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[11.12.17] Quick News - T-ara: Sharing their unforgettable Christmas memories


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[11.12.17] Quick News - T-ara: Sharing their unforgettable Christmas memories

Interviewer: X'mas live premium will be held soon on 20-22th Dec, how's your feelings now?

HY: Heart beating because of nervousness (laughs)

SY: Now we are promoting YAYAYA, at the same time we also have promotions for our new song in Korea, some of us are busy with individual schedules, so I feel that we are not really prepared yet.

EJ: Fighting!

SY: That's right! We will put effort in it!

EJ: Naturally we don't have to say it, but enjoying the concert with the fans is the most important issue.

HM: This is also T-ara's first solo concert.

JY: We have not held one in Korea yet.

Interviewer: Oh really. This will be a precious concert, a very special night.

BR: That's why we have to make it successful, combining the 7 members' strength we will try to do our best!

HM: At the same time releasing YAYAYA, because previously we only chose 50 people from the fanclub and we released YAYAYA and Roly Poly, so there's only two songs not seen, so during our concert, we will start from our debut song Bo Peep Bo Peep, and we also hope that we can give full play to our Korean hit songs and new songs.

SY: Please anticipate our different styles and concepts.

Interviewer: T-ara always have different concepts for different songs, at the same time the outfits are also very attractive.

JY: We will wear all our different outfits for the concert.

SY: But now, this is still a secret!

T-ara: It's a secret (laughs)

HM: The exciting part for that day

HY: We even received Christmas presents from our fans, this is why we even want to do it live.

Interviewer: Everybody will become Santa Claus.

BR: Everyone please be our Santa Claus (laughs)

SY: Previously in Korea, we had our Bo Peep Bo Peep Christmas version. All of us were dressed like a snowman.

Interviewer: Snowman? (laughs) What about this Xmas live? Really looking forward to it.

SY: It's a secret~

T-ara: Secret (laughs)

Interviewer: So, can everyone please share your Christmas memories? Is this a secret?

BR: Aigoo, this is okay. (laughs). Decorating Christmas tree with my family and eating together during the party, I have memories like that.

Interviewer: In Japan you have to eat chicken, what about in Korea?

BR: In Korea too. But my mum will make seaweed rolls. And my mum's kimchi soup is really delicious.

HM: I also have memories like holding a party with my family. When I was schooling still, I made meals by myself.

Interviewer: Hyomin looks like she is good.

HM: My dad is really good at making meals, so he is the one who taught me.

Interviewer: So Hyomin, when your dad is teaching you, what do you like most?

HM: hmmmm.. Tattori soup..

Interviwer: Do you know how to bake cake?

HM: I don't, I only do the decorating.

Qri: Me and my friend had a special way of celebrating. We watch a Christmas movie, decorate with colorful lights, etc to create the Christmas atmosphere.

EJ: When I was young, I always wanted presents from Santa Claus. This reminds me of those days when I was anticipating it nervously.

Interviewer: Jiyeon, what's your Christmas memories?

JY: Actually I don't really have any, that's why I wanted to create one with T-ara members and our fans.

Interviewer: Why don't you have any?

JY: Never doing anything with Christmas. As a trainee, I had to go for lessons everyday. I don't have memories like attending parties like the others.

Interviewer: Oh, it's like this.. but because of those hard work, you have all these now.

JY: It's really hard work. But, I still receive presents from my parents every year.

Interviewer: What about Hwayoung?

HY: I saw it on the TV, the Christmas special with T-ara singing Christmas version of Bo Peep Bo Peep. It's really cute.

Interviewer: But this year, Hwayoung is involved!

HY: I really can't believe it~

SY: I still cant forget the Christmas I had when I was 6.

Interviewer: Why?

SY: I was in kindergarten, the teacher dressed up like a Santa Claus, but it wasn't charming at all.

T-ara: (Laughs)

SY: Wearing white beard, hair is still black, appeared riding on Rudolph.. in the end, he just appeared by opening the classroom door. (laughs)

Interviewer: In one second, your imagination is shattered.

SY: That's right. Everything shattered and back to reality. (laughs)

Interviewer: So lastly in YAYAYA's dance, if you can make a wish to Santa Claus, what present would you like to receive?

EJ: Go to Tokyo Tower

BR: Bungee! (laughs)

EJ: Wrong! Wrong! I want to meet people with fate, does not have to be a guy, but I want to meet outstanding people.

HY: Ah~~ Not bad~

SY: Rhat's awesome

HM: I want to be like this forever + immortality

BR: I don't want to grow old, too.

Qri: Me too~

EJ: Hope that my skin will remain it's elasticity, forever maintain it's luster (prays)

Interviewer: What about you Jiyeon?

JY: I want to be an invisible man

Interviewer: Why?

JY: Revenge

T-ara: (Laughing out loud)

JY: I am just kidding. (laughs). I have always wanted to go other places freely.


Source: TCN + Hameunjeongbar

Translated by: shihan @ Diadem

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jiyeon so funny.. she want to become invicible man.. maybe bcoz she tired being recognized whenever she go..well, even artist, sometimes still want her private life.. huhu

but still, poor jiyi coz dont have christmas memories..hope this year, she have one with all her unnies.. =)

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what a lovely answer from t-ara..i feel sorry towards jiyeon..it seem very tiring n hard during trainee time..n now too..i really do hope she can make a memorable party n beautiful memories with other members..want to be invisible??..for revenge??(epic joking)..huhu..must be hard for her to have some private time..although jiyeon is the younger but her answer really touching..i don't know why, become my bias..i wish jiyeon n others can stay strong, healthy together..t-ara hwaiting..i want to be there for the concert too..huhu..too bad i'm not living at japan..t-ara :)B):D<3 <3 <3 <3

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