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[11.03.17] Overwhelming opposition to the abolishment of Heroes


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Overwhelming opposition to the abolishment of Heroes!!!


The topic of SBS's variety program "Sunday is Good 2" (the 'Heroes' corner) has received overwhelming attention in regards to it's abolishment.

Recently, it was released that Heroes would finish at the end of April. It was notified to the crew that this would be the last recording session. Viewers of the show revealed an overwhelming opposition to the abolishment of the Heroes

Heroes has been debated furiously by show guests over the internet, some in favor of its abolishment and some apposed.

Those in favor of the abolishment of Heroes seem to be over 50%. While it is natural to abolish a show that gathers no ratings, some say that this must be looked upon in a business perspective.

However, most netizens seem to be against the abolishment of Heroes.

Netizens commented "They say Heroes is being canceled ㅠ.ㅠ then... Where can I see my female stars..ㅠㅠ They've taken away the hope of 600,000 people", "Why are they canceling Heroes? Do they know how much fun I have with that show?", "There seem to be flaws with the audience rating survey method"


Source: T-arafan

Written by: -

Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem.com

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well, I just wonder.

where is Jiyeon in the picture? I cant found her there!

well, Heroes is a really nice show.

but, yeah~ I know. nothing lasts forever

sooner or later, this show will come to an end. but the question is, "why should it end NOW?"

later please...

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If people loved the show so much they should've watched it.. :[.. Ratings had to have been consistently bad for the show to get cancelled. I honestly think its downfall was that some of the missions were stupid as hell and you couldn't really get into it. The show definitely had its moments and it was awesome to see its star-studded female cast, but I think that was also a problem. There were so many stars no one could get any real focus time and all sorts of different people watched it for their own specific biases, and became disappointed when their own biases weren't featured more.

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