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[12.06.14] T-ara Areum's first official photo release, "Classic beauty"


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okay at least this one seems to have the talent. i wonder how it will look like with 8 girls later with 9 girls. the only thing i disliked in girls generation was that they had so many members and soon my fav group will be like that too T.T oh well lets wait and see what happens.

"T-ara's new member of a sexy look" this sentence still isn't correct..

Anyway, Areum doesn't look bad, but seriously, all the current members completely outshines Areum and Dani when it comes to beauty (and even without make-up).

Remain the singing skills, but there, I really need to be convinced.

In the first place, "singing ability" is it that important in T-ara ?

I mean, Boram has a wonderful voice, when I heard her songs from her solo album "From Memory", I literally was bluffed and conquered by her. Her voice is so deep and soft.

But even then, she has nothing to sing in T-ara !!

Where's the point in having members with a good voice if it's for giving them 2 words to "sing" ?

I still doesn't see the point in these members additions.

OMG i just heard the song and wow borams voice is pure heaven!!!!!! so amazing!!

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In my opinion all of them have a awesome voice... I think it's unfair that some of them don't get lines to sing!!! :angry:

so I think they don't need new members but it's going to happen!!! I think Areum can match the group but Dani NO... <_<

SM can manage 9 member of SNSD with letting all of them sing but T-ara's girl don't get equall lines with 7 member & now what will they do with 9? <_<

any way as a fan I just hope they become more successful & become no 1... :rolleyes:<3

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