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[12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."


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[12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."


Core Contents Media, who just have announced they terminated Hwayoung's contract with T-ara after being with the group for 20 months.

Hwayoung, who joined the team later than the rest, has been the center of the hot topic of "being bullied" by other members.

T-ara fans think that this is wrong or are very shocked by the announcement. And now fans are rooting for the most desired situation: a peace between Hwayoung, T-ara and the agency so that she can return.

On the 30th, Kim Kwangsoo said to Star News, "If Hwayoung truly realizes her wrongs, it's possible to talk with the T-ara members and staff about her rejoining. Once again, this is if Hwayoung looks over her previous actions and self-reflects so she does not repeat the same behavior.

Clearly, the probability of this situation is low, but there is a small glimpse of a reverse situation happening. Right now, it's left for Hwayoung to decide.


Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=108&aid=0002160987

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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hwayoung!!not need to come back to that guy!!

he's using you!! since more and more tickets are refund, people kept on leaving negative comments to his favourite trio - eunjung, hyomin and jiyeon, now he realize that you are important too

don't come back to t-ara hwayoung. i don't want to be devil here but after all things that they had done...

for the sake of your safety please don't come back to t-ara anymore, hwayoung...

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Kim Kwangsoo need to learn how to deal with the press/public opinion. So far all his statement tends to prove the contrary of what they announced in the precedent press release. (ie Hwayoung "misbehaviour"). So far he looks like if he trying to "persecute" Hwayoung with all these press statement claiming that behave badly and all, while trying to make T-ara looks good. Honestly KKS needs to stop talking to the press, and let the fans digest the current news about Hwayoung.

Right now that only thing is is doing is making T-ara looks bad.

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after all this messed up !

you think that hwayoung re-join ??

what with this KKS guy .

his mind is full of money .

everybody was upset .

think about the fans . and the anti .

they all very angry .

but this is good news to me .

hope t-ara will be back together !!

t-ara fighting !!

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My wish is that hwayoung will comeback.

my eyes teared as i saw this title, Hwayoung to re-join..

i want her back now. WHEN she joins, i really hope the rest of t-ara members show her peace,

share the love she once shared with them, i cant say anything else.

i never can understand why the treated her so bad, i never knew t-ara was like this.

just hearing her voice in the songs im listening to now makes me cry, and again.

i wish for her to come back.

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