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[11.12.20] Quick News - KBS WORLD Radio Arabic Interview with T-ara

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[11.12.20] Quick News - KBS WORLD Radio Arabic Interview with T-ara


MC: We've waited a lot just to interview them but now that we waited a lot, we're very happy to finally interview them, T-ARA! hello!

T-ARA: Hello, we're T-ARA!

MC: Arab fans had waited so long for you, can you introduce yourselves to Arab Fans?

T-ARA: *each member introduces herself in Arabic*

MC: Nice to Meet you.

MC: We will ask some questions, we will start with Qri; how's the end of the year to you? you have a busy schedule, don't you?

Qri: Yeah, there are so many end-of-the-year ceremonies but we aren't able (or weren't able) to attend because we have so many other events and we're busy promoting CRY CRY.

MC: Now , We will ask Hyomin, It's been a long time since your debut; how do you feel about it?

Hyomin: Many People think that it's been a long time since our debut but it has only been two years and six months, not too long! Actually we're still considered rookies; but I think it's because of our hard work, fans started to love us and feel close to us.

MC: Yeah, people don't think you're rookies thanks to your talents (and hard-work) :) and now, Soyeon! Congratulation! you've became the leader!

Soyeon: oh thank you!

MC: did you Practice a lot for becoming a leader?

Soyeon: All T-ARA members feel responsibility toward T-ARA and love T-ARA so much, So it's not actually a burden on the leader, but From eunjung to boram-unnie to Hyomin, they all did their best hence I have to do my best as well.

MC: Is there a secret for choosing the leader?

Soyeon: There is no secret *Everyone Laughs* , we only have to wait for decisions from our CEO.

MC: What is the work of a leader?

Soyeon: There are several duties for a leader, like taking care of the members and to connect between the members instead of just taking control, also have to participate in Meetings for Albums and such and have to plan for the style and concept.

MC: Woah, It seems like a very important role.

Soyeon: yeah, I think a leader has many duties.

MC: Hwayoung, you're the last to join the group, do they treat you well? the members? * members laugh*

Hwayoung: they treat me like Unnies and Family.

MC: When you join late after the group's debut, don't you feel uncomfortable and not close?

Hwayoung: mmm at first I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but as time passed and with Unnie's good treatment, my feelings changed,

MC: So your relationship became better?

Hwayoung: Yeah *Laughs*

MC: This Time we will ask Jiyeon, We did this interview for Arab fans, did you know that Arab fans exist before?

Jiyeon: No...

*Soyeon interrupts*

Soyeon: We actually can't read Arabic, but Arabic letters look beautiful, and we receive Arabic messages through social networks (ex.twitter) , we wish that we can read or translate them but sadly we can't, it's very hard!

MC: You saw Arabic language?

Soyeon: Yeah.

MC: How did you recognize it as arabic not another language?

Soyeon: I never thought of it...*everyone laughs*.....but we know because Arabic letters are unique, we become very thrilled when we see their messages and thank our fans!

MC: We had prepared for you a video to watch. (T/N: the video included three Arab girls delivering their messages to T-ARA)

*T-ARA watches till the video ends*

MC: the arab girls were expressing their love to you and so and they also asked questions; first one is to eunjung but since she's not here let's go to the second one to Jiyeon; Jiyeon you recently joined the cast of Dream High2, but which role you would like to play if you were in Dream High1?

Jiyeon: My friend IU was in DH1 and her character was quite funny, so actually I wanted to play a role like IU's for once.

MC: yeah, it suits you well; now, Hyomin! we heard that there will be 5 versions of Lovey-Dovey; could you explain to us why so?

Hyomin: Yeah, actually only our CEO knows why *laughs*, we are still preparing for the album so we don't know ..*everyone laughs* , till now there are two MVs for the same song and one we will film soon; either for the fourth and fifth, we're also curious about them~ I think one will be a (Making of/behind the scene) video, another as the second part of CRY CRY, and one for the story of Lovey-Dovey. Please trust us and wait for us! also these 5 versions won't be out at the same time, so please look forward to it!

MC: ah, this is a nice plan so fans would keep looking out for you and won't look away! the new MV would be Drama-styled, right? you're acting was seriously awesome! this time we will ask boram; boram, this year you did a lot of activities and were super busy! so did the activities match with the goals and plans you set at the beginning of the year?

boram: we did activities at both Korea and Japan, and we are really happy that bo peep bo peep received much love and also CRY CRY had gained much popularity..so we feel fully satisfied and happy for all this love

MC: so Qri, you're still a young lady; what would you do if you were a normal girl not an idol with a busy schedule?

Qri:I would do like the rest of the girls; attend end-of-the-year parties and celebrate Christmas and my own birthday (T/N: Qri's bdate is the nearly the same time as Christmas), I really wish to attend such parties!

MC: How do you celebrate your birthdays? do you do special parties?

Qri: we usually do small parties with each other, but when we have schedule the same time as a member's birthday, we sadly tend to cancel celebrations and just congratulate each other..

*Soyeon interrupts again xD*

Soyeon: we still have many fans to send us gifts (ex.sending cakes to the set of filming etc), and it's the time we become so happy and feel so thankful to them.

MC: by any chance, is there a memorable gift sent to you by fans?

Hyomin: I personally like photos a lot, I like taking photos of others and I like people taking photos of me, and I know one of the fans sent me a bday cake with the shape of a camera, it wasn't just a camera-shaped, it was also very detailed and had buttons etc, it was a very thrilling surprise.I didn't eat it and saved it; since it's a sugar cake it doesn't stink

(T/N: I believe she was referring to this)


MC: yeah, it's uneatable, it's a precious cake! to Jiyeon, CRY CRY had became very successful recently and stole the no.1 spot on many charts such as the Japanese Oricon and Kpop billboard, among 100 songs on that chart; CRY CRY was no.1! how do you feel about it? did you know it would become a hit before its release?

Jiyeon: we actually didn't know but we're really happy to see such positive reactions from audience.

*Soyeon interrupts*

Soyeon: it's something that happens every time we prepare for a new song; we become very nervous because we don't know how much it's gonna be loved by fans, and then we become very happy that it received love.

Hyomin: and there is another awesome thing; in January we will be going on a trip for a concert to San Francisco and LA, and there will be much surprises so please to those who can come to our concert there, come!!

MC: we wish that you would visit Arab countries as well!

T-ARA: we wish to go there if we have a chance.

MC: Arab fans love T-ARA so much and love CRY CRY too much as well so many fans sent us their covers of CRY CRY *T-ARA goes Wohoo* , so let's listen to them!

Hyomin: they'll sing in Korean?

MC: yes.


(I'll just sum up their fan talk because it's long)

*MC shows them the memos*

*T-ARA get impressed*

*they call the girl with the cover, she says Jiyeon is her favorite, she wishes Qri and Eunjung a happy birthday and wishes T-ARA success, she also asks T-ARA about which group they think is their rival and they say that they're still rookies and have a long way ahead of them; they're yet not too big to have rivals*

*MCs Asks T-ARA to sing a part of CRY CRY ballad version*

*Soyeon sings her part*

*they call another fan, she expresses her love so T-ARA thanks her*

(note: hwayoung's legs hurt, the remained stood up for a long time >.< poor them)

*fans asks about the hardships T-ARA had faced, soyeon answers that they're staying away from their parents etc also says that Jiyeon has IU as a friend to comfort her etc* * they end the call*

*they ask T-ARA about their favorite song among all of their songs*

Qri: we love all of our songs but for now we love CRY CRY

MC: what about your favorite dance?

Qri: also CRY CRY

*they ask boram about their next goal and she says that they would like lovey-dovey to receive love as well*

MC: do you wish to visit Arab countries?

Hyomin: we will surely do so wait for us.

MC: your last words to Arab fans

Soyeon: we will visit you soon if we have a chance so please wait for us and keep loving us!t his was T-ARA.

*they say thanks, we love you, and bye in Arabic*


I've highlighted important parts since the interview was long and kinda boring (the girls were tired)

Credit :

kbsworldarabic@Youtube + Soyah @diadem + tiaradiadem.com

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im not soyeon hater , but sometimes i hate when she interrupt other members talking .

its not that she's interrupting but adding to the answers to clarify and it helps because she's the current leader and usual lead speaker during interviews

if you look at jiyeons answer towards the question about the arabic fans, it seems kinda disappointing from a fanbase perspective to know that jiyeon don't know about them, but soyeon helped jiyeon answer in a way that didn't offend the fanbase and have a good explanation why.

interesting interview though, too bad eunjung couldn't join.

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