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[DISC] Facts or Speculation regarding T-ara's Crisis


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Speculations =/= Facts

As the time I wrote this, every new articles bring T-ara closer to death. Every time I saw news,I saw the Death scythe hanging at T-ara and CCM ‘s necks. As a hardcore Queen’s, it tramples my heart, it’s killing me. Now, Queen’s are separated and some became Anti-T-ara. I wrote this article hope to look at the whole situation with an objective voice.

I believe the facts: Hwayoung is dislike her current position (speculated that She is bullied), T-ara members tweeted ambiguously, Hwayoung is leaving T-ara, (supposed KKS force a bad image for Hwayoung). At the end of it all, KKS didn’t help at all; he just made the matter worse.

As a big fan of T-7 , I can’t really take side. Both of them have holes in their reasoning; there is not enough concrete evidence with trust worthy source. But now, Hwayoung is the winning side.

The supposed-evidences are that T-6, (except Qri) had bullied Hwayoung since a long time ago.

In my opinions, those evidences are just made believe. If they were genuine, Netizen would notice the bullying problem sooner. Now, people just name every little Teasing toward Hwayoung as

“Bullying”. Occasional teasing is not bullying, especially when Kpop showbiz revolve around teasing each other. All 6 of them teased each other too, not only toward Hwayoung.

And if they are really bullying Hwayoung, that mean they must be an actor every seconds around her onscreen. With that said, it’s impossible to be actors all the time. Even with editing, it’s not likely to catch all of the awkwardness.

Not only so, Hwayoung would be really afraid of T-6, but on screen, Hwayoung seem really happy and carefree around others members, Do Hwayoung is all fake too? All the time Hwayoung initiate a conversation with Hyomin, joking with Boram , winks at Soyeon or feed Eun Jung apple in Pretty Boys. She even let Hyomin and EJ put on her shoes in the solo concert Cinderella-style. One who is afraid or hateful of others wouldn’t act so carefree and innocent.

With T-6, they have no supporting evidence, except KKS statements and supposedly 19 staff members that dislike Hwayoung’s immaturity. With poor crisis management skill, they just make the matter worse, for them.

In my opinion, the only two who can really act into different personalities are Eun Jung and Jiyeon. They are talented, and that talent doesn’t help in this situation. Having the talent and knowledge doesn’t mean that they had used it, or should use it against others.

I can’t take side in this problem.

I believe that Hwayoung and T-6 is having discord among themselves only recently. They seem so close to each other just before Star Life Theater.

I think both of them are wrong. First, they bring their internal dispute to the public. They forgot that their actions not only affect themselves, but also the company and the whole team behind T-ara( including makeup artists, hair stylists.etc) . KKS is also wrong for changing the situation into the worst case scenario.

I don’t dare to say the worse side. It may just a quick impulse of the members while they are in stress.

People are easily influenced when they are unsure, the gossip started and spread wider.

The matter is undecided, and we may never know about the truth. But one thing for sure, T-ara and CCM took a huge blow to their name. The only way that could ease the public is that Hwayoung publicly apologizes. Even if T-ara did bully her, they and CCM should have beg, kowtow, or lick Hwayoung’s shoes to make she do it to save them. Did this, Hwayoung career as an entertainer would suffered as well. People won’t put much trust toward a member who single handedly destroyed her group and her company. People will get cold feet after the sympathized toward Hwayoung died down.

As I remembered, T-6 have much more to lose than Hwayoung. Eun Jung’s hard work from when she still a kid , Jiyeon’s working till collapse, Hyomin with 5+ years in training and highly talented, Boram with her parents’ reputations on top of her own, Soyeon childhood dreams and the trauma of failing, All of them will go down the drain if this continue. The only one that is least effected is Qri, but she will still lose her job when T-ara go down together.

Please don’t take it too hard toward all 7 members of T-ara, and even the two new members Ahreum and Dani when you quit being Queen’s. Please remember the happy memories T-ara gave us. It has been nice all these time together with you.

A Queen’s forever.

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as we know T-ara have a easy going & cool image...they not act lovely friends to show their LOVE...but their show their love like support each other...that the true friendship....

if T-ara bully or have bad manner....But WHY only for Hwayoung....people should know Hwayoung character before blame other members...right now people just know that Hwayoung a victim...but people never figure out Hwayoung character.....i don't hate Hwayoung..but it so unfair for other members.....if we want someone LOVE we should give our LOVE too.....

i think Hwayoung too sensative that why she can't get long with T-ara members....Eunjung always bully Hyomin and feel annyoing when she do aego...But Hyomin still stick with Eunjung and become BFF...other group also like that...they like to tease each other...

after what happen i hope T-ara & Hwayoung become strong....

that was just my oppinion...plzzz don't hate me :)

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I do believe this whole event went down the wrong way, and KKS/CCM made it even worst.

I don't believe any of the words that KKS is sprouting through those news interviews or any of the rumors that are circulating.

What I do believe is that if this matter isn't cleared up, T-ara as a idol group and the indiviual members of this group would never be able to rise to the top in the entertainment industry again.

If there was bullying that was happening within T-ara (5 vs Hwayoung) no doubt, netizens and fans alike would've found it out earlier, after all, aren't netizens the beacon of bad news and rumors?

From what I know (and written on another topic) the 5 girls tweeted on July 25 (PST) which might fall between July 25/26 KST. During which time, they were talking about a concert, which i can only relate to them talking about the Budokan.

Were the girls really taking a jab at Hwayoung? or just pumping/encouraging themselves (and each other) for the upcoming concert at the Budokan? I think they had similar tweets for their other concerts and big events.

I have no clue why or how people interpreted those tweets as malicious towards Hwayoung.

It was probably the following tweets from Hyoyoung and the rap teacher that might have set it off. After all, Hwayoung did also leave an ambiguous tweet, but it seem like she was depressed about not being able to stand on stage with the rest of the member performing their other hit songs.

But like nkdi2211 said, Hwayoung and T-6 might have recently had some discord among themselves.

Who knows! I'm just an outsider, an avid Queen's. I have no idea what really went down and I don't think I ever will.

Whether Hwayoung was really bullied, whether Hwayoung really did have some diva problems, whether or not Hwayoung will rejoin T-ara...

We will never know, because that's how CCM is. Bad damage control, even I could do a better cover up than what they did.

But because of all this, the remaining T-6 will never gain back their prestige, their reputation and T-ara will probably be known as 'the group who bullied and chased out a member' in the history of kpop.

I'm sad, heart-broken and tired.

Really just tired of all these bad news that keep popping up one after another ever since the 'big changes within T-ara' that started a few months ago.

I guess being a Queen's is like being with a ticking time bomb.

I'll be here, I'll still be a Queen's regardless. Even if i knew when the bomb will go off, i'll still be here, waiting..

T-ara 加油!! 柳和榮加油!! QUEEN'S 加油!!

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It no longer matters whether the bullying is true or not. One way or another KKS still decided to try and sacrifice Hwayoung's career and image to save T-Ara, and the other girls did let it happen.

If everything turned to be nothing but the K-Netizen's delusions and fabrications, wouldn't that just mean the girls were alright with sacrificing her over a misunderstanding? Or more worried about their own careers than about what was right to do, at least.

Either way it is pretty bad.

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I really need to stop reading comment sections on allkpop. 95% of the people who are commenting are bandwagoning for humanity points.

To be honest even after Hwayoung joined, I felt like they were going to be some animosity. I am not saying that it is the correct way to deal with your feelings but it is pretty much human nature to feel animosity towards someone who joined a group after becoming successful. It is kind of the "ride the limelight" mentality. If people want to blame someone blame CCM. Why? For even creating a means for that kind of mentality to even exist in T-ARA.

Remember idols are human beings too. And a note to all the people who says "I would never do that!" try putting youself on an idol schedule/lifestyle and see how "angelic" you can be after a few years.

I also do believe in every action has a consequence good or bad aka karma. As long as it is fitting, I will respect/support punishment given to T-ARA members if they are guilty. But until then, 6-ARA is innocent until proven guilty.

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Let me be honest, everything now is looking bad for T-6.

No, Hwayoung should not tolerate bullying (if that's the case), the fact that other people are stronger doesn't mean everyone should accept that & move on because of the risk of loosing fame/popularity.

Everything looks in favor of Hwayoug, I think KKS worst mistake was to publicly trash her, like they should stay quite for a while, but no he decided to threat her & even "expose" her. It is obvious that any logical person will think he's lying.

Best case escenario: T-ara will survive this, but they no longer be one the of top k-pop groups. At this point, even Gangkiz is going to be more popular than them..

Worst case escenario: The end is near for T-ara..

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Some people say that the T-6 had bad feelings towards Hwayoung for joining T-ara after they were successful.

But how about Dani & Areum? They all say so many good things about them & act like they were the next big thing. Is that fake too? Are you stating that they are forcing a friendship for the cameras but in reality they don't support the newest addition to their band? Why just Hwayoung? Sorry if I'm ofending anyone.

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Bullying is never okay. Neither is flaming the bully. People are bullying the accused bully. That makes you a bully as well. Everyone thinks that it is okay to flame/anti them but they are just hypocrites hopping on the humanity bandwagon.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.


In my opinion Hwayoung was a HUGE curveball. Why? T-ARA was really successful during that time so why add a new member? I myself would feel a little bit bitter about someone debuting into the limelight.

Ahreum/Dani had an image of KKS's watchdogs. Be nice or get snitched on. They were brought in to make sure the members before them worked harder. If not, chopping block.

Note: This is just my opinion.

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160,000 people joined anti t-ara fancafe in the past day alone, that's more than their own fancafe LOL they really have no hope anymore after being exposed as bullies, the netizens have spoken, bullying is never okay.

You must've missed that T-Jinyo isnt an anticafe. It's purpose is to find the truth behind this whole trainwreck. Something that everyone, who is a fan of anyone involved, can agree to.

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160,000 people joined anti t-ara fancafe in the past day alone, that's more than their own fancafe LOL they really have no hope anymore after being exposed as bullies, the netizens have spoken, bullying is never okay.

"Member since Today, 3:03 PM". Obviously a troll who just joined to cause arguments in this forum. I think everyone would be wise to not reply to him and just completely avoid him. Many more like him are bound to show up.
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I think it just like this.

When the one who work and close to U Said U are bad that mean U are bad or U are good= think

When 19 people who work and close with U said U are bad and the whole world said U are good but they don't

even know U, is it U bad or U are good= think

When the whole world said U are bad but they don't even know U and the people who close to U and work with U didn't said anything

is it U bad or good=think

The situation is like this. So I believe in T-ara and always be till the end.

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I highly doubt any discord among the members was a 'recent' thing. You don't randomly begin to have issues two years after joining a group, the problem exists from the beginning and persists. It's far more likely that Hwayoung has, in fact, been 'bullied' to some extent all this time - otherwise, why would her tweets, and Hyoyoung and her supporter's tweets, all be so drastic?

We need to realize that our idols aren't perfect and stop lying to ourselves - things did happen behind the scenes.

Please don't mistake me as some sort of anti-fan, I'll always love this group, but some things are just the way they are. It's for the best that Hwayoung left, and the only thing I regret is that CCM managed to botch this whole thing so T-ara is practically finished.

Bullying is never okay, and bullying the bully is never okay, but refusing to admit that the bully was wrong is never okay either.

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Disbanding shouldn't be the priority. The priority should be the truth. If Hwayoung is indeed wrong, where are the girls to say so. Why rely on a smear campaign to get points across. If Hwayoung is correct, where are the apologies? Not only to Hwayoung but to fans. T-ara has alienated their own fanbase. Why after several days since the incident came to light, have the same questions been asked over and over.

For the speculation part. The girls are prob being kept quiet for a number of reasons; 1. KKS has the false notion that he can fix this situation himself and 2. They're apologetic to Hwayoung and the fans but this would go against EVERYTHING KKS has done and said so far, or 3. They indeed dislike Hwayoung...good riddance w/e but by expressing this...it's career suicide. Let it be #2. I still support T-ara but I'd rather do so by them making corrections.

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ooo, I was kindly side Hwayoung, one reason is a girl who is SOLO will not do it for no reason. Hwayoung should know KKS is a suxer, if she smart she also planned for the worst case. And till now 6-ARA got no action (maybe got threaten by KKS) seen KKS already threaten Hwayoung using some statement. And now some of us see T-ARA wont be the same way again

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The members would not be able to step up to tell the truth at this point due to damage control restrictions. At this point their image is so damaged, management should just let them express their feelings and revealed the truth. Even though the netizens will accuse them of being liars and b******, it would bring a sense of relief to them in my opinion.

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After taking much time reading and reading online media articles ranging from the tweets to entertainment psychologists, including the law enforcement statements on the matter, I can only summarize this, at this time right now (At exactly Monday, July 30, 2012, 10:30 p.m.), as, . . . tragic, disastrous, calamitous, catastrophic, cataclysmic, devastating, terrible, dreadful, awful, appalling, dismal, horrendous, and of course, a massive public relations fail. How I came to this in the history of our dearly beloved T-ara, when they are just about to become a 9 member group, I'll go with it step by step, . . .

And here, . we, . . go, . . .

July 25, 2012, . . . The concert in Japan, . . .

I heard lots of good things about the performance, and no mentioning from any online media source about anything indicating, let alone signifying, that our girls are going through another rough patch in their careers, none, in fact, just the opposite. Hwayoung was giving her best, even though she was injured. A online media source present at the press conference, noted that all the members were unconditionally supportive and caring for Hwayoung, who publicly apologized to "everybody" for her current performing condition. Now this is one of many things I like about T-ara, especially when Eunjung recently commented in a recent interview about how ultra protective the "entire group" is with "each other", and even to say that they won't hesitate to come to a member's defense. However, yes, two online sources I came across pointed out that Hwayoung was quiet and very workable, but not energetic nor engaging in much conversations with anybody, including with the other members. The other source claimed that there were some discontent between the members, because of Hwayoung's injury, and the mass confusion on whether or not, she did or did not decide to go on stage to perform her part for their "Day By Day" song, and acted in protest over her treatment "after the concert". A similar account was mentioned for the Inkigayo performance as well.

The first source I could understand, because being injured and thinking about what to do next, is very difficult. Athletes who get injured, endure these stand alone times that develop into skeptical complexities, which could spin out of control, but only if there's no adequate support to maintain that thing called sanity. Of course they can't sit still, they need to move their bodies. I assumed Hwayoung was trying hard "not to be a burden to everyone" before and during this concert, after all, during the press conference, it was confirmed, from her directly, that she was going to perform for that one song alone, for the event. I'll get back to the second source for last. Next, . . .

The Members' Tweets, . . .

Now, reading the messages from Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Eunjung, I found the messages as plain encouragement and rising awareness of their level of loyalty to us the fans in their performances by working together and maintaining a supportive structure as a group, for that event. Yeah, the word "determination". A word that is summed up like this, . . .



1. Firmness of purpose, resoluteness.

2. The process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research. Law - the settlement of a dispute by the authoritative decision of a judge or arbitrator. A judicial decision or sentence.

3. The controlling or deciding of something's nature or outcome.

4. Law - The cessation of an estate or interest.

5. Archaic - A tendency to move in a fixed direction.

Apparently, the entertainment industry has a more unique "translation" to the word, meaning the usage of the word "implies the opposite", that there's a sense of lacking. Obviously, Hwayoung was injured, hello?! Did they not see the bandage on her left foot? And yet, she had the "courage" and "temerity" to come on stage, after she said she would, and did, and performed as best as she could. For who? "All of us". Acknowledging the level of commitment and "determination" (actual definition here), means the members were taking the time to evaluate their current situation, and probably trying to figure out how to work on their schedules. Because Hwayoung needed time to recover. Sure, they could perform while she takes the time to rest. But, the way I can imagine this as Hwayoung "wanting" to be there for the other members. Then I asked this, . . .

"What if the members wanted her to rest and recover sooner, rather than later, which could upset their tight schedules even further?"

"What if Hyomin and Eunjung learning Hwayoung's part indicated that they were very concerned about her recovery, but Hwayoung figured out a way that she doesn't have push herself too much, and still keep her promise to us, the fans (Kings and Queens), to perform, as she stated at the press conference?"

"What if Hwayoung went out of her way, because of her passion to the group?"

Now, to the ignition of this international explosive news, . . .

Hwayoung's and Hyoyoung's Tweet, . . .

Now, I read and took Hyoyoung's message as sympathy for her twin sister's injury, and needed to cry by texting, and I'm sure she teared and cried for real, when Hwayoung was injured earlier, during Music Core. I remembered Hyomin recently fell as well, not too long ago. Hwayoung's message, the way I took it, was an acknowledgment, and raising the awareness of their current situation, while trying to figure out what to do next, with this injury being her obstacle for their coming work ahead, which included their pending comeback. But, it was interpreted in another way, as a "retaliatory" means against the other members. BOOM!

A hack or an attack, . . . Boram's Twitter account, . . .

We're not exactly sure as to why this happened. But for sure, this was the secondary explosion that set things "truly" into motion. I cannot imagine Boram pulling herself away from Hwayoung, whatsoever. When there's a concern within the group, they usually talk it out and figure a way to resolve it, not act like they were back in elementary school. From the accumulative twitter account hacking reports all over the place, I assumed that is what happened to our Boram's account. However, nobody did not bother to follow up this and post online the proof whether or not this is true.

That old saying, . . . The Show Must Go On, . . . Music Bank and Inkigayo, . . .

Now it gets sort of vague on the inside at this point. Some are claiming Hwayoung's attitude is out of place, and some are saying the other members were being very harsh (bullying) on her. We won't know for sure. All I could ever ask is, . . .

"Is Hwayoung feeling the need to perform?"

"Are the members trying to convince her to rest and recover, and not exert herself, which could hinder her rejuvination time?"

"Did they misunderstood each other's intentions, again?"

"What are the staff doing really, for this event?"

It is very difficult to answer these questions, unless an actual staff member, and/or our girls gives us the answers. Moving on, . . .

Speculations + Facts = Conspiracy Theory, or an, Educated Guess, . . . The Data Flood continues, . . .

It seems endless in the amount of flaws, mistakes, jokes, behavior accounts and analytical psychological profiling throughout our girls' careers, and gigabytes of videos and pictures are piled high on computer memory everywhere, and continues to grow, causing a cascading affect, not only to their hard work and established image as a group in a growing genre world wide, but their personal and family lives altogether. If I were to come up with a phrase in T-ara's history right now, . . . just two words come to mind, . . .

Civil War!

I haven't seen this type of polarization between artists, since that ordeal with JYJ started battling it out through the media. The difference, the audience have a more participating role more than ever. Camps are establishing on so many sides, lots of people are just calling for disbandment, and ending the legacy that is "T-ara". Insanity has reached it's peak, . . . or wait, . . . it hasn't, cause no one has been murdered, I mean died yet, . . .

Core Contents Media Public Announcement, . . .

Kim Kwang Soo will terminate Hwayoung's employment to the label company. (___Insert true reactions here___.) Mine? A simple soft, "no.", was uttered from my traumatized heart and mind and soul. Please take note that 19 staff members is the reason for Hwayoung's termination. I'm starting to wonder if those earlier wardrobe malfunctions were intentional, or truly accidents, at this point of the breaking ongoing news.

Focus, . . . stay focused, . . . Smack!, . . . I said stay, "Focused!", . . .

I find it a good thing that bullying is being addressed in the entertainment industry, and things are going to be moving in a more positive direction, after that massive tragic incident at Open World Entertainment. I feel like the South Korean Government is doing more to create a better and safer working environment for talented and gifted artists, as they enforce, amend, and uphold the laws that protect both businesses and their current and future employees. But, bullying amongst the members is not the "real reason" stated in the announcement. It's the "staff members' complaints". According to one online media article, it mentioned that the staff members are given "low pay" and "long hours", which I assume is beyond the "20 hour labor limit", that we have here in the U.S. So, there could be another perspective worth considering, . . .

"What if the staff members are going after T-ara, and Hwayoung is just the beginning, or perhaps, Jiwon and Jiae?"

"What if there was tension between T-ara and the staff members?"

"What if the reason why we're getting all of this information from the inside the company, is coming from the staff?"

"What if the working conditions is so bad for the staff members, the company is unable to do anything to improve it?"

"What if the low wages are hitting the staff members so hard, they targeted the T-ara members?"

The staff members were the ones who complained to Kim Kwang Soo, according to him. He spoke with the members too about this. Unfortunately, the members have not said a word about what is happening within the company. He spoke with Hwayoung's and Hyoyoung's parents, and they haven't said anything, and we are told that they understood the situation. Now, if there was something so disagreeable, as parents, they would "publicly denounce Core Contents Media", not long after that meeting. I mean A.S.A.P.! Defamation? Yeah, for their child. Every parent would come to the aid of their children. I'm pretty sure both Hwayoung and Hyoyoung would be the first to call the police and/or file a lawsuit against the company very soon. So, something must make sense to warrant a termination, in accordance to the legal clause signed in Hwayoung's contract.

Bane and his work, . . .

If you haven't seen the movie, "The Dark Knight Rises", please do, because the climatic portion of the plot seems to fit well with what is going on here with T-ara. SBS and MBC producers to Drama shows featuring Eunjung and Soyeon to insider witnesses' accounts to boycotts to celebrity reactions and opinions all over the world to petitions to missing premeries and to the ongoing ensuing calls for the demise that we have all come to love and hold dearly to our hearts and souls, . . . T-ara, . . . are becoming the framework of a collapsing city from within, leaving one word, . . . Anarchy.

There's a glimmer of hope, . . . or is that a fusion bomb that is about to explode?, . . .

Kim Kwang Soo announces that he'll accept Hwayoung back, but only if she apologizes for what she did. I am assuming something happened between her and the staff. The staff are the only ones not easing the public's mind here truly. I am guessing the reason why we're looking to the members, is because how interactive they are with all of us, throughout their careers. But, I'm not sure if even they'll be able to speak about it. So the questions become then, well, at least to me, . . .

"The relationship between the members and the staff are that divided, as to get Hwayoung fired?"

"Is the situation so deeply rooted that Hwayoung accepts the termination, or is the situation redeemable, thus allowing Hwayoung back and all is forgiven?"

Now, for the current piece to this painting for me are as follows, . . .

That last source, . . . is taking into consideration that the assumed discord between the members is the "real problem" in this situation. Now, take a moment here, and ask yourself this, . . .

"Why hasn't the other members said anything in defense for their fellow injured member yet?"

"Do we take this at face vaule, and try to cope with what has transgressed within T-ara?"

"Why hasn't Hwayoung said anything about the matter?

What enforces this perspective of discord between Hwayoung and the members, including Kim Kwang Soo, is Hwayoung's message, and the reactions that followed from both the members and Kim Kwang Soo himself. There's a possibility that legally, Hwayoung is in the wrong, even though morally, she is right. This could be the case that we're seeing right now, from her tweet. Although, there's currently nothing to refute the possibility that Hwayoung is legally right, despite the immoral level of disscord between the members, including the staff, which led to an unfair decision to terminate her on the spot, as we look at Kim Kwang Soo's and Hyomin's reaction by switching her profile picture and the other members distancing themselves from Hwayoung. Yes, innocent people have been sent to jail, due to the lack of, or failure to provide, evidence.

Current remaining thoughts, while overlooking the ruins of a great city, . . .

Can there be still hope after so much destruction? I think so, after World War II.

Can Hwayoung come back? Sure. I think so. I hope so.

If she doesn't? I believe she can still make it in the industry as either a solo artist or join another group. Jiwon and Jiae proved that former T-ara members are able to make a comeback.

Will we ever find out what happened? Eventually.

Will I still be a fan of T-ara and Hwayoung? Of course.

Why? *shrugs while giving a small smile* I still believe in them all. :)

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Bullying is never okay. Neither is flaming the bully. People are bullying the accused bully. That makes you a bully as well. Everyone thinks that it is okay to flame/anti them but they are just hypocrites hopping on the humanity bandwagon.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.


In my opinion Hwayoung was a HUGE curveball. Why? T-ARA was really successful during that time so why add a new member? I myself would feel a little bit bitter about someone debuting into the limelight.

Ahreum/Dani had an image of KKS's watchdogs. Be nice or get snitched on. They were brought in to make sure the members before them worked harder. If not, chopping block.

Note: This is just my opinion.

Totally agree. Sorry to Hwayoung fans, but she should think wisely before joining T-ara before. And I think Dani will be the next target. :/

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I recently came across a new interview statement by Kim Kwang Soo about this, and it seems my suspicions were a bit correct about some tension between the members and the staff, but more pointed at Hwayoung herself. But the thing about this is the more focal reasoning toward Hwayoung's termination, . . .

"Hwayoung's unwillingness to perform on stage." *push jaw close and adjust facial bone alignment, . . . now continue onwards*

Well, at least the staff members are not out of the picture, in this seemingly endless ordeal everybody is going through. But, I do have to ask though, . . .

"What was Hwayoung's foot condition during the performance in question?"

"Did her nerves suddenly spiked and the pain unexpectedly came back?"

"Did Hwayoung decide that the appearance of her injury at the performance might change the mindset of viewers to suddenly develop a sense of weakness in the group, and/or affect the judging in a negative way?"

"Was it a staff member's decision for her to participate?"

So many unanswered questions. But yes, I'm still waiting to hear the news that Hwayoung is back with T-ara. I wonder how many fans are waiting to hear the same?

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i'm glad i found my way here because reading comments in allkpop really stressed me out as a T-ara fan and argued with them is useless because they're just a troll , im very dissapointed with t-arafan.com who close themselves just because this hell of shits , i will support T-ara like a true fan because i know that they are the one that suffering the most right now , i think the bullying things is common in the entertaiment world right ? moreover in korea , where the senior/junior relationship play the great role , of course if a new member make her way in into one group that already in the track of success after they worked hard for years , the older members will be not happy about it , remember Kyu story when he first joined SuperJunior ? he tell us that he cry every night because of a pressure from Leeteuk and other older members , so its up to that new member how she/he can captivate the hearts and gain attention of the older members , maybe in t-ara case , hwayoung failed to do so or maybe t-ara dont have a charismatic leader type that can sort things out so the older members get pissed off + hwa dont try to do better , so that eventually lead to all this craps ..... i hope this storm will pass quickly and made T-ara even more stronger than ever , amen

one more thing : its really disturb me when i check the petition for T-ara to disband already hit 100.000 and our petition to keep T-ara intact only hit around 15.000 , really really disturbing

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Call me a conspiracy theorist or some crazy nutter but....

I'm assuming people have heard about the especially nasty and controversial rumors regarding Jiyeon, Hyomin and Soyeon's past (that is, their pre-debut years). Hell, I myself was very, very disturbed by them and am even heavily inclined to believe them due to the sheer overwhelming 'visual evidence'.

But considering the timing of the situation, backed up with the fact that NONE of the 6-ara members have yet to say anything themselves, I think that there's a certain possibility that CCM (or that old greazeball in charge) may have deliberately manipulated/made up and leaked those rumors online simply as a way of preventing them from doing anything.

Of course, it's also likely netizens themselves may have done the digging and made it up themselves but I can't help but think that CCM is likely to be directly responsible. After all, we're talking about one of the most (if not, THE most) notorious Kpop agency here - something as disgusting and shady as this happening can't be denied or ruled out.

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