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[PICS] Jangwoo & Eunjung (WooJung) Arrived at Malaysia (06/15)

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ohmy.gif thats not fair~~ i want to see them too~~TT-TT

if only i'm in malaysia now..

i think they're filming for WGM though i dont really watch that program i'll make sure not yo miss this episodebiggrin.gif

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Welcome to Malaysia!!!

So happy they come to M'sia, hope can see them~~~

but seems near yet so far frm me><

i go s'pore faster than i go kuantan~~~

hope they come jb lol~~~

can't wait to see this episode ~~~

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i didn't notice this but OMG! ohmy.gif

they were(@ are they still?) here????? in Malaysia? wub.gif

i went to the airport the next day (the pictures dated 15th June right?), but had not seen any celebs (well, it was early in the morning but still...) sad.gif

i sooo want to meet them! huhuuuu...

anyways, thanx for the update guys! hopefully any of us who get to see them can share their story!

and i can't wait to watch WGM! tongue.gif

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