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[SPAZZ] Official T-ara Jewelry Box Japanese Album Discussion


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Official T-ara Jewelry Box Japanese Album Discussion

■発売日■ 2012年6月6日

■タイトル■ Jewelry box

■収録楽曲■ (曲順未定)

1) Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese ver.)

2) LOVE ME ! ~ あなたのせいで狂いそう~ (Japanese ver.)

3) Apple is A (Japanese ver.)

4) Keep Out  ※日本オリジナル新曲

5) T.T.L ~ Time to Love ~(Japanese ver.)

6) Roly-Poly (Japanese ver.)

7) Breaking Heart ~ 私がとても痛くて (Japanese ver.)

8) コジンマル~嘘~(Japanese ver.)

9) ウェイロニ(Japanese ver.)

10) yayaya (Japanese ver.)

11) Cry Cry (Japanese ver.)

12) Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.)

13) T-ARATiC MAGiC MUSiC ※日本オリジナル新曲

taken from emimusic.jp

Above is the tracklist for Jewelry Box! I'm sure the first thing we're all hype about is T.T.L Jap ver! i ^^ And ofcause the original japanese song T-ARATIC MAGIC MUSIC.

Basically 3 versions of the album as usual.

『Diamond Edition』 CD + Live DVD

¥6,800 (~85USD)


-Trading Card (1 out of 8)

-Special Jewelry box package

-Flyer of Lottery reservation ticket of Concert in Tokyo

-T-ara Xmas premium 2011 Concert in Japan (90min DVD)

-100 pages photobook

『Sapphire Edition.』 CD + DVD

;¥3,600 (~45USD)


-Trading Card (1 out of 8)

-Special Digipack

-Flyer of Lottery reservation ticket of Concert in Tokyo

-History of T-ara (60min DVD)

-32 pages photobook

『Pearl Edition』 CD

¥3,000 (~37USD)


-Trading Card (1 out of 8)

-Normal packaging

-Flyer of Lottery reservation ticket of Concert in Tokyo

info from emimusic.jp, translated info from tarawota.

And the details of each album version above. So seeing the price, its gonna Hell of a expensive album if you're thinking of getting all 3! Discuss here bout the album and weather you're gonna get it or not :)

These albums will be far more expensive than your japanese bopeep/yayaya/roly poly singers and those are already expensive enough TT The Pearl ver. doesn't have much to offer though, shame since its still kind expensive :/

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Should be getting the diamond ver. O.O

Really want the Sapphire one as well. If I have excess cash to spare (I doubt it as their kr one is released a month later?) I might get this too, if not, I hope someone uploads the "History of T-ara" somewhere. But I wonder if the photobook is a strip down version of the 1st photobook or a different one all together.

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Good God that's pricey. So I bought most versions of their Japanese albums for song/content completion at a premium price and I'm going to have to basically rebuy everything. And of course the Diamond and Sapphire has different content. It doesn't have the Japanese Copacabana either, so I'll still have to get the standard RP album. Brb gonna go cry.

Being a T-ara fan is tough.

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Why do people want the history of T-ara :blink: Ain't it just a documentary of their debut until now? So nothing new. I rather want T-ara xmas premium concert dvd.

Anyone know whether the photobook is a new one or just from the sparkle or the special edition in europe?? Also what's with the special package? I can only afford to buy the sapphire one, didnt expect the diamond to be this expensive, I can buy 10 korean albums with that price. This is a total rip off <_< Damn the addition of members, if T-ara is still 7, I would use that money to buy their korean album instead, as I originally saved it for that.

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