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[11.04.27] T-ara's Soyeon-Ahn Youngmin overcome 8 year age difference for duet


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T-ara's Soyeon-Ahn Youngmin overcome 8 year age difference for duet


Popular music and lyrics composer Ahn Youngmin will debut as a singer.

Ahn Youngmin will release his album using his name called "A-FAMILY". The title track, "Song For You" is a song that he has written, composed and arranged himself, known to be a "Sweet love song".

By arranging the track, he was able to participate in the song and so finally achieved his dream as a singer. In this track Ahn Young-min has come together with the girl group main vocalist, T-ara's Soyeon, who is 8 years younger, and here performed a duet.

Ahn Youngmin is a composer, lyricist, music arranger and now is fulfilling his dreams of becoming a singer by participating in "Song for You" and revealing it. Previously, he has even trained to become a singer for 5 years before he became a composer, but now as a composer he has produced music with SG Wannabe, Seeya, and T-ara.

The teaser for "Song For You" has been released, and feels the warmth of acoustic guitars and pianos, a relaxing feeling medium-tempo ballad. The full track will be released on the 28th of April.


Source: Sportsseoul | Nate

Translated by: Blumblum and nathaniel @ TIARADIADEM

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Wahhhh, it sounds like its going to be a very calm and soulful song sigh ~ (in a good way) i can't wait to hear it, i wonder if its ballad or not but oh well, if Soyeon is in it, its probably awesome, and what does age have to do with this, i guess the more older the more mature but i dunno, FIGHTING SOYEON AND YOUNGMIN <_<

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