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[POLL] The Best Eyes among 7?


The Best Eyes among 7  

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  1. 1. Which member then?

  2. 2. Why did you choose her?

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Jiyeon and Eunjung eyes are both pretty only with make-up, because without makeup their eyes are too small and close together.

Qri eyes are also pretty but I think it's the eye makeup and circle lense.

However, Hwayoung and Boram eyes are very pretty with or without makeup, they both have unique eye shape :P

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i love eunjung eyes, maybe she is my bias. hehe. but, actually she got beautiful slanting eyes without putting eyeliner on it. and i just like slanting eyes because i think it is more beautiful since i always seen people with big eyes in my country.

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When it comes down to no makeup, I think So Yeon, Hyomin and Boram are the best (can't put who's higher than the other though). There's a reason why all three of them have more selcas (and dare say, more photogenic) than the other members.

Frankly, Ji Yeon and Eun Jung's eyes are...well, let's just say they look completely different without makeup - they look rather ordinary at best.

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person i chose: Eunjung reason: (try to guess) my bias :lol: :lol: :lol:

but now, really...even when she wasn't my bias... i still thought that she was the prettiest in T-ara, i don't know why, i was actually really surprised to find out that most people say that Jiyeon and Qri are the prettiest/ have the best eyes... well different people different standards I guess :P

I also like Hyomin's eyes a lot no, not because she's my 2nd bias and I noticed that almost nobody mentioned her. she's so pretty even w/o makeup.

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