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[OFFICIAL] Eunjung - Five Fingers Poster (07/25)


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This drama is "THE DRAMA" for Eunjung, i think this is the most important TV program she had ever act in. She will be fantastic and i think she will grow so much as an actress and gain more respect and with this more TV chanels would want her for their dramas.

the young guy looks even hotter than the main actor :wub: , and Eunjung looks so beautifull, i can´t wait to see this drama.

I´m happy she is not doing a teen drama :rolleyes:, i want Eunjung to be respected as an Actress not as an "idol" who acts.

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OMG Chang Wook oppa is so cute & hot & handsome altogether :wub: but what the heck are they letting him wear in the first 2 pictures -_- i don't know if i can take that he'll be bad in here.. i'm so use to seeing him as a good guy & in a main lead role but whatever i'm pretty sure he'll pull it off...

woah Eunjung is so pretty in a long hair... i miss seeing her in a long hair i hope she grew her long hair back... i am so watching this drama.. i am not really a fan of Ji Hoon plus his only drama that i've watch was Princess Hour but his a good actor so i know he'll do great plus this is his comeback drama..

It is just me but Chae Si Ra (the 2 boys mother) look evil in the posters... hmm evil mother??

Eunjung have actually worked w/ all the 3 of them actually Chang Wook in Cry Cry & Lovey Dovey MV, Chae SI Ra in Queen In Soo & she made a cameo in Princess Hour before as a ballet dancer...

Go Jungie impress them w/ your acting skill!!! And may i just add that i'm glad this is an SBS drama because i love SBS dramas...

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