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[12.07. 30] T-ara's agency "Hwayoung, refused to perform during a live show, 'I can't go on stage.'"


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have we got any independent confirmation on the fact that this was a japanese staff. Right now my brain is not registering anything as true. so please accept my apologies is this question bothers you ^^

I think kks badly misjudged the whole thing

Your guess is as good as mine lol. I can't understand Japanese.

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I think KKS is going to use Sexy Love as a test to gauge how much of a hit to the popularity did T-ara take from this incident, just cause there's alot of outcry on forums and sites doesn't always mean that the fan's are not going to support t-ara it could just be the vocal side and the majority of the fans are still going to be the same.

As for people asking for T-ara members to come out and back this story... it really not going to happen since they are under contract with CCM still and for the people asking them to leave, very few singers and actors have made it after they chose to terminate there contract if the contract expires and they leave that's fine but to leave in the middle of a contract and still make it is unheard of in Korean apart from JYJ.

P.S for people who say KKS is a **** to Hwayoung he could do worse to her and just remove her from T-ara and not place her in any group of CCM and have her sit the whole contract out and never perform till the contract expires and get no salary at least now she can still perform with a tarnished reputation but with her skill she could still make it if she is dedicated to becoming a star.

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But still, I will keep supporting T-ara!!

But if ever a fan would be saying this or witness this, people might think that, that person is just paid by CCM

I'm glad that there will still be people supporting T-ara through thick and thin.

Also, I think that's one of the biggest issues surrounding this statement. It's a statement that appeared out of the blue. There's always the possibility that it is in fact true, but not many people will believe it. And if there's a third party statement on the matter, again, not many people will believe it. They will just pass it off as CCM paying someone to help them with damage control. The only possible way for it to be acknowledged as 100% true is if there was some sort of footage. Even if Hwayoung were to admit to doing it, some will still remain skeptical as it could be the result of CCM harassing her to do so.

They're a good group with a solid fanbase

Solid fanbase? I'm sorry but if there's something we can take from this whole incident, it's that a lot of the fans are more than willing to jump off the T-ara bandwagon as soon as a scandal like this presents itself.

I find it oddly suspicious that Hyomin would make a mistake of that kind. She's a professional, if she had even a few hours to practice ahead of time then I'm fairly certain she wouldn't have forgotten the lyrics. I can guarantee I'm not the only one thinking that something was off, especially considering that they had cue cards prepared for the performance.

Right now, I find it hard to take anything that Hwayoung, T-ara, or CCM says with more than a grain of salt. There's just too many different possibilities for us to think of when it's a truth that only T-ara themselves know.

A few examples of things I think might be possible:

1) The members of T-ara were bullying after all - for God knows why - and Hwayoung is in fact the victim here. It's possible that Hwayoung was just expressing her frustration of being bullied.

2) CCM has falsified a statement just to make Hwayoung look like the villain, and to protect their/T-ara's image.

3) Hwayoung got tired of CCM's piss poor management and started acting out like this as to instigate a termination of their contract. Thus leaving the other members of T-ara innocent.

4) Hwayoung couldn't handle the pressure of the fame that came with the Day by Day album.

Again, this is just speculation. There's still little clarity in this big, unorganized mess. In any case, I'm confident T-ara will endure and eventually overcome this scandal. Everything will eventually die down.

I still feel it's unfortunate that they let Hwayoung go. But if we put things into perspective, no matter who was at fault here, it would still have been the more profitable option to remove Hwayoung over Eunjung, Jiyeon, or Hyomin - even if it wasn't the best option overall in the long term. I would also like to add that KKS said earlier this year that if any of the members cause any issues, they would be removed. Right now Hwayoung is at the absolute core of things, regardless of who started what.

To finish things off, I would like to add that I am not picking sides in this situation. And no matter what, I will continue to fully support T-ara. I just hope that the majority of T-ara's fans will join me with that. I will also support any of Hwayoung's future endeavors and hope that she can find success.

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Whenever I read the media releases or articles, it seems like nothing makes sense.

CCM are saying this and that but nothing really lines up~

This is probably one of the most unorganised and badly-handled situations I've seen in the entertainment industry.

It's probably not even T-ara's fault~

It's probably more CCM or even just people making rumours and falsely accusing things that they don't even know about :/

This is a real defining moment in T-ara that's going to change everything and CCM have the responsibility of making things right, but they're not.

They're just making this whole thing worse.

As fans I think we should support the girls no matter what, but that's just me.

T-ara fighting! ♥

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I agree with you!!! There must be a fancam or something of that sort. It's Korean fans. They're good when it comes to fancams. :/ If there's no proof, then I still won't believe about Hwayoung's bad manner and will still hold my belief of the CEO's immature handling of this issue. :(

agreed too....

without any proof from any person not related to either KKS or CCM I'll still don't believe the story...

show me the solid evidence first...

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Readers - keep in mind she did so AFTER the Budokan concert, which if I recall is where this incident started. As a person, I'd be upset and would act similarly to Hwayoung after receiving such treatment then asked to perform with and for the same people not long after.

I applaud Hwayoung. Don't take this crap sitting down.

I agree with your point.

However, this behaviour could still be regarded as unprofessional.

I think there are several points here that need to be discussed.

What she did well:

She didn't take the crap, as you said.

She understood what she could have done to control the situation (as she deemed fit) and didn't get controlled by the managers instead

What she failed in:

Maintaining her awesome pure image

Being professional, by suddenly calling it quits after doing the rehearsal

Throwing tantrums in public

I still hope things turn out well and Hwayoungie isn't the devil that CCM claims she is

I want them to all be innocent

6-ARA and Hwayoungie

And the blame to be on CCM

Even if it doesn't seem very possible right now

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come on what is this...

there must be a reason if someone suddenly misbehave...

if she can't go on stage although after the rehearsal of she'll rap on the chair there must be a very solid reason...

i wonder if they'll terminate Hyoyoung contract too...

This just reflects how vulnerable the girls are. Few slight mistakes and you are out of the group.

Also, there are reports saying hwayoung wanna perform but was dissuaded by the staffs. So which version is true?!!!!!

i like this one...

there always many version of something like this and we as their fan didn't given the right to know...

we just have to hear what other people say although we can't accept it...

so THIS makes me wonder which one is in truth here...

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whatever it is I still believe in T-ara, as a true fan we can really see that the other members care for hwayoung and just because of this misunderstanding tweets, people make a conclusion that they bully hwayoung and forget all their sweet and happy moment, it is ridiculous to believe all that bullying thing..if she is really good, then this thing will not happen, they have built their career together and to let all of it to crush is really impossible, hwayoung has a lot of support

now, so I think she can stand on her own and IF she is really being bullied why bother to stay in T-ara anymore, she must be happy to be out from t-ara, after all she is famous now after 'Day by Day' what is really concern me right now is about the future of the other t-ara members, they have been bashed left and right..if hwayoung is well known now and a lot of people love her, we must remember that, it is because of t-ara too..one more thing i think that being in t-ara is really stress and tired with lots of schedules and only the true one will be fit in it..

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That Music Bank incident make sense and fit with the events from the last week. And I'm not believing all the company is saying here.

The tweets from Hwayung and Hyoyoung caused a great damage in the image of the group. They fed all the netizens with fresh material to the bullying theory. At the time she wrote her tweet, Hwayoung must be aware of the consecuences of writing at that particular moment when the rumors and false theories began to growth. She was a part of T-ara at that moment and causing damage to her own team and company is a very big fault in any employment, in any company and in any bussiness.

The same applies to refuse to perform after the rehearsal, this action damaged her group, the work of her teammates and staff. How many people think about the other girls and their staff? They work like slaves without rest. The frustration for their work trashed must be very great and painful. It's easy to take side with Hwayoung and look her as a "victim". For me, she is not the only "victim". There are a lot of people around her who were also victims after her decision to not perform at Music Bank.

We have the official positon of the company, and now I want to hear a Hwayoung. I want to know the reason why she didn't want to perform at Music Bank. We can not have a complete idea of the past events without her words.

Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes. I hope that this incident will help her to grow up as a person and as professional. I will support her in her future career.

Now, it's time to support T-ara.

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I really liked her, in fact, I loved her rapping in DBD... I would repeat the rapping part over and over. This is hard to say but this has to be true to some extent. Whether they told a mild incident or not we don't know, there may have been worse hence the "protecting Hwayoung". They maybe twisted the story a bit, KKS did mention the accounts got hacked. It is very possible that CCM have the passwords of all the members, so they can terminate the Twitter whener they feel like it's needed. So after all this we don't for sure if it were the girls or not who tweeted, just because of that one statement from him. Some idols don't even have a cellphone for the same reason this won't happen.

But seriously, you really think that the girls would bully her just because? Then you really think pretty less of them.

Theres no smoke without a fire.

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the only reason why KKS has made this statement is because he doesn't want to feel threatened by Hwayoung. he did mention in the previous press release that Hwayoung should keep her mouth shut. I believe her tweet on twitter trigged this post. in KKS's eyes, it's either:

1) let T-ara suffer and burdening their name

2) or kill Hwayoung off completely

..i'm sure there is more to this story, just like everyone i'm curious.. but i don't want either party to suffer.. /sighs/ this has gotten too out of hand.

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This is so contradicting. Didn't he say that the T-ara members and stuff refused to let hwayoung dance because she was injured? And now they are saying that she herself decided to perform and not perform. CCM seriously the more things you say the more contradicting it has become and we fans are sure that hwayoung definitely got bullied.

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I'm glad you thought that about Hyomin too, it was my first thought even before I knew about this whole controversy.

And I agree about Hwayoung, it seems out of character. But I could understand her reaching a breaking point because of frustration and humiliation over her injury, especially when she finally gets to be the star of their comeback single. But as you said, who knows, and we don't really know what any of them are truly like, obviously. It is unnerving to me that this statement closely fits all the theories I had before I read anyone else's opinion.

Erm....she could have still been the main star. Sitting on a chair JUST to rap doesn't seem too hard. Eunjung had to go on stage to perform WITH a broken leg ffs.

If she really didn't want to do it then she should have told someone like the members or staff. If she really really didn't want to perform then leave during rehearsal. Not 15min before their performance.

Then again, don't even know if this article is true or not(most logical right now) so.....xxxx KKS.

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