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[12.07.30] T-ara's CEO, "Hwayoung's contract has been terminated"


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this guy is smearing hwayoung so bad that i don't know if she has any choice but to sue. he's trying to poison the entire industry against her. he's making up staff complaints. i think he thinks he's so clever and that he's just going to the edge of actionable slander, but this is definitely something that can result in a legal case and cause problems for t-ara and ccm for years. what a moron. and i'm sure he's going to just keep digging himself deeper in the coming days. does his company not have a single lawyer on staff?

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WTF?, are you stupid? T-ara is so successful and you want do destroy it? OMFG? and How about the other members? How do they feel now? Especially the new members? they will get so much hate from now on. And I'm afraid he will kick out Qri too ToT I wish there contracts would end at the same time so they can move (with all 9 members) to another company (SM?) I love T-ara but xxxx Kim Kwangsoo! damn don't destroy a diamond.

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If the bullying incidents are true such as hyomin poking her in the eye, boram breaking her umbrella, eunjung shoving food down her mouth, and soyeon giving her candy that she dropped on the floor T-ara members definitely need some changes. I feel like removing hwayoung is simply a scapegoat move in trying to protect T-ara, but I think it is a ridiculous move.

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wth...i don't think this is the best decision ever..the worst ever..

what is kks trying to do..t-ara already ruin because of these..don't make it more complicated..

although hwayoung is not my bias but these is nonsense...i mean, t-ara's image is really bad right now..

poor t-ara..hwaiting..i hate ccm n kks..i'm sorry but i think they are the reason why this problem appear..

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Call me an asshat for being cold and doubtful but there is a certain possibility that Eunjung may have been referring to 6-ara only. Besides, we can't really count on variety shows for whatever they say to be true.

Lot of that stuff is usually scripted and even if not, idols are pretty much trained to look perfect for the cameras and fans.

we all have our rose tinted glasses ^^ there is no one without one.

If the bullying incidents are true such as hyomin poking her in the eye, boram breaking her umbrella, eunjung shoving food down her mouth, and soyeon giving her candy that she dropped on the floor T-ara members definitely need some changes. I feel like removing hwayoung is simply a scapegoat move in trying to protect T-ara, but I think it is a ridiculous move.

hyomin supposidle hugged and said sorry, eunjung was a show whee she was asked to do so and the name was taken from a ballot box,, borams was not breaking of umbrella i think more like helping. as for soyeaon it seems she does that with everyone.

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All I can say is... it's easy to be a fan of someone when everything's perfect, but it takes a real fan to stick around when the going gets tough. I heard a quote once... "Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

I'm not a gigantic T-ara fan but they do a lot for their fans don't they? Always posting selcas and working hard for all these years.. Well, a wrong doesn't undo a right. Even if they did bully Hwayoung, they're still those same girls who inspired you all this time. I'm definitely not suggesting that everyone just blindly support them -- what they did (or at least what they were accused of) is completely despicable and it hurts to see someone who seems so kind having to be bullied. But honestly, T-ara are people too, they're not perfect. They're flawed as everyone in the world is, and they have a looooot to work on about themselves if they really were bullying her.. If SHINee was in this same situation, I'd stick by their side no matter what. This is the time they need their fans the most.. Support T-ara AND Hwayoung.

Maybe I'm too forgiving, haha.. I think the bullying is more likely to have happened than not, but I still like T-ara and Jiyeon is still the one I like most.. She was really nice to me in person even though the moment was fleeting~ And whenever I hear of fans who've met them, they always have nice things to say. I think the bullying did happen, but I still accept them. This stuff that I don't like about them doesn't cancel out the things I do like. They might be bullies, but that's not all they are.

I'm sad that it had to come to this.. and I'm sooooo puzzled as to why their PR team is so stupid... could they reaaaaally be that stupid?? It's so weird.. and how the CEO is being so entirely vague, and so entirely upfront about how vague he's being... you'd think that as evil as he is, he'd be a little smarter in the way he executes things?? Pfft, it's all super sketchy to me.

I kinda love forums at times like these, when I really want to know what the fans are thinking, and when I feel like spilling my thoughts somewhere ^^


Someone commented these on AKP, and I found myself agreeing a lot~

I became a big fan of T-ara, since the promotion of Why are you being like this and YaYaYa.

I did not follow any T-ara's news until I became fan, But what I only knew is that T-ara is a 6members girl group under CCM

and so, I literately went over all T-ara's news,tv/radio programs, albums,and variety shows.

I could really feel that the strong bond regarding the 6girls and I love them very much.

When KKS reported that he wanted to add Hwayoung in T-ara, I remember 90% of T-ara fans did not want this happen, even the comments under Allkpop tweets and forum. Not because they hate Hwayoung, just everyone thinks that T-ara is enough with the 6members.

The position that Hwayoung was gonna be was Rapper.

To be honest, T-ara doesnt need another rapper, if you go back to TTL, Lies, I go crazy because of you. You would see how strong Hyomin and Eundjung vocal and rap power are.

Despite my bias to Hwayoung, I did not see that KKS nor CCM treated her well.

Maybe Hwayoung really talented in rapping but what CCM did just let her rap in the side tracks, and for the title track??

in Why are you being like this, she only got 2 so called "rapping part"

in YaYaYa also, "you made me go lalala baby boy you so hothothot"

and remember in Roly poly, " I like like this I like like like that I like this like that ya"

In cry cry "Break it, Take it, make it" and thats ALL.

I really think that Eunjung or Hyming wouldn't mind to spare 2 seconds to take these rapping part.

Hwayoung is the poorest one, and she is innocent.

For those who now pointing fingers at T-ara.

imagine what if you have already trained for many years with same group of people, gone through high and low began the tough Debut part, and start getting fame and fans; They really walked this long and paid big effort to it. (The first time that T-ara won a 'today's winner K-chart" with Bo beep Bo beep againsted 2pm, They cried hard cuz they got what they deserve)

And add one member to your group who did not need to pay effort to shine with what you get and share everything that you already have or you having.

Im sure you would really get pissed too.

6-girls are singers; kpop idols,and of course they could not tell out the truth that they did not want Hwayoung being added to the media, no matter who this girl is gonna be. Thats everyone's reaction; to protect what you have.

Everyone knows that KKS is a jerk, think about does it really matter to him if the 6members told him that they don't want any member-change? Its all useless and wasting time of arguing with your "CEO" and maybe you would get kick-out in ANYTIME as well.

If the 6girls of T-ara did not care about the group, they can really just follow orders like a robot with no thinking nor emotion. But idols are human being too, they have things that they like and don't. Instead of saying T-ara 6girls are all bitches. Why can't we think that they are all ordinary girls? they have emotions,

They still have friends that they close or not close, things that they like and dislike.

Instead of saying T-ara 6girls bullied Hwayoung, Why not think about that KKS has been bullying T-ara for these years?

The thing is, T-ara bullied Hwayoung is nothing related to Hwayoung's personality, nor because the 6members hate her. Its just simply they don't want to accept her as a group mate.

No matter how hard Hwayoung tried to get along, she just failed to.

I have seen many t-ara programs and we all see that Hwayoung tried her best to get on the standard of being T-ara. Also, Hwayoung is just a 93 kid, she can't do anything toward all the unnies in the group.

if they satisfied with the member change of hwayoung being added, Im so sure that they wouldn't made up these stupid bully dramas to ruin their career.

which means that the add-in for T-ara was nothing that T-ara wanted, or T-ara satisfied.

There's always reason behind everything -- Hyomin hinted from a book cover by her twitter avatar.

T-ara bullied Hwayoung is a protest action toward KKS. They just want KKS to kick her out.

KKS should take the responsibility of considering any additional members in the future, and if so, hows the way he maintain and balance the group.

CCM never let Hwayoung deserve an appropriate place of being in T-ara. Hwayoung never get to participate variety shows like Hyomin and Jiyeon did. Hwayoung never get more than 3 lines in any TITLE COMEBACK SONGS.and the worst thing, nip-slip accident that KKS forced her to.

The decision of adding Hwayoung into T-ara was simply because KKS saw her on one of the episode of Star king, about "pretty twins" KKS just randomly decided to add her just because he watched the show. He never seriously think of whether Hwayoung suits this group or not and of course he ignored whats T-ara desire and opinion.

Its not just u think u wanna add a member then add, and kick out whenever and whoever u want just like now.

At this point, Ahreum just being added, and Dani will join T-ara later on in December. or maybe there are countless people joining T-ara by KKS's desires.

I won't be surprised if they are going to bully Ahreum and Dani. Its just simply repeating whats the case of Hwayoung.

Please, for those who loves or loved T-ara. please support Hwayoung and also 6-ara.

Think them individually. It is all KKS fault. add in or kick out its all KKS's.

I believe that T-ara should always only maintain 6members by Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon, and this should never have ANY CHANGE :(

I read all of the articles and comments. What amazes me is how a lot of netizens on here and on other websites are handling this. Some people state that they hate bullying but then calls a member a slut and other harsh/hurtful words. There are better ways to handle bullying, be careful that you don't become a bully (or cyberbully in this case) yourself. Really, apparently T-ARA has/had thousands of bffs that are there with them 24/7 and knows exactly what has happened in their lives in order to comment and make such DRASTIC assumptions and judgements and taking sides as if they are kids. Thinking OBJECTIVELY, the evidence on both sides are vague and based on interpretation. Based on personal experience I do not trust confessions by netizens, especially when the the situation is so serious. The only people that can clear this up is T-ARA and Hwayoung, and even so, we are not 100% sure they will tell the complete truth.

This is what I really hate about kpop and the kpop fandome. All this "I hate you!" "Ban Him/Her from existence!" "I will never listen to your music/see your face again!" when a situation arises really gets on my nerves. People need to stop hating on idols like that. It's ok to hate their actions. I think bullying is wrong, lying is wrong and there is no justification for that. But all out hating so profoundly the person/idol doesn't make you any better than them. I read these comments and I feel like people are already throwing stones at the members without even knowing what is REALLY going on.

Right now there is all around bashing so it is best to not take sides and be so drastic. Take a chill pill if needed, analyze the situation in an objective matter, remember that the news is NOT 100% truth, and know that there will be people out there that will take this situation for granted and fuel the fire with self interpreted "evidence". After careful consideration decide for yourself if you will follow or not the group. And if you no longer follow them, don't start a hate parade on the internet cause it will make you look immature. Go look for another group to idolize and move on with your life.

Sorry about the rant, it's just that the way this whole controversy is being handled seems so unprofessional (except for the SBS drama chief producer Kang Shin Hyo, he acted very professional to the rants of immature netizens) and the comments that I am seeing and the actions of a lot of netizens are so immature.

Be aware that I am defending no one at this moment. Life has taught me not to, unless I am 100% sure I know what is going on.

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I really am supporting hwayoung in this one. I believe that she deserves better and I sincerely hope that she does.

Well ccm, you sort of just confirmed that the bullying is real.

I don't think I can support the T-ara girls anymore....I need some time to cool down and absorb everything.

All i want is the truth.

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