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[11.04.06] T-ara's Qri also joining the cast of "Geunchogo, The King of Baekje"


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T-ara's Qri also joining the cast of "Geunchogo, The King of Baekje"


Qri from the girl group T-ara was also cast in the KBS 1TV drama, "Geunchogo, The King of Baekje".

Qri will be playing a character who is a tomboyish, stubborn princess. After becoming exiled from committing a fraud of marriage and age, she tries to reunite and stay faithful to her husband.

According to Core Contents Media on the 6th, Qri is joining the cast and exciting to be taking on the role.

This will be Qri's second acting experience. She previously had role in the 2009 drama, "Queen Seondeok", which was of the same genre. Eunjung was already announced to also be cast in the drama.

Qri's agency revealed she said, "I'm excited to be expanding my experience by joining 'Geunchogo, The King of Baekje' cast with such popular actors. Joining my member Eunjung is exciting and I'll be able to learn a lot from the others and study hard during shooting."

"Cheunchogo, The King of Baekje" is the adaption of a legendary story of King Geunchogo of Baekje's eventful life story.

The drama features many top actors and broadcasts on the weekend at 21:40 via KBS 1TV.


Source: Nate

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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i'm going to watch this for sure.

starting where Eunjung starts to appear. ill just wikipedia about the king and stuff, dont wanna spend 60hrs to catch up on the plot.

its nice to see Qri getting some roles, hopefully we'll see more of the other members having projects in the future.

Qri, Eunjung and T-ara fighting!

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