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[TUTORIAL] How to Join & Level-Up in T-ara's Official Fancafe


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Please do not take this tutorial out of Diadem.

T-ara's finally opened a new official Daum fancafe! Here's a tutorial on how to join their fancafe and level-up in their fancafe.


How to Join T-ara's Fancafe

1. Make sure you have a Daum account first, you won't be able to join the fancafe without this. (I won't be making a tutorial on this anymore; just refer to this post to register your Daum account).
2. Go to this link: http://cafe.daum.net/fant-ara
3. Click the 카페 가입하기 button, like so:

4. You will be directed to another page (... I already joined so I can't really take a screencap at the moment) that will ask you your:

  • 닉네임 (Nickname): This will be your fancafe username. You can use roman letters or hangul as part of your names, but you cannot add any nickname that has T-ara's name or the members' names. (Example: You can't do 효민짱 or 소연언니)
  • Then the next box will just ask you to input the letters that you see on the image.
  • Once you're finished filling in both those boxes, just click the button that says 확인.

5. After that, you've successfully joined T-ara's fancafe.

How to Level-Up in T-ara's Fancafe

After you've joined T-ara's fancafe, you're still not going to be able to access everything in it. To be able to access all the sections in the fancafe (such as T-ara's messages to the fans), you need to level-up. This is how to do it.

How to check your member status in the fancafe

1. Click the 내 정보link to have your member information dropdown like so:

2. If you haven't levelled-up, the title below your name will be 준회원. Once you're levelled-up, it will say 정회원. Like this:


If that's not what you're seeing, this is how to level-up:

1. Click the 등업신청 (Level-Up Request) link here:

2. You need to answer the following questions to get levelled-up. These are the questions.

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location/Country of Residence
  • T-ara debut date
  • T-ara members birthdays from oldest to youngest
  • T-ara's fanclub opening date
  • Date of T-ara's first music show win
  • Lead single from the Breaking Heart album
  • Name and date of release of their first Japanese album

3. Fill in the fields like so:

1. (Name)
2. 여 (Female)/남 (Male)
3. (age)살
4. (Country)
5. 2009년 7월 29일
6. 보람: 1986년 3월22일, 큐리: 1986년 12월12일, 소연: 1987년 10월5일, 은정: 1988년 12월12일, 효민: 1989년 5월30일, 지연: 1993년 6월7일
7. 2012년 7월 14일
8. 2010년1월1일/보핍 보핍
9. 너 때문에 미쳐
10. Jewerly Box, 2012년 6월 6일

4. Click the lock button before you hit send, or else you won't get levelled-up.


5. Click 등록 (button beside the textbox).
6. And voila, you've sent your request! All you have to do now is wait until CCM's looked over your request and levelled you up. Check your member status the way we said to above.


Please do not take this tutorial out of Diadem.

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Thanks for the tutorial :)

First how to register on daum help this. TTT :(

If you read carefully, the top post already tells you go to to this link:


It shows you how to sign up for daum~

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Thanks you for the tutorial.. im already success to register..

and already sumbit application to level up..

now just waiting for my application to be granted and be level-up. hehe.. =)

but to be honest, dunno whether can active there coz i cant understand any word at all.. huhu

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