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[12.04.15] Quick Info - Official T-ara Fancafe


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Just a quick update regarding T-ara's Official Fancafe. I just got a text from one of our partners in Korea and they told me that T-ara is about to launch another Official Fancafe. T-ara does not have an official fancafe on Daum anymore because of the issues with Citrine (ex-official fancafe) that came up in 2009.

This time, T-ara's official fancafe will be moderated and taken care of by Core Contents Media staff themselves. They're also doing this as part of preparations for T-ara's official fanclub launching in the summer. All the information regarding the fanclub launch and registrations should be available in this fancafe once it goes live. With the help of this fancafe, international fans can look forward to being able to join T-ara's official fanclub once it launches.

Something to look forward to! Fighting, everyone!

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