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[12.04.08] FANCAM T-ara at Suvarnabhumi Airport


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they left on sunday 23:30 pm, well ,they arrived in Korea probably an hour ago when Soyeon twitted something

and i hear rumors that T-ara will go back again to Thailand in June for a concert after the Japan tour =S

yup they've arrived! there are fan pics and press photos already online!

t-ara will be so busy in the next few months!! europe trip tmr, then probably start working on their new japanese and korean album/concerts for the summer!!! looking forward :)

argh but they will no longer be 7-ara :(

i always look forward to see the stars wardrobe at the airport . . . it shows a reflection of their own personal style.

i really like eunjung's style!! casual and laidback just like her personality



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