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[11.06.20] T-ara's Soyeon, for the "New Korean Style" studying Japanese will be "tough"


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T-ara's Soyeon, for the "New Korean Style" studying Japanese will be "tough"


Preparation of the "New Korean style" T-ara's Soyeon revealed a cute Japanese electronic dictionary.

On the 20th June, T-ara's member Soyeon wrote on her Twitter saying that "Our Japanese CEO need to let us learn and study Japanese seriously, so he gave us electronic dictionaries as gifts," putting these words in the photo tweet.

In the picture, Soyeon revealed her cuteness expressions wearing a glasses as a student, while holding the electronic dictionary.

On the dictionary, there is a "Hello Kitty" picture and a "Soyeon" pasted on the dictionary. From the pictures, Soyeon showing her cutesy image with the dictionary has led netizens to envy her.

By watching her pictures, netizens commented: "Soyeon is very cute, and her beauty seems to shine more", "Together with the dictionary, Soyeon is too cute!", "Really want to have her kind of cuteness", "As long as received as a gift you mustn't lose it, must keep it in a safe place. This electronic dictionary is one of a kind, very jealous of you."

In addition, T-ara expected to release a new album, on 1st July "John Travolta Wannabe" in the title song "RolyPoly" comeback.

Source: http://www.t-arachin...-39681-1-1.html

Credit: bluebearwei / Typhoon @ tiaradiadem

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Im glad to see that their Japanese boss is treating them well, hopefully? Its so cool to have that cute little thing to learn Japanese! I want it too! Anyway, Soyeon is so beautiful. She's beautiful even when she's sleeping (From HahaMong show). Ahh, these photos she post up is really good. Soyeon fighting! T-ara fighting!

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Soyeon looks really cute in that picture. Hope her studying goes well <3

You don't have to worry about soyeon... She will do well.

I remember in one of dream girl episode where she will have an Exam... She reach the highest score with ease ^^...

Wishing her good luck in breaking through japan's market ^^

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