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[FANTAKEN-EVENT] Look Optical Fan Sign, and Update On Previous Post

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I was at the look Optical Event today and managed to get two of their autographs that I thought I'd share.


Unfortunately it was a really rushed experience and I only really talked to Hyomin for about 15 seconds "Hi what's your name? Where are you from? Do you spell it J-u-n?" I spoke Korean she spoke English... strange that... being that I'm white.

Hopefully she won't read this and take it the wrong way but... She totally needs to watch her stress level right now. Seeing her face to face made me feel like she was way older than her real age and not in a good way. This has been a really demanding past month or two for T-Ara, so I hope they remember to take care of their health.

It wasn't until after the signing that I realized I gave her the wrong item to sign lol, I wanted my G7 calendar signed!! Ahh well..

Also, I posted about giving T-Ara gifts at M!Countdown a few weeks ago here: http://www.tiaradiad...showtopic=16996

To give an update, I am really happy to see that they are STILL wearing them as of their most recent Inkigayo appearance. The biggest appearance however was this one:

Notice Hyomin's headband...

I swear I almost peed my pants when I saw it - an official music video is taking fan appreciation to a whole new level!

They've also worn stuff from the package on:

- Various TV interviews

- Inkigayo

- The Opening of Page One

- M!CountDown


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Haha! She actually Spoke English? COOL~

Hehe T-aras english isnt that good yet ^__^ Ahh Our Poor Girls need more good health.. Right Now Hyomin Is WOAH~

She like hella Busy! T-ara Leader And T-ARA HWAITING~ Thanks For Sharing (:

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OMGGGG MANNN !! you're soo lucky to be able to meet the girls and really like your honest review on how your experience was, its like seeing the girls in a whole different perspective (: i totally agree with you too, hope they always stay healthy

ohhh, and CONGRATS, on your gift being on the official MV, soo happy for you :D

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