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[PICS] T-ara at Incheon Airport Heading to Japan (06/18) -- UPDATED!


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[PICS] T-ara at Incheon Airport Heading to Japan (06/18)

For the rest of images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1802


For the rest of images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1802

Download This Photo Set :

.RAR : http://www.mediafire.com/?ia937ulmwi2aehl

CREDIT : Nate + City Daily + 19881212 + DC Gallery + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com


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Omg, all of them dye their hair for real, I thought just wigs.

And... Hehe... Blonde hair Jiyeon came back, and plus... (silver?) hair Qri, I didnt know how to call that color though.

Now I can see the futuristic scene haha... Are u guys just back from Mars?!


My freaking life suddenly become perfect.

Just because of T-ARA, not exactly, just because of their new

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woooo... they all look gogeous !!! :o :o :o

omg, eunjung in dark blue !! :wub: so COOL :wub: :wub: i thought they will give her a dark hair again, but i'm glad now they give her a new style :wub:

jiyeon's blonde hair is back again, i like her blonde hair just like in the past, but i don't know why she looks quite old in here. maybe because she becomes more mature :D

qri is perfect too, i like that haircolour, she looks like ice princess

hyomin is hot as always

hwayoung looks so cute

and soyeon in red hair is a perfection, i always adore her in red colour since TTL

but for me the best look are eunjung, qri and hyomin :wub:

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Woooww...Jiyeon's hair...I was a bit shock seeing her blonde hair...hahaha

But.....it's Jiyeon....everything looks good on her...^^ ...like it!

And once again since TTL2 and cry2...Jiyeon stands out the most with her transformation...hahaha....

I Also like Hyomin's and Qri's....

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O.M.G !!!!!!!!!!!! What's going on ????

Ok. Chill. Not getting into their hair styles yet BUT it's COOL !!! B) Credits to them for trying something SO different especially Jiyeon, Hyomin and Qri. I am starting to wonder is it true that Jiyeon will be the one who's playing the bad role cause Qri looks more like a "wicked" ice queen and Hyomin is going to melt her ice with some fire spewing out from her hair. Or is Jiyeon going to have thunder bolting out from her blonde hair?

Glad that all of them are involved in the mv (except Boram?).

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These are the sickest and most amazing airport photos i've ever seen in my life! i mean every single one of them has such a different and unique style i cant even! Hwayoung has magenta on the ends of her hair now >.< omg omg.. but guess only Boram's hair remained black haha but every one looks outstanding!

But let's get it straight that they would obviously look awkward with these uncommon hair colors so i'm hoping it would be temporary because how ever beautiful,pretty you are, these hair colours are just weird on people, anyone.

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