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[12.07.31] T-ara to temporarily halt activities

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I think this is the best!

I don't want our girls to get hurt, well....you know, K-antifans can be pretty scary and might physically hurt them!

Urgh, eventhough things are really getting out of hand, I WANT ALL OF US TO STAY UNITE!

Yes, we want the truth and maybe or maybe not we will get it but all we have now, is faith!

Have faith and stay UNITE!

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Tomorrow's performance is going to be a massacre....makes me emo thinking about it =[.... but I also can't wait to see how it will end up

what performance? is it going to be streaming live? i hope they dont do the black sea thing or no chant thing

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what performance? is it going to be streaming live? i hope they dont do the black sea thing or no chant thing

"Tomorrow (August 1st) T-ara will perform at the SBS "Yeosu Expo Super Concert" which will be their last performance/schedule for a while."

This ^^

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Hm... I don't know if this is just me.... but:

Angry ex-fans mad at T-ara + Angry netizens mad T-ara + T-ara = Problem waiting to happen. No?

I can't say I know why KKS decided to contnue their performance, maybe they are bounded by a contract, but this was NOT a good decision. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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Tomorrow night (August 1st) is the SBS Super Concert!! There will be 15 idols at Yeosu Expo!!

T-Ara can not join the Concert due to the circumstance.

Wonder Girls, F(X), Infinite, Sistar, After School, Cho Gwan, Teen Top, Secret, Jay Park, A-Pink, ZE:A, B.A.P, Dal Shabet, Girls Day and EXO-K!! WHOA

Go to Special Stage (near Gate 2) at 8:pm to see these idols!


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Their appearance at this concert has been cancelled, and rightly so. They had no business being there with so many antis who are primed and ready to do something stupid to them at the first available opportunity.

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i'm scared for their performance tomorrow. it's like there are only two possible things to happen, either the fans will go silent or the people there would throw some stuffs. hope some TRUE Queen's will support them. Stupid KKS for making the stupid decision yesterday and now the girls are suffering. :angry:

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I dont think they are cancelling their programs and schedule. I think they are getting rejected because of the public's backlash. I just hope that all this will calm down asap. Please listen to everyone's story first. Someone needs to come out and say something....!

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i think they will not be allowed to say anything till the entire situation cools down enough so that ppl will listen to what they have to say. in a way i think it is for the best too

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I think the halt will be for the group activities since their individual activities are pretty much shot already or are just being shot. hyomin already shot the drama, soyeon and eunjungs drama has yet to start but has already started filming as for everything else variety and such i don't think they will be permitted to appear by CCM

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Lee Ji Hye comments on T-ara’s ongoing situation

Former S♯arp member and singer Lee Ji Hye shared her thoughts on T-ara’s situation.

On July 30th’s airing of social broadcast Palm tv‘s ‘Lee Ji Hye’s Secret‘, Lee Ji Hye talked about the ongoing situation with T-ara for the show’s ‘Today’s search words’ segment.

Lee Ji Hye shared, “Sharp broke up because of the group’s disharmony. It’s hard for me to talk about T-ara when one member has left.”

She continued, “(The stories) may be true or not, but I think all are victims and attackers in one. In addition to Hwayoung, all the members are really getting hurt.”

Lee Ji Hye pointed out, “There can be anxiety about new members in a group. Their ways of living and goals are each different. Also, since they’re young and don’t have much experience, they can’t help but run into trouble with one another. Because the T-ara members are young, it’s going to be a big wound for them.”

She comforted T-ara by commenting, “My wound went on for a long time as well. It’s important to just watch from the side lines without any rumors.”

Source+Picture: Money Today via Naver

Comment: Aww, she is so sweet ! >___<

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found this on tumblr:

20 Things you need to know about T-Drama.

“Everything happen for a reason” by Hyomin.

T-ARA never ending drama: Every one get involved.

Hwa is the main actor,6-ARA are the antagonists while KKS was the director. 20 months in T-ARA, people only realize Hwa contribution during Day By Day. She composed the rapping part herself. The climax of the song is Hwa amazing flawless rapping skills.Now, every one have put their eyes on Hwa talents. The reason why KKS adding her into T-ARA way back on Oct 2010 cuz KKS the only one know Hwa is a pretty damn good rapper.

“The Untruth in the Truth ” by Ryu Hwayoung.

As a main actor in T-Drama of the week, being humiliated publicly as a demanding diva, no manner to the staff etc. After gained tons of support form antis, Hwa made it work. While the rest of CCM artist just follow the flow without know anything.Heading and trending world wide on Twitter (top social network )for 6 hours, finally KKS revealed that he will accept Hwa to re-join T-ARA IF Hwa making an sincere apology about her misbehaving.

CCM To Take Legal Action To Media Who Spread The Rumors/Scandals In Order To Protect Hwayoung & T-ARA.

1.Hyoyoung: “I’m upset that the issue had to spread this far.”-SPREAD THIS FAR? <—-Now I got it.They really listen & practice T-ARA song LIES!ALL IS LIES!

2.Even PD Gayo took back what he said abt T-ARA after CCM told him what really going on.The PD Gayo deleted his tweet & apologize for misunderstanding issue.

3.Sweet Treasue didn’t care abt all the issues/scandals/rumors abt T-ARA.Why Sweet Treasure did care much about this? Because Sweet Treasure be there with T-ARA for all T-ARA J-concerts especiallt the last two Bodukan Concert.All Sweet Treasure care about is the qualities of the music and the art of the music.Why K-Queen’s over reacted?cuz they didn’t know how KKS thinking.

4.Sweet Treasure know really well T-ARA than K-Queen’s.Sweet Treasure didn’t care abt the issue & still calm themselves

5.T-ARA organizers for August 11th first Korean concert seem calm down.Only those stupid 600 buyers want tix refunds.(You don’t want the tic,give it to me ><)

6. Why KKS changed press conference to press release?So no one reporters can ask IF he did press release.KKS just fax the script w/out response anythings about current issues.

7.KKS choose & add Hwa,he know Hwa has talents.Turn down QriRam spotlight to Hwa.Everyone againts Hwa addition back on Oct 2012.Because this additional issue T-ARA gained tons of hates and yet every one forgot at SeeYa internal/external issues.

8.Way back Why Are You Being Like This era, people starting to pay attention to T-ARA (after the controversies by YaYaYa)T-ARA gained tons of love with their EPIC retro summer track in Kpop history Roly Poly (Guys,believe it or not,Roly Poly are the most downloaded song from July 2011-July 2012 followed by Lovey Dovey & Busker Busker + Big Bang song)

9.February 2012 seem a great collaboration between T-ARA and Davichi because of We’Re In Love especially people started to pay attention and realized Hwa took the spotlight with her amazing rapping skills.While Soyeon killed Davichi with her angel voice.

10.Then people complaints QriRam underrated after Hwa.Roly Poly is a story about Rambo while TTL2 was a time for Qri to shine.Fair enough,right?

11.Addition Army just to clear up HwaRiRam job in T-ARA.Everybody got their fame in previous song.Did you notice who did the line distributions? The composer or lyricist?NOPE.T-ARA distribute the line themselves.

12.Adding Danee,people pay attention to T-ARA.Reason for KKS-to lowering the average age of T-ARA. This issue seriously making T-ARA as the most searching on Nates,Yahoo & Google.

13.Did you think Jonte Moaning accidentally leak the Day By Day himself? What did CCM said before: We will taking action legal to those who leak the original verse of Day By Day.So today,how the outcome of their cyber investigations? Please think this scenario like KKS way: created a rumors,gained fames from rumors and clean it in with amazing long drama MV Day by Day.Up today, the drama MV hit more than 5 millions view (included personal accounts). Who rather watch a long MV? People kept on complaint how boring the MV gonna be but what happen after those idiots netizens watched the whole Day By Day? :AMAZING! FLAWLESS!! THE BEST MV OF THE YEAR! OMG..Danee didn’t look like 14yrs.Park Jiyeon look like A BOSS ..blah blah blah etc.

14.Did you notice the lyric of Sexy Love? Vhorus part:.No No No No No..My sexy eyes, sexy lips..sexy smiles.. KILL ME NOW T-ARA! I really addicted to your sexiness in each of your songs! Sweep my wallet/account girls.You deserve a die hard Queen’s like me.

15.Back to the square then.Why K-Queen’s over reacted?Because they didn’t know the way KKS thinking.T-ARA to set to be the next tsunami hit JPOP in 2013.I’m not surprise IF T-ARA take a year hiatus just to focusing to their J-activities. Why? J-market are one of the biggest contributors to KPOP companies.Believe it or not J-albums are the most expensive album ever,almost costing double price in K-market. KKS:Show me the money girls.

16.Hwa,CCM & T-ARA trending world wide for 6hours.15 articles abt T-ARA in AKP (WOW,AKP does love T-ARA.TOP 5 stories is all about T-ARA)AKP + Soompi (both are free non-legit site-made by fans)AKP + Soompi use Naver as their sorcery for the scandals instead of BTN/Nate/Newsen

17.Soyeon + Eunjung will not attend press conferences for 5Fingers & Haeundae Lovers:too many reporters will attack Sso+EJ.CCM let them not to show up in order to protect T-ARA.

18.Hwa parents did acknowledge about these issues.Guess what,they already know what will happen when the first day Hwa dropped her signature on the contract document.

19.Let’s straight to the points:Who is who victims here:Re-post this tweet IF you vote for Hwayoung. Re-post this tweet IF you think T-ARA also victims of these issues. Re-tweet & favorite this tweet IF you can figured out both Hwa + T-ARA are the victims.

20.Hwa + T-ARA + CCM + KKS=All get involved in these never

ending drama.Reasons: T-ARA Sexy Love gonna slay those haters.Trust me cuz I believe & have faith in my QUEENS since beginning.

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The real meaning behind being a Queens’: Queen’s as the name suggest literally means that we belong to the Queens. And who are these Queens? Of course it’s none other that T-ara-wearing Queens namely: Soyeon, Boram, Qri, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, Hwayoung and now Areum. So what are the duties of the Queens’? It’s easy, really. Queens’ are just expected to support T-ara in any way possible. It doesn’t have to be financially, but you must be able to support them emotionally, believing in them through thick and thin and most importantly, know them inside out. It may sounds difficult but if you think about it, we just have to put ourselves into their shoes and think like them to emphatise them.

As I posted earlier, there has been some controversy on Hwayoung being bullied by T-ara members and also about Hwayoung contract in T-ara being terminated. Before this controversy, Queens’ are already divided into different type of supporters. There are 6-ARA, 7-ARA, 8-ARA and 9-ARA. Now that this controversy has come out there are new categories like NEW QUEENS’, NEW RHY (Ryu HwaYoung) FANS, and of course the one that obviously is not part of Queens’, the antis. There has been many debates on who are the real Queens’. Honestly, I don’t know KKS would say 9-ARA, but I myself is still in favour of 7-ARA.

I’m just going to briefly go through what the 6,7,8,9-ara means but I’m going to rant more on the new categories.


6-ARA: This is what we call those Queens’ that only support the original members, and by original members I mean those that debuted in 2009 with the song - Lies (Soyeon, Qri, Boram, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung). Well obviously this lineup is fine with Soyeon being the main vocal, Hyomin and Eunjung are great rappers and everyone dance well and have decent vocals too. Sadly, KKS isn’t very satisfied with this so he proceed with adding Ryu Hwayoung at 2010. Based on what I know, this category has quite a small number supporters (purely my opinions.)


7-ARA: This category suits those that has supported the addition of Ryu Hwayoung. I, myself, am in favour of this lineup. Hwayoung is the main rapper of T-ara. Sure, Hyomin and Eunjung can rap, but Hwayoung seems to be a full-time rapper in T-ara. In my opinion, Hyomin’s vocals should be developed more than her rapping. (I’m not saying her rapping sucks though). As for Eunjung, she would have suit rapping more. Not to miss out I actually start liking T-ara when they release Time to Love and I heard Eunjung opening rap. I’ve seen many people in favor of this lineup too.


8-ARA: Those who only supported the addition of Areum and not Dani. Definitely not me. I will remain a 7-ARA until… these new addition proves themselves useful. (By useful, I mean having different charms than the original 7 members.) I apologise beforehand to those that fall into this category. You may have found your reason to like Areum, of which I’m totally fine. I’m not gonna bash you people supporting 8-ARA. I’m just saying, my queens will only be the 7 original Queens.


9-ARA: Like you all would have known, this is those who supported Dani as well as Areum. However, we should not be mistaken and think 8-ARA and 9-ARA are bad. Queens’ that supported 8-ARA and 9-ARA also like all the members and not just 8th and 9th. So chilllll fellas~ My reason for not supporting this kind of lineup is because firstly, Dani is too young. (Age Gap problem may arise). Also, I’ve heard Dani talks, she hasn’t got those adult voice yet. She sounds like a chipmunk to be honest. But then, Dani (I think) should converse well in English given she has lived in US for quite a number of years. Other than that, she had only show off her accurate pronounciation in rapping English songs but I didn’t really find that charming so yeah.


I wanted to further clarify that we may all have our own bias.You can be Jiyeon bias, Hyomin bias, Boram bias or Areum bias. Likewise, I have my own bias too.



But then, even though we have our own bias, I expect you all to put t-ara importance first before your own bias. Just because your bias is in big trouble, doesn’t mean you can bash the other members. Remember to fulfill your duties as Queen’s before spazzing over your bias.

Now, let’s move on to the next section.

Real Queen’s gonna feel heartache and fake Queen’s gonna LOL.

If you don’t feel anything, you’re just that heartless.

Prepare to be heartbroken:

You know what I call those people: dumb, inconsiderate fake Queen’s

I know everyone has had a hard time due to Hwayoung’s controversy.

Everyone has been feeling sad because Hwayoung is asked to leave from T-ara.

But that doesn’t mean you should just stop supporting them. It’s bad enough you turn antis but what the the actions of the person in the video is unforgivable. Yes you make us angry now, you laughed at us. I LAUGHED AT YOU! FOR BEING A SUCH A DUMBASS! BURNING THINGS THAT COULD HAVE WORTH YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!

So as I said, now there are new categories, remember, they aren’t Queens’, they’re just fakers, they go with the flow, they don’t have the determination in carrying out what they had set out to do in the beginning.

There is such a thing we call NEW RHY FANS: Just to clarify myself again (I do not meant to offend all those loyal Queen’s that had always supported Hwayoung before this whole thing.) What makes them come? I don’t know but they all say because they want to fight injustice against Hwayoung. Fine, that is acceptable enough for a reason. But to go beyond that and bash the other members based on the (ASSUMPTIONS) that they bullied the former is plain outrageous. You don’t even know the truth yet, even we Queen’s that have been supporting T-ara didn’t know what is the truth yet. Yes, come and stick out your tongue feeling satisfied when your claims that RHY has been bullied has been proven right. (Actually, you shouldn’t be feeling that way since you should be concern of RHY actually being BULLIED). NEW RHY FANS WOULD SAY THINGS LIKE:

- How can 5-ARA (SY, BR, JY, EJ HM) bully Hwayoung? My hwayoung is so pitiful.

- OMG! I never thought 5-ARA is such a bully, Hwayoung are you okay?

- I won’t support T-ara anymore, they bully my hwayoung

- Hwayoung we will protect you

etc. etc. etc. etc.

Honestly, I’m not anti-hwayoung but you new rhy fans have never paid the slightest attention to hwayoung before this whole thing. So stop acting like you guys have known her for life. And stop bashing T-ara. If you truly loves Hwayoung, you will find way to prove hwayoung is indeed bullied and in a way brings light into the matter. I can’t stand it. Hate on Me as much as you like, the amount of xxxxs I give to you this kind of people is absolutely (OMG I FORGOT THE AMOUNT OF xxxxS I’M ABOUT TO GIVE).

Once again, true RHY fans, this isn’t meant to you. RHY may not be part of T-ara currently, but she may return to T-ara if she agrees on KKS condition. Whatever the outcome, please stay true to RHY and keep supporting her with the morally right method (not like those new pretentious RHY fans).

Fake Queens’: These are people, that’s bloody hypocrite but is worse than anti-fans. Similar to new rhy fans case, these people are those that leave during this this time of difficulty for our girls. Cliche:

- I used to support T-ara, now I dont (kthxbye?)

- I HATE T-ARA! They really changed (kthxbye?)

- OMG I’d always supported T-ara, I really like ____ in T-ara but now maybe I should consider changing my fandom to ______

These people my Queens’, lack faith, lack determination and lack dignity. I have nothing else to say about them. They brought shame to this fandom. I just want to make sure this will be the last time I’ll say bye to them. When T-ara is at their peak again (AND THEY SURE WILL!! LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO!!!), we real Queen’s can be proud for supporting T-ara during this difficult time. As for them, I don’t know maybe they’re *happy* with their new fandom, maybe they wanna come back as QUEENS’ but one thing we can tell them now is: YOU CAN COME BACK TO QUEENS’ BUT REMEMBER YOU’RE JUST THE TRASH OF QUEENS’. YOU’RE EX-QUEENS’ SO CARVE THAT INTO YOUR SKULL. Anyway, have a nice stay at Queen’s :D Not to miss out, the video I show you guys just now, that’s an example of fake Queen’s. Such a shame he just wasted hundreds of dollars.

Lastly anti-fans: Not much to say. They had always hated T-ara. hated their guts and hated their success, hated their way of speaking, hated their concept, members and everything. Full-time bashers of t-ara and is masked with the term “netizens” and “anonymous” for those who lack the courage to admit they’re anti fans. These people will stop at nothing in digging T-ara scandals and wardrobe malfunction and discord etc. We salute you anti-fans for being so honest. We respect your decision in hating T-ara and we’re sorry that there’s nothing we can do about it. If there is any way of helping you guys ease your hatred please do tell us. Thank You kthxbye.




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this might be a better decision for the time being since there are a lot of crazy people are there who are bashing the group.

let's just hope that the company can come up with a better solution in the time being that will be good for both t-ara and hwayoung

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