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[11.06.29] T-ara's "Roly-Poly" music video and song topping charts!


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I'm hoping T-ara Could dominate the charts for a couple of weeks ^^...

I excited to hear that T-ara having an All Kill for all 7 major charts hahaha...

T-ara sure know how to disco ^^.... Roly Poly Roly Poly!~!!

I love the beat!~!!

Go Go Go T-ara!~!!

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It's been so long that i've been on this Forum, and man... Jiyeon... she brought me back haha, I lover JiYeon's EYES D: but yes! I can't to buy their album~~~ and I love ROLY POLY~ :3

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T-ara is JJANG..!!

i really like it Roly Poly..

Roly Poly Roly Roly Poly..

Let's win triple crown and beat 2ne1 and 2pm..

but honestly 2ne1 I Am The Best and 2pm Hands Up is a great song too..

But when i watch Roly Poly..

i think T-ara can win too..

the song is really addict and catchy..

T-ara Fighting..

You can do it..!!

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