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[11.08.24] T-ara showing off all their retro charms in their goodbye stages this week


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I felt like i'm gonna cry any minutes while watching their performing this week..gonna miss to see them on stage!! TT^TT

i have to accept that they want to get ready for their Japanese Bo peep Bo peep~~ i'll burst to tears!! T♔ARA~ FIGHTING..\>o</

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Sad to see their Roly-Poly goodbye

Roly Poly is the first MV that make me attracted to T-ARA and become T-ARA fans.

And since then I become "obsessed" with T-ARA

2 thumbs up for Soyeon hairstyle since Roly Poly comeback, that made her looks the youngest in the group <3

Take a good rest before Jap promotion (especially Jiyeon , because of her knee injury)

Will always anticipate T-ARA next performance :D

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