos of Oh my school ^O^ :blink:

Really...??? How do u know??? What about Soyeon??? Isnt shes the fixed member of OMS now??? Tell me.. Im curious...

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well, I edited your post.

it's LEE JOON, not YI JOON.


....... and, actually.

seriously, I dont see the relation between the title & the news.

the main story from the news is talking about their dubbing job.

but the title is... huh.gif

hehe thanks : ) romanisations always put me off

also - The main topic was more about the MBLAQ member, which was pretty damn annoying

so I took out everything that was about him and just concentrated on Jiyeon

As a result the topic title didn't make much sense - so I had to alter it : )

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Personally, Jiyeon got nothing on Eunjung. Joon got nothing on Siwon/Jaejoong. They're not bad, but not the best either. The article was quite biased.

I really don't see the connection between the title & the article. Actor-dols Jiyeon & Joon dubbing for Gnomeo and Juliet would have been a better title.

Jiyeon looks nice in the photo. Somehow, I always think of Jeremy/Hongki when I look at Lee Joon nowaday. Must be the signature Jeremy's blond hair.

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