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[PIC] T-ara

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I've said before, and in more detail that this whole snafu is about Mr. Kim being angry with T-ara.

I still don't know if these reports are legitimate, but I haven't seen its veracity challenged either, so I'll just act like it's true enough. Either way, I'm pretty sure Mr. Kim is willing to write off T-ara as a loss. Even if they are his biggest draw, he's still running a company that manages other (successful) acts, and he's still got that tv station to boot - I'm sure he understands he'll still have all those other things with or without a successful T-ara. So it's not a business decision, it's a personal decision because they got him angry by complaining publicly about him and his conditions.

So he's willing to inflict upon them indignities like this whole situation. Some parts out of spite, some parts as a sort of experiment - he'll just throw it out there and see what sticks. For him, lesson learned and he'll move on with performers with whom he's not angry. After all, he's been more or less rewarded with a bunch of his other unpopular decisions (regarding T-ara), and now that he feels he has less reason to care about whether or not they are successful, why not try out even more extreme ideas? Not that he'll just let them wither on the vine, necessarily, as long as they're around he can still make money off them, and either way they'll stand as an example of what happens to anyone who disagrees with him publicly. But he'd be satisfied if they did wither.

And with regards to the young one in question, and her "decision" to be put into this situation... I'm guess we all "decided" to go to high school, even though we'd heard we'd get bullied by the upperclassmen.

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