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[11.09.18] T-ara's Soyeon gives advice on what to cook


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[11.09.15] T-ara's Soyeon gives advice on what to cook


Korean 7 member girl group T-ara made an appearance at a PR event for Nongshim Japan's new instant noodles.

24 year old Oshima Mai was also at the event at the guest. Soyeon (23) complimented her in Japanese and told her how cute and pretty she looks to a blushing Oshima. T-ara and Oshima then collaborated on a short dance after T-ara guided her on their debut song Bo Peep Bo Peep's (on sale from the 28th onwards) cat dance. Their conversations were lively and T-ara commented that the time they spent together with Oshima was like a dream.

After the event, T-ara accepeted a closed interview. Soyeon expressed enthusiastically that with their debut just around the corner, T-ara has been working really hard in preparation for the debut to meet the expectations of all the Japanese fans who have been waiting for them. With the new Japanese phrase that she has just learned, Soyeon made an appeal and announced that they want to become Japan's little sisters.

When asked for advice on what to cook for a guy, Eunjung (22) immediately replied playful "onion buchimgae!". Soyeon on the other hand, explains with glittering eyes that she isn't very good at cooking and so only cooks ramyun most of the time but will definitely love to pickle kimchi, which is traditionally said to be the most difficult food to prepare, for a special someone when she meets him.

Hyomin (22) was absent at the event as she was unwell.


Source: http://news24.jp/ent...ws/1619153.html

Written by: -

Translated by: aspenx@Diadem

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