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[POLL] Your Most Favourite Song of T-ara?



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  1. 1. Favourite T-ara's song?

    • Bo Peep Bo Peep
    • Why Are You Being Like This
    • Good Person
    • I'm Really Hurt
    • Lies
    • Time To Love
    • I Go Crazy Because of You
    • Like The Beginning
    • I'm Okay
    • Apple Is A
    • Roly Poly
    • I'm So Bad
    • Falling U
    • Cry Cry
    • Goodbye, Ok
    • Lovey Dovey
    • Day by Day
    • Sexy Love
    • Number 9
    • Do You Know Me?

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Personally,I prefer a strong song that utilize their powerful vocals such as:

Cry Cry (I love the ballad version more),Lies,TTL.Good Person,Lovey Dovey (although it's not exactly a strong song but I like the beat,it's catchy),Say Goodbye (I'm in love with Soyeon's chorus part,she sang it beautifully),Fallin U and finally What Should We Finish sang by Soyeon.Her voice sounds like a angel when she sing a ballad song :wub:

To be honest,I'm not a fan of auto-tune songs.

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Like the First Time.

Can't point exactly why, but it's a unique and special song for me. It was the one that got me really hooked with T-ara and got me to listen seriously, rather than more popular songs like Bo Peep etc. It's also my ringtone since ages.

As a side note, I felt really proud/happy when I was watching Oh My School and Tony was asked which was his favourite T-ara song and he picked this one, then Soyeon/Eunjung danced to it.

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Yayaya - It gets my party-groove on! Why is it so unliked around here?!

Well, nothing wrong to like it yourself personally but the song did terrible in the music charts and a lot of netizens (whether if its Korean or international, don't know - but probably both) and even music critics found it downright awful.

Hell, literally all of my mates felt like they were being driven deaf when they listened to it.

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My favorite T-ara title song would be TTL. But everyone loves their titles songs so i wouldn't be picking any of those.

However, my ultimate favorite song overall wasn't listed =( It's Bye Bye, from AFA.

So I choose I'm Okay because I really love it's beat and I don't know, I just really like it :D Not as much as Bye Bye though~

And ever since the fancam from the Thailand Concert with Bye Bye's choreograph, I seriously can't get that song out of my head...

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I really love their Like the Beginning song. Definitely my favorite! I think it was because of a fancam in heal the world concert. They performed it and I absolutely love Hyomin unni's look there! She was dazzling!

Next would be I Go Crazy Because of You, probably because I didn't expect them to showcase a very powerful image after seeing Lies. They caught me of guard.

But nowadays i'm somehow addicted to Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey. They started getting more popular because of these songs.

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