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[SPAZZ/POLL] Do you think T-ara is going down the "wrong path"?


Do you think T-ara is going down the "wrong path"?  

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  1. 1. Gone are the innocent days?

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I voted for "Yes" when I read the question and read what you wrote. I admit, I wasn't a huge fan of T-ara during their Lies days and actually ignored them :P but I admit, the girls showed off their talents and had their own style. During the TTL and TTL Listen 2 days, they showed off how fierce they were, yet still clearly showing their talents. Bo Peep Bo Peep didn't exactly show off their talents but more like, it was addicting, had its own charm(s) and people remembered them. I think Like the First Time showed off more of their vocals, etc.and was more mature. I Go Crazy Because of You was hot, charming and you could still hear + see their talents. I think Yayaya was kind of...random? It didn't exactly show anything/ a lot. Some of the parts weren't necessary. Why Are You Being Like This was good but didn't show off each member's talent(s). <_< Roly Poly pushed the button to me. I thought Hwayoung's "I like to like to dance, like this" wasn't needed and that she could have rapped to something 'good' instead of that. The song, again, wasn't like Lies that showed off their vocals just like that. Lovey Dovey...same. Cry Cry showed off Soyeon's vocals a lot but...it's just not like Lies or TTL + TTL Listen 2.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing them or saying they're not good. This is just based on what I think and feel.

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well personally i like their cf song bubi2 because it feels soothing, and their cf song "log in"

log in is pretty fair in dividing parts... well but it still a cf song, not promoted sold only as a digital release...

i wish something as strong as ttl come again, or like the first time...

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I've been following the group since they ever debuted but was never really a fan until Cry Cry came about.

Good Person and Lies were great to listen to - up to the point I listened to them whenever I went for a walk after eating dinner. When TTL came out, I thought "hey, now this is just damn good!". I thought they had real major potential until Bo Peep Bo Peep came out - it was kinda disappointing for my taste, honestly. Add in the fact that they were even embarassed of the costumes, I sort of thought their management wasn't exactly tip top shape.

Their songs for 2010 were meh or so-so. Like the First Time and I Go Crazy Because Of You never really got my attention and I ignored them for the most part. Why Are You Being Like This was fairly alright, not addicting, but still decent - why? I don't know myself. When So Yeon's OST for Death Bell 2 came, I instantly fell in love with that song - and still listen to it to this day. I'll even go as far as rating it as one of her best. 2010 was a hard year for me when it came to love so that could be a possible factor.

YaYaYa...completely blew it for me. I thought "WTF did CCM do to these girls?"

The song was hardly anything like their previous title tracks and wasn't even worth downloading. I pretty much stopped caring about T-ara after that god-awful song. Ma Boo and I'm Okay managed barely kept me away from becoming a downright hater of them lol.

When Roly Poly came about, I still had bad memories of YaYaYa and ignored until at least a month after it was released - that is, until my mom said that T-ara is a 'bright' and 'alright' group - which is rare for her to say as she's always critical of idol groups. So I said "Mom, just what makes you think like that? Their last title track was sh!t" - to which she said that Roly Poly reminded her of her days back in college (the 1980s) and she analyzed the song to be homage to the South Koreans who lived out their youth back in that era. That was when I regained some of the long-lost respect I had for T-ara.

Cry Cry stepped up that level of respect and admiration by a wide margin - even far beyond what I had for them in 2009. Lovey Dovey took it up a further little more. However, after hearing news that the girls hadn't had a single vacation since debut and not a single day of rest since last summer, I figured something was horribly wrong with their management. When more news came that they'll be further promoting in Japan despite being terribly overworked, that's when I just got downright sick of CCM and more forwardly, Kim Kwang Su. Did some further research - boy oh boy, I finally realized T-ara had been under the thumb of a ruthless, delusional and greedy slave owner for far too long and desperately need to change agencies if they're to go higher and maintain a more balanced lifestyle simultaneously.

Overall, they've been going up and down in my opinion till now.

With the recent news that they're having a major member and image concept change very soon, I'm afraid to say that they're headed down a completely wrong path. It's not the members I blame, but their agency and CEO that are taking them to the wrong path - one that is going to lead to some major consequences and backfire not only from just fans and the public, but also the T-ara members themselves.

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