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[12.07.11] T-ara's Boram,


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[12.07.11] T-ara's Boram, “My dad said 'Roly Poly' will be a hit, and it really happened”


On June 19, T-ARA started their Japan tour with their Nagoya Concert. Their first Japanese album ‘Jewelry Box’ rose to the #2 spot on the Oricon Chart the day it was released, and is still gaining much interest. They are currently busy with their Japanese promotions and preparation of their comeback in Korea.

“From all the activities we've done so far, I think we are the busiest right now,” said all seven T-ARA members in one voice. Lately, the girls have been preparing to meet with their fans even though they are exhausted. Despite this, they say they are happy and are enjoying every single day. bntnews was able to interview these girls who know how to be thankful instead of complaining.

T-ARA's eldest sister ‘Boram’ is small, but she was able to radiate a lot of energy and power during the interview.

“Your recent concert in Thailand was a success, and your first Japanese album release also received a lot of attention and love! Did you expect this?” “No, I did not expect this at all. But I am really thankful for all the attention we've been receiving. We added a song especially for our Japanese fans in this album, and added a lot of blingbling, heart and soul on the album jacket to match the concept of ‘Jewelry Box’. We had a lot of fun and made many memories with our fans during our Thailand concert. We're really thankful. We will work harder so that we will receive much more love all over the world,” she innocently responded about the gratitude she feels towards the fans' love.

I was able to discover the talents I've inherited~

Even before she debuted, everyone knew Boram was singer ‘Youngrok Jun’'s eldest daughter. Having a national singer as her father, since when did she dream of becoming a singer? “I grew up listening to music and watching my father perform, so I'm familiar with this career. But because I'm so passive, I've lived hiding my talents. Even though I wanted to, I couldn't say ‘I want to be a singer’ because I was worried about how people will look at me. But luckily I met a good agency and the members, and my dream was realized. I have been very blessed.”

Although she and her father do not have deep talks about music, her father does give her honest critiques about T-ARA's music. “He really gives his honest opinions, and I do agree with what he says because what's good is good, and what's bad is bad. My dad said he liked ‘Roly Poly’ as soon as he heard it, and we really received a lot of love from the public for that song.

Boram's younger sister ‘Wooram Jun’ is preparing for her singing debut as a member of ‘D-UNIT’. As an older sister and sunbae in the entertainment world, what kind of advice is she giving her? “I don't really have any advice I give to her specifically. I usually advise and remind her not to be affected by negative posts online. It's one of the things you go through as you grow; and she may go through bigger and worse things in the future, so I tell her to be patient and to endure it as the best she can,” she replied. And as she talked about her younger sister, her playful self disappeared and her sincere, older sister self was shown.


The new members' ability to adjust? "If you see T-ARA's sociability, you would not be worried~"

How does T-ARA's eldest sister Boram feel about the new incoming members? “I look forward to it. I'm happy yet worried at the same time. At times I think ‘will they be able to adjust?,’ but when I see the members' cheerful selves, all of my worries disappear. I don't think they'll have any trouble adjusting. More than that, when I see our little ones ‘Jiyeon’ and ‘Hwayoung’ doting on the new members, I smile unknowingly. Should I call it an ‘auntie's heart’?”

While being on the set and interview, Boram was bright and cheerful wherever she went. But surprisingly, she said she liked spending time alone. “I like having my own time to think deeply on things. I even go shopping alone most of the time.”

I'm envious of Girls' Generation's ‘Jessica’'s feminine beauty~

T-ARA is quickly emerging as fashion-idols. Who does Boram think is a fashion-idol? “I think Girls' Generation's ‘Jessica’ is! I really love her style, it's a feminine style. A fluttering skirt with flats looks so pretty. I only get to wear such feminine clothing when I'm on set. I can't choose and wear feminine clothing on my own. I don't think it suits me. If you see the clothes I normally wear, you'll understand. I usually wear a huge box t-shirt with sneakers. What's funny is that when I wear a t-shirt, it becomes a box t-shirt and my pants go missing.”

The energy that emerges from her tiny body cheers up the people around her. What type of person is her ideal, making her endorphins react? “I think first impressions are really important. And I really like someone who has a pretty smile. No matter how good looking a person is, if his smile isn't bright and cheerful then I think it's a turn-off. There are those that have a kind smile. That's the type of person I like.”

As we came to an end with the interview, I asked one last question. “What kind of singer do you want to be?”

“I want to be like my father, someone who will be remembered by everyone. That person's this song. Someone who hears ‘that song was really nice/good.’” she said as she imagined her future self, a sincere response in the midst of a momentary silence. In that, we were able to anticipate T-ARA and Boram's determination to press on towards victory.


Source: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nkey=201206191027473&c1=04&c2=03&nid=04&mode=sub_view

Translated by: x은영이 @ Diadem

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I'm pretty sure her dad would have foreseen that considering that Roly Poly is quite vaguely similar to what our parents back in the 70s and 80s would have danced to in their youth days. Concept-wise, it is also reminded MY parents of their college/uni days back in Seoul whenever they went out with their friends (and hell, my parents are generally critical of Kpop themselves as a whole).

However, Boram becoming a singer is a mixed bag of a reaction for me. She hasn't gotten very much (if any) chance to be individually promoted, yet alone showcase whatever talent she may have (which is also highly questionable).

As for the question related to the new members and her answer - as I said with Soyeon, Boram and the rest of T-ara have a gun pointed at their head - they oppose it in any way, then they're off the group indefinitely. Anyone who remembers what KKS said prior to the photoshoot to Europe would know very well that the girls cannot be fully honest in these interviews when it comes to the new members unless they want to be kicked out and possibly blacklisted. Not even Boram's dad can be guaranteed to prevent that.

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“I don't really have any advice I give to her specifically. I usually advise and remind her not to be affected by negative posts online. It's one of the things you go through as you grow; and she may go through bigger and worse things in the future, so I tell her to be patient and to endure it as the best she can,”

yea, keep on fight Boram! don't be affected by those comments. =D

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I just hope what Boram says about the new members is sincere, and the same goes for Soyeon. It would really be sad if it wasn't. And for Roly Poly, when I heard it when it first came out I thought "This song is going to be big." It was partly because I was being biased, but also because of how catchy the song was.

"But luckily I met a good agency..." I assume she means CCM? If that's the case, then it has to be joke of the year.

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Thanks for this!

Finally a spotlight on Boram! I love it when she refers to Jiyeon and Hwayoung as little ones. Those two are lucky to have their unnies by their side.

It's nice to read her perspective on things, whether or not we take it to heart or dismiss it as some press release, truth is, this are all her thoughts that she wants to share with the public through interview.

Like everyone here, I'm also hoping we get to see more of Boram. More lines in songs, have individual projects and have that breakthrough moment in her career.

Fighting Boram!

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She may appear as the youngest but she certainly has the personality and attitude of a person her age (meaning she certainly acts her age) ..

After hearing her worries about negative online posts about her i felt really sad for her and i do hope she can continue to be strong through diversities and challenges she may face, Wooram has nothing to worry about especially with a sister like Boram around to help her every step of the way....

Hope to see more of her in the future..

Boram unnie Hwaiting !! ~~

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