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[PICS] New pics from Day By Day (06/21) - UPDATED HD & Non Logo Pics


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Ppic 1 and 3 are Daebak Love triangle for EunJiMin ...


Dino:Eungio oppa!!!

Eungi:What are you doing? Why are you kill my Minnie?

Dino:Your Minnie? How about me? WAEEEEEEEEEEEE??????????????

Eungi:Why both are you always confusing me?

Dino:You the one always confusing us.That’s why I have to kill her.

Pic 3:

Minnie: Eungi oppa..I..have….something…….to……tell…..you….

Eungie oppa: Stop talking. Please don’t go..

Dino: You and you (pointing to Eungi and Minnie) both you can go to the hell!..If I can’t get you oppa,she also can get you.Nobody!

Eungie: Jiyeoh-ah,why are you being like this? (unfortunately…)

Dino:Op..oppp…oppaaaaaaa….I love......yo.......youuuu....Day........by.....Day...(starting collapse)

Eungie;Jiyeoh-ahhhhhhHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minnie-ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i absolutely love the colour contrast between their bright outfits and dull background, omg i hope the actual mv his similar to the photos, no worries as the cinematography will be amazing as well @.@. So....EunJung stabbed Jiyeon? wow..this is..I LOVE IT! not loving the face that jiyeon getting stabbed but rather that they are incorporating such scenes in the MV and between the members omg this would be an epic epic MV.

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Ppic 1 and 3 are Daebak Love triangle for EunJiMin ...

I was thinking the same thing!!

The color contrast from the actresses and the background has a nice touch. I wonder how the other members will look with this.

Also the little barn in picture 2, haha I was like, damn Hyomin and the bike are HUGE!!

I just posted 2 hd pics from ccm ^_____^ Check the 1st post ~

thanks for the HD pics, can see their expressions from way better on the first one.

sad EunMin moment for the second:(

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I have been slayed by T-ara yet again. I was very on the fence about the hair colors, I was upset about the members, I was not being a good Queen's. But thes epictures exude everything I love about Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and T-ara. This concept, from these pictures, looks amazing. And even if the MV sucks, I am won over by the charisma that won me over in the first place.


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Eunjung rescue her member again like crycry mv... At first cry cry mv eunjung rescue jiyeon.... but now she rescue hyomin...and jiyeon wan to kill hyomin... to make eunjung that only belong to her(jiyeon) only... LOL!!!! BUT THIS WILL BE THE ONE OF THE GREAT MV OF THE YEAR...KKS GOOD JOB!!!

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This mv is gonna be awesome !!! (maybe more than cry cry, i can feel it)

they all look like cosplayers and their appearance just like anime !! final fantasy, odmsmcosmcmghsx :D :D :D

i'm freaking love anime, and this is the first time i see a korean idol group do some cosplay like this, maybe this is because their futuristic themes, but their costumes, hairstyle, katana, and badass bike !!! okay, this totally looks like anime live action, we only need ninja, and everything will be completed :D

eunjung jiyeon and hyomin looks so coollll in here, omo i can't wait to see our two badass blackbelt taekwondo couple do some fight, eunjungie jiyeoniiiee :wub: :wub:

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