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[11.03.16] Kim Ji Won, Kim Tae Hee resemblance discussion - are 'Jiyeon & Ho Lee Jae' a matchup?


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Kim Ji Won, Kim Tae Hee resemblance discussion. Is 'Jiyeon & Ho Lee Jae' a matchup?


Doppelgangers of actress Kim Tae Hee have been appearing numerously.

One select instance is the resemblance between Kim Tae Hee and Kim Ji Won - one of which has been gathering quite some attention

Kim Ji Won on the 15th, during the premiere of 'Romantic Heaven' was seen to have a stark resemblance with Kim Tae Hee which drew attention. Kim Ji Won's big eyes, narrow oval face, distinct features seem to the culprit of this resemblance.

Kim Ji Won, through 오란씨걸 (Oh-Ran-Shi-Geol) and 뚜레주르's (Ddu-Rae-Ju-Reu) CF, managed to show her face to the public

On the other hand, as with Kim Tae Hee's popularity, there are many other stars who share this resemblance

Firstly, the protagonist of this story is T-ara member Jiyeon. Even before debut, there were countless topics regarding her as the 'Number 2 Kim Tae Hee'

A small face, a white complexion and big eyes all serve to resemble Kim Tae Hee. However, a large amount of netizens have commented that this is unreasonable, and have denounced the resemblance.

In addition to Jiyeon, actress Heo-Lee-Jae is attracting attention. Heo-Lee-Jae also had a similar experience to Jiyeon pre-debut, having been said to resemble Kim Tae Hee.


Source: T-arafan

Written by: -

Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem.com

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Man y they keep bringing it again n again>< DNL

Jiyeon is Jiyeon, she dun hv to feel honored to b compared to any1, she dun like those comparisons anw

Besides that juz made KTH's fans dislike Jiyeon n say bad things abt her (yeh I know, trust me)

Jiyeon is pretty in her own way!

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I guess the news is the same again and again.

It will never end,i guess.

But Jiyeon dosen't need to be compared similiar with who.

She is for who she is.Park Jiyeon will always be

Park Jiyeon.I hope they will stop all those

compared someday.

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haha this news again ,, but i guess jiyeon will be proud which compared with the legend Kim Tae Hee

but although their always compared , both of them have such a great talent , and this time for jiyeon time , Jiyeon FIGHTING !!!

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ok i'm starting to think kim taehee's face is not unique at all since everyone looks like her... apparently. and how come it's not kim taehee that looks like everyone... shizzz

^ I was about to say this. :)

I dont care if KTH is a renowned actress in Korea, have many fans or won awards. I don't feel its right that people keep saying " (name) looks like KTH"... "This person resembles KTH" blah blah blah.. why can't they put it in a different way? like the headline goes "similar faces" or they include all of their names and not just KTH.

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