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[CAPS] Roly Poly MV.


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Do not hotlink. Take out with full credits.

Caps of Roly Poly MV.

53615420.jpg 65259746.jpg 37788167.jpg 178ln.jpg 213t.jpg 300hvb.jpg

Link 1 here. [ 1st to 200th photos ]

Link 2 here. [ 201st to 346 photos ]

ALL PHOTOS are made by ME, JANNICA! Do credit me if you're taking them out to pass around/post anywhere. Because th photos are FREE of watermarks. My orginial size of the photos are 1680x1050.

*Note: Th link above is to the ORIGINAL SIZE photos. So you can just download the whole album or individual photo. 8)*

Steps to download single or whole album.

Click on th up arrow on th top left corner..

You will see all th photos...... Click th DOWNLOAD on th right as shown for the whole album.


Click each individual photo and go to the 'download' on th right to download.



Sorry, just realised not everyone can see th download button.

I have reupload all th photos in here -> Mediafire. so that you can download th whole album of photos.

I guess everyone know how to use rite, just incase.


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How to download all this picture all at 1 go????

How to download all this picture all at 1 go????

having difficulty please help T_T .

How to download the whole album?

Anyways the caps are so clean and big OMG can I die now?

I really love all the caps. Thank you!


Here's th steps to download th whole album.



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