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[POLL] Bullying - True or Not?



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  1. 1. Was Hwayoung really bullied?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don't know what to think.

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Not liking or getting along with someone =/= bullying.

Fighting =/= bullying.

A couple of snarky tweets =/= bullying.

It's actually really pissing me off how easily people throw around the world "bullying" in this situation.

If they had trouble getting along with Hwayoung for whatever reason and she was being kind of left out, I can see that happening. But that's not necessarily bullying.

Hwayoung herself hasn't made any claim of being bullied, and some people will take that as her being scared into silence. But it's also true that if she's just fighting with them regularly, she probably wouldn't be in a rush to clear their names either, even if she didn't feel like it was bullying.

There's also no basis to suggest they haven't been getting along for an entire two years either. Groups fight all the time and get through it. Saying that Hwayoung is resented because of being added later is just speculation, there could be millions of reasons for fighting that have to do with things not revealed to the public.

Also claiming that an unprofessional PD knows more about the situation than everyone else is ridiculous. The guy read about it in the news just like everyone else.

I still believe there's an explanation for everyone to not be horrible in this situation (except CCM, always horrible), but the only one who can clear it up is Hwayoung and at this point she probably won't/can't talk.

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- The definition of 'Bullying' is in the eye of the beholder. Physical bullying, Verbal bullying, Psychological bullying. Outcasting/isolation. Public embarrassment. Gossip. Prejudice. Cold attitude. Those are all forms of bullying.

And mind you, bullying can be in different frequencies. Daily, once in a while, when someone's having a bad day, once or twice. But that doesn't mean it never happened even if it only happened once.

Here's one way to help anyone define 'bullying': if someone did that to you, would you be hurt? If I punched you in the mouth, that would hurt right? But what if your friends started leaving you? What if they constantly laughed at you and your mistakes, even if they were your 'friends'? What if the people you live with, your family, avoided you. What if your classmates sneered at you and gossiped about you? Would it hurt?

A few more points:

- Hwayoung is unhappy (that's not to say T-ara isn't unhappy though).

- Hyoyoung is Hwayoung's other half. They probably share things a lot, and share things they wouldn't share to anyone else. Call me stupid or foolish, but I trust in Hyoyoung's words.

- Anything T-ara says from now on is highly likely to be scripted; this includes Tweets, speeches, announcements, etc. So anyone saying, "I'll wait for T-ara to say something" "I won't believe anything unless T-ara says it". Well. You'll be waiting a while, and you'll be waiting for nothing. Also, (assuming it did happen) admitting to something like that is hard, especially to your fans. Trust me, admitting your darkest side's existence to the world is not something on any idol's to do list.

- Anything KKS says is highly likely to be something stupid. You have 5 days worth of his idiocy, fairytales, lies, and contradictions as proof.

- Now switch your thinking. Instead of what has happened, think about what hasn't. All those rumors about bullying have ignited into a giant bonfire. Yet KKM has only refuted it once, saying they weren't bullying her (which was in Hwayoung's contract termination press release). All the other times, he says "it has nothing to do with the 'bullying' rumors".

If I was in charge of these sweet little girls and was sure they would never do such a thing, I would stop at nothing to stop all rumors. After all, where do the roots of all this start? It wasn't actually Hwayoung leaving if you think about it. It's why she left. Why did she leave? People aren't outraged mostly because of the fact that Hwayoung has left, but because of why. Because she was 'bullied'. If I was KKS, I would think of T-ara and their image before your own pride. Take the time to clear T-ara's name as 'bullies' (if they aren't) instead of trying to take down Hwayoung's name as 'victim'.

But it's kind of hard to do that if it really did happen. If he would publicly stress the part of T-ara not bullying Hwayoung, yet it was false, then he'd be in danger of Hwayoung speaking the truth of her being bullied. And if KKS releases a statement saying T-ara are not bullies, and Hwayoung replies saying that she was in fact bullied, who do you think the public would believe?

But as I said. It all depends on what you, as a fan, and what the public+netizens think 'bullying' is. Where I live, 'bullying' is usually on of those big kids beating a kid up for lunch money. However, because of culture difference, the more common form of bullying in Korea is making someone a "social outcast" (wangdda). Search it up, it's pretty interesting . And sad.

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I'm so frustrated by all this issue ! Honestly...I really don't know what to think. A part of me believe that T-ara members love each other and that they are all good girls with big hearts. But another part of me can't believe that Hwayoung is as bad as described by KKS and so there is no sens that she has been kick out of the group.

There is no smoke without fire...so maybe Hwayoung beeing bullied has part of truth.

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Obviously, none of us are employees of Core Contents Media, and it'll be a very, very, very long time before we get any answers as to how, let alone why, these events happened. Unless, they speak out directly to all of us about it soon, and not through their twitter accounts, because it is so hackable in this day of age (Whoever the IT guy is for Twitter, needs to add more security protocols.). After hearing about the fabrications and speculations surrounding this debacle recently, which is really interfering with my Olympics scheduling, I still have no say whether to be "certain" if there's bullying happening amongst our beloved T-ara members or not. But if your asking how opening minded I am to the possibility of that being the root cause of all of this, maybe, on two or three instances. However, very far from being absolutely sure, ergo, highly unlikely.

Joking and playing tricks, . . . Check.

Good group dynamics and team work, . . . Check.

Excessive love and affection, . . . Check.

Bullying and suicidal tendencies, . . . Not Applicable.

Recently I came across an online media article that claims to have witnessed our dear Hwayoung crying in the hallway, just outside of T-ara's waiting room, for Music Bank. Nobody didn't bother to comfort her, nor talk to her about what happened. One would think to care, right? If someone who saw this, won't it be a good thing to help her out? I'm starting to get flashbacks of that Walmart Parking Lot CCTV video footage of a girl getting thrown into a trunk of a car easily, and then speeding off to God knows where, while onlookers just keep going on with their business. Perhaps talking to Hwayoung, might of revealed something about it? *shrugs* Bullying? Where did that assumption come from by just standing there and doing nothing to help, or even trying to figure out what caused her to be like that, in the first place.

The other witness account of Hwayoung throwing down her crutches to the ground, no answers were given by Hwayoung herself as to why she did that to begin with. And yet, the concept of a retaliatory nature against bullying somehow creeps into the picture, as if they were wearing Death's Invisible Cloak, while present for the members' discussion behind closed doors earlier. Leaving ampoule room to inject some optimism to ask if she was upset at herself for being injured and feeling helpless to do anything to be more of helpful to the group. Alas, . . . we do not know why she did that. Period.

If this is one elaborate scheme to evaluate the current public mindsets on T-ara worldwide, it sure did backfired on them, with all the endorsements and other scheduled work ahead of them being canceled and postponed, followed by massive criticisms by fans, and bypassers, and bystanders, and followers alike. An even more funnier thought that if this was the means of getting our girls to have some vacation time to get away from work, that's a huge, whatnot, success. As for bullying, I rather read it in a lawsuit with testimonies and evidence, or in an interview, straight from the precious mouths and voices of our members. Yeah, I like the whole "Taking Responsibility" thing. ^_^

Click here to find out the rest of my thoughts on this matter.

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I don't like to think that there is bullying going on in any group that I love. It's hard to understand that there would be, seeing that the members have to put up with each other (i.e. living together, sharing, seeing each other every day). If there was bullying, wouldn't it have been seen earlier? Why now? They have been together for 3 years now, and if there was bullying, I don't think it was over that long of a time span. My korean friends and I are always pushy, catty, and slightly rude to one another, but in the end we get along just fine. We're humans, and so are idols (don't tell me you don't get frustrated over an argument with your family and friends, cause I do). It was just a stressful time for the girls, and they decided to tweet about it without thinking it would be taken on a negative note, but when people started to over-analyze it, then that's when fire started. I don't think it's necessary to judge anyone, until the truth is out. And until the girls say something (and Not that kks man), I will not be taking any sides. I will support both sides until I get a verdict. And I have no right to judge anyone, because I am human too, and I fight with my family and friends like a human. Don't put oil on the fire, they're burning just enough without it. :(

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I will trust my intuition and it says that T-ara aren't bad persons. So It's NO for me. You could say that I take my idol side. But let me tell you this I'm an inspirit, I just star to like T-ara for about 1 year. 24 hours a day, I only spend my hours on Infinite more than T-ara. But that doesn't mean I don't know them well. I believe that EunJiMinSo aren't bad

And even if T-ara did bullying Hwayoung what's the reason??

They can be joking with each other right? Who know what happen?

Soyeon said "Internet is the place to interact with fans, to Idol and fans closer together", so more than anyone, understand that's where Soyeon need to speak out so, be careful how? One word can kill a human. And Soyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, JiYeon is not stupid enough to dig their own grave for some stupid tweet without thinking.

Jealous because Hwayoung has more line? They aren't kids. Only child can be that nonsense. If they are jealous because Hwayoung is divide more line so the one should be jealous is none other than QRi but QRi never do anything to her. Jiyeon is not a rapper and even if she don't she still can have all the attention. Hyomin and Eunjung? They still can sing if they don't rap and just like JiYeon they still can have the attention from other shows and movies. Soyeon sings the most so why is she bother about this. Boram? Is she that stupid that she unfollow Hwayoung and break Hwayoung's umbrella in public? I only think like this What has Hwayoung done to make Boram do that to her?

Soyeon, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung is friend with a lots of other idols. People calls T-ara fake so that mean their friendship is fake too?

Bad things may happen but T-ara is still T-ara. Don't mind what the world say there're Queen's love that all way stay by your side

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Guys some of you are totally missing the point. It's not the intent from the other members but how the recipient perceives it. Don't strain your brain by thinking too hard, it's a simple equation. Don't let your dedication to certain members blind you from seeing that they aren't perfect, though we may hold them to such regard.

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....When will this ever end?

At this moment no one believe KKS's word anymore.

People waiting for Hwayoung to speak up and explain everything but now that she did, she only apologize.

So people said she's forced by KKS.

It's like the public only wants to hear one thing and not believe the rest, that is for T-ara to admit they did bully Hwayoung. They only believe what they want to believe.

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I am not so sure as there are no solid proof of the bullying matter....

This is my thinking....

I guess the other members might be angry (if what CCM says is true, about Hwayoung doesnt want to perform) and post some sarcastic message up to try to vent out their anger...

But not to the extend of bullying.....

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Here is how to deal with bullying employers, . . . send that person to court with irrefutable evidence for a solid conviction beyond a reasonable doubt, and/or go up to that person's boss(es), and get that person(s) involved too. So, this way, future employees of the company will not suffer a similar, or more elaborate, crime(s) by this person. Example, . . . Open World Entertainment. Let's put a scenario to this, shall we, . . .

Let's say, Hwayoung has this evidence and a whole bunch of witnesses to back it all up which proves without a doubt that she was subjected to bullying, terroristic threatening, and abuse (Of all types.), and a whole bunch of other crimes, while being employed with the company. Currently, she has an "Army Group" of supports that in any ancient times general would love to have, and go to war with, at a moment's notice. As such, she could go to police, make a statement, file a whole bunch of lawsuits ranging from criminal to civil, and work with the prosecutors, and land a solid conviction against the involved damaging parties.

Reality check, . . .

Did she do this?

Answer is, . . . "No!".

What did she do?



"A breach in contract!"

Is there a second chance at redemption?




Well things get better after this incident?



"When Hwayoung returns to T-ara! And by being aware and helping each other make a better music industry!"

Class dismissed. B)

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This is not mine, but I feel it's worth sharing. I mostly agree with what the poster said too

firstly, Hwayoung addition back in 2010 was not much difference from the addition of Ahreum and soon Dani in term of motive. basically, kks wants to promote internal competition within the group to keep them on their toes and work harder. it's hard to comprehend how T-ara members are relating with Hwayoung. the best possible case is that they welcome her with open arms, make her feel welcome and help her adapt into the group (which is obviously not the case). the worst is that they just abuse the hell out of her, show her that she is not welcomed and show kks that this will happened to every poor soul he decides to add into their group (this too is unlikely and there isn't any clear evidence to prove it). the most likely case is that they maintain a professional courtesy to keep the group functional, but they are probably not letting her too deep into the fold because they harbor some resentment on her addition. with that, it becomes normal that their relationship has rocky patches that reach the peak with the tweeter and music bank fiasco few days ago.

i think it was pretty obvious to me that KKS was already planning to remove some members when he announced line up change, earlier this year. apparently, T-ara members are probably getting fed up with the over-working, no-break life he is forcing unto them and start to fall short of his (out of reach) ideals and hence he starts calling them 'lazy and cocky'. maybe, with the backlash from the fans (if any) and the lack of reasons to remove any members at that time, he held his axe and decides to add members without replacing any. in my opinion, his target at that time was between Boram, QRi and Hwayoung. i know it sounds cliche, but at that time, i didn't think he would have guts to remove Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon. Firing Soyeon who is the main vocalist who takes 40-60% of lines in their song would be a technical suicide, meanwhile, EunJiMin trio are their biggest money makers with their acting gigs, so firing them would be a financial suicide.

then comes the tweeting fiasco. some members are tweeting around, talking about determination and stuff and it didn't go well with Hwayoung. Hwayoung who must have been disappointed with her injury and hence couldn't give her full performance in the concert seemed to either take it as an insult (i.e. telling her that she lacks determination) or just feeling worse, because apparently her body didn't match her determination and she doesn't think the other members are doing enough to support her. then come Hyoyoung and her rap teacher to the rescue, with some blame pointed at T-ara (well, i consider this as a normal part of quarrel). then, comes the netizens bringing up bullying issue and start throwing dirt on T-ara. KKS being the terribad PR he is, jumped his gun and made that 'hacking' excuse, only to lead into more people getting restless.

as he watches the storm brewing from his business trip in Japan, KKS finds out that this is the perfect chance to swing the axe and showed his power. as i said earlier, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon was untouchable and hence he wouldn't fire them. Boram was pretty much on their side, so singling out Boram for axing wouldn't make sense. QRi was not involved in the fiasco, leaving only Hwayoung who managed to stick out in another fiasco in music bank studio. and hence Hwayoung is axed. her respond (fact without truth) is pretty much the description of the situation. she most likely meant to say: yes, i messed up. but, i'm not the only one at fault and firing me alone is a mistake. or maybe, if she read deeper into KKS motives, her tweet would mean: yes, i messed up. but you just want to fire me.

so, kks axed Hwayoung, made a blanket denial that the bullying didn't happen and exposed Hwayoung's dirt in his attempt to calm the storm and 'protect' the other members of T-ara. for those who don't know yet, kks is a major ass-kisser when dealing with the public. he wants the public to view his group as perfect angels who has never done any wrong. and hence he vilified Hwayoung while trying to make T-ara members look like saints. the problem is, he didn't realize that public favor have turned from the members who are alleged of being bullies to Hwayoung who is now the victim. by further victimizing Hwayoung and protecting T-ara members, kks was sending a message to the public that T-ara members were indeed guilty of bullying. obviously, we know that the innocent party has nothing to hide, but kks is obviously hiding something for them (not necessarily because they are bullies, but because he wants to keep them as angels in the public eye). this is where his plan backfired spectacularly. now that netizens/public are convinced that T-ara are indeed bullies and Hwayoung is the innocent victims, they go all out with their anti-t-ara propaganda (T-Jinyo,petitions, etc) and T-ara's fate hung in the balance.

another problem that he created for T-ara is that his initial blanket denial on bullying means that T-ara members have no other way to defend themselves. anything from T-ara members other than admission of bullying will be branded as lie. the only thing left for them is to admit the bullying (that might not be the case at all) and even if they do that, people will just scoff that they had been running out of option and try to save themselves. had kks focused on dismissing the tweeting fiasco by admitting that there is a problem in the group, but it was not bullying and keep Hwayoung without vilifying her, the problem would have been over. but of course, he'd miss his long awaited chance to fire a T-ara member. with storm raging, there is only one winner: his EGO. now he has finally proven to T-ara that he can make or break them as he please and that he has already defending them, so they better behave themselves. not to mention that Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon, lose their aces since their reputation is tanked big time now. so kks can play the savior card to keep them in tighter leash.

to summarize the problems: we have 8 girls being pitted in an environment driven with unhealthy competition, overworked to death and bullied into submission. as the result there is no longer a strong sisterly bond between them. what is left is professional courtesy to keep the team functional. even that starts to disintegrate as shown by the twitter fiasco and the music bank fiasco. couple that with the blood thirsty netizens waiting to tear the fallen heroines to shreds and a CEO who prioritize his ego ahead of the wellbeing of his employees, and here we go: drama made in ccm.

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Guys some of you are totally missing the point. It's not the intent from the other members but how the recipient perceives it. Don't strain your brain by thinking too hard, it's a simply equation. Don't let your dedication to certain members blind you from seeing that they aren't perfect, though we may hold them to such regard.

Well, the obvious next step to that logic is: If only the recipient's (Hwayoung's) perception is what matters, then we have to wait for her statement.

Because it doesnt matter if fans / antis see those actions as bullying since they're not the recipients and therefor their perception is completely irrelevant.

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Well, the obvious next step to that logic is: If only the recipient's (Hwayoung's) perception is what matters, then we have to wait for her statement.

Because it doesnt matter if fans / antis see those actions as bullying since they're not the recipients and therefor their perception is completely irrelevant.

+1! this very much. :D

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i think the bullying occur within t-ara is more like 'outcast'-ing. i've experienced this type of 'outcast'-ing before, and it's indeed frustrating. i believe none of t-ara members actually 'bully' (as in being btchy or stuffs like that) but when hwayoung first came and they resisted, hwayoung obviously will experience being an outcast. and that's obviously why i hate kks decision to add her and more members, made the competitive environment even worse. are t-ara guilty? yes. but i don't think they deserve this much hates and alleged 'bullying'. if anything, they've got their share of 'bullying' from netizens as well. i think the members actually don't care about hwayoung being an outcast or whatever, since they're being busy by themselves therefore if they want to hang around, they'd just hang around with the girls they're close (eunjung/jiyeon/hyomin and qri/boram/soyeon). and that's, making hwayoung an outcast. when they're frustrated for her like now, what they've done isn't something surprising either. therefore, hwayoung being outcast is like a given condition, and much worse, the company doesn't give her any help. in this situation, i don't blame hwayoung at all. she could be unprofessional, not enough determination or whatever, but she's suffered from this whole outcast-ing thing. and her tweet to back up herself is something i'd give props, because usually an outcast (since i've been an outcast too) doesn't have that much courage to stand up.

to put it shortly, i believe a 'bullying' is happened, in this type of 'outcast'-ing form. and i've predicted it since day 1 hwayoung join. therefore, i couldn't bring myself to watch 7-ara variety shows as i sense some awkwardness. yep i disappointed that the members can't be mature enough to solve this whole outcast fiasco after one year or so debuting together. i totally disappointed that they even criticized her publicly. of course this all could be ccm public stunt went wrong, but i believe what happened behind the scenes (hwayoung being an outcast) isn't that much different from what i thought. i just hope, even truth isn't something you usually find in entertainment industry, they all can speak up about everything, apologize if necessary. therefore, if hwayoung want to go, hwayoung's departure from t-ara left no grudge. and if she wants to return, the 6-ara can be more mature and try their best to accept hwayoung into the group.

and seriously, get a fixed leader.

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To sum it all up, as I have said several times before, the deep root of this issue is none other than that monstrosity of a scumbag himself.

This is now making my blood boil. I've had my ups and downs with the fandom overall, mostly due to little to no action taken against KKS but this is a whole new level of lowly scumbag behavior. It really begs some consideration on what sort of real action should be taken from this point because quite frankly, KKS has effed up everyone in the ass to a level that I (and probably many around here) had never seen before throughout K-pop.

T-Jinyo, despite their anti-T-ara stance, has already made their move to protest outside that hellhole of a company. Personally, I think it's time that fans should also start doing something really active against him while campaigning for support from others within the Kpop community.

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my answer is NO.. although i dont know if bullying ever happened between the members.. just like i dont know if theres bullying happening within snsd, wondergirls, kara, bigbang or other kpop groups.. because the burden of proof would be on the ones who claim that there was bullying between the members and so far there's no valid evidence of the members bullying hwayoung. but what i am very sure of is kks has been 'bullying' all the t-ara members for years.. and now the fool is destroying t-ara..

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Because of this issue, I actually started to doubt my knowledge of the term "Bullying"...

From my own perspectives, i think bullying is not always physical... sometimes the use of words and actions of one being can actually make someone feel like she or he is not accepted in the group.

Teasing you and make you eat something in surprise is bullying? Being left alone as well?

But is that really the problem? or maybe it is just your personality that seemed like you don't want to get along with those people but you really want but somehow it is misinterpreted...

Base on my observation, through varieties, Hwayoung is the type of an introvert girl. She seldom speaks. I know T-ara members love to joke around... including to Hwayoung who seemed to be okay with it, but who knows, she actually feeling the other way around already but she can't say it.

I admit that, compare to other members, Hwayoung seemed to be a little far away. It is common to a group, but it doesn't mean it is already bullying. right? or am i wrong? i actually don't know already the meaning of bullying. because what if, she is the one who creates the barrier between them...?

Actually, before youngie incident, i found myself thinking that Soyeon seemed also a little far away compared to last year's, idk, maybe i'm just a little too over-thinking things...

Anyway to cut this short... i voted NO. It is due to my realization on Hwayoung's personality. My first impression of her, as she joined in up to today, lasts.

T-ara Fighting!!! ^_^

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Jiyeon putting Hwa down on camera saying Hwa never read books? Jiyeon hits hwa in Hello Baby? Jiyeon said she won the popularity vote and Hwa got 0 votes? Waa… so many evidences that jiyeon bullies hwa isn't it? Then how about the moment when jiyeon played with iu’s face and when jiyeon kocked iu out in Heroes? Not to mention the moment when Jiyeon sleeps on top of iu also in heroes. Don’t you want to label these as bullies too? Waaa seems like jiyeon is a big bully huh? But then, do you remember the moment when Hyomin stated that Jiyeon’s feet is smelly in HahaMong show and when Soyeon revealed that Jiyeon broke the toilet bowl into pieces? So jiyeon is a bully victim too! Eh wait! Jiyeon also said that soyeon don’t like to wash up! And Soyeon revealed that Eunjung sleeps with no clothes on! Eunjung also hits Jiyeon in one of their show! So what is this? They are hitting and insulting each other on camera? All of T-ara members are bullying each other?? Enough with the crap! I’m telling you guys, this is how close friends are! When you feel close enough to your friends, you tend to joke and play with them like hell. The closer you are, the harsher you’d be. It’s totally different from when you are with strangers, you’d surely be polite and watch your manners. Don’t tell me you never experienced this with your close friends (unless you are totally a loner with no friends at all). So that’s what happened between T-ara, between Hwa and the other members. They’ve been together for years and spent most of their time doing schedules together, do you expect them to still be polite to each other and acted like strangers? I used to be a Cassie, and I can tell you that Xiah always been picked and fooled by others. Trust me, the way they picked Xiah is even worse than Hwa. But we never take these as bullies. Coz we know that’s how close friends are, and we believe in our DBSK. You really take those jokes as bully? What kind of friends if u can't even play with each other? Now that the Twitter issue came out, you assumed that all of their acts towards Hwa as bully. Even when they were just fooling around. Take jokes as bully? It's all about your mindset. Take one negative point, and everything will be negative for you. Of course the relationship btwn Hwa and 6ara may not be as close as the other 6 members, because Hwa joined few years after t-ara debuted. Being isolated might be possible in this kind of situation, but that does not mean that they bullied her. It’s normal if Hwa was always seen on her own when the others have their own clique. Just like in DBSK, when Yunho always with Jaejoong, Xiah with Micky, while Max was always on his own. No one takes this as a bully. I’m not surprised if the haters come from those who know nothing about T-ara, only read the headlines “T-ara bullies Hwayoung” from AKP and jumped into conclusion that T-ara are bitches. Coz they really know nothing about T-ara, nothing at all. But if you are like “Owh I used to be a Queen’s, but I banned them because they are bitches!” Well then, maybe you weren’t really Queen’s actually. Because if you were really a Queen’s, you should have known that Jiyeon is always straightforward, honest, she speaks her mind and she never faked her act. If you were really a Queen’s, you should have known that Eunjung is the nicest person ever, who always praised others, always being humble and always give full support towards the other members. I’m just highlighting Jiyeon and Eunjung because they got the most hates from those antis. But if you were really a Queens, you should have known the characteristics of each and every member of T-ara. And you would never turned yourself into an antis when this issue came out because you know them really well and you know this bully thingy is not true!


Once a Queen’s, always a Queen’s.

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Believing and complaining about it is one thing, proving it in a court of law with evidence and "actually making the truth come out", is another. I'm pretty sure the former is just plain hating for no good reasons whatsoever. As for the latter, that's the "only course" of action to take in order for the "truth to be revealed." As for the whole fixed leader thing, not going to happen, because that's one of the unique characteristics in our beloved T-ara.

Fans to do what? Raid the Core Contents Media building, and ransacking every single nook and cranny? Wouldn't a criminal conviction and jail time be sufficient "if" such evidence exists? Seriously, all of this, is "not" helping, nor helping to open an investigation and working with the police to uncover the "alleged truth" in this matter.

Yeah, we're still waiting for our dearly beloved Hwayoung to return to our one and only T-ara. ^_^

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I really don't know what to think ..

I believe in my beautiful T-ara but it's really difficult for us fans right now.

I can't say that is not true when eunjung said that a few things were. But I can't say it's true because I think that i would be agreeing with all the fake news like jiyeon's bullying at trainee days, I don't believe that!

So ... I can't say yes or no.

I'm a Queen so I'll support them no matter what and principally wait for them and their version of all this ♥

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You can do your part and help spread the proof. Anti's are small-minded and only believe in the edit-cut parts, lets show them the WHOLE.

More proof that the alledged "bullying" is fake, that the Anti's edit and cut out was too one-sided.

1) hyotheleader.tumblr.com (*mainly used this one on sites that do not allow urls to be posted)


3) http://www.t-araworl...ing-rumors.html

Please post to 5 other T-ara discussion or k-pop forums to help spread the word for their innocence!

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