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[12.08.01] Gangnam Police Department, "Cybercrime Search Team will look into the false 'T-ara Dancer' article"


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[12.08.01] Gangnam Police Department, "Cybercrime search team will look into the false 'T-ara Dancer' article"


After discussions with lawyers, T-ara's agency CCM at 5:30pm on July 31st formally requested the Seoul Gagnam Police Department Cybercrime Search Team to look into the malicious and false article made by a netizen claiming to be T-ara's backup dancer.

Relevant persons at the police stated that matter has been referred to the Cybercrime Search Team and that the team is currently analyzing the material after having received the request from CCM.

The subject of the search is a netizen who posed as a dancer for T-ara and had written "Jiyeon slapped Hwayoung in the dance practice studio," "The members play rock, paper, scissors in front of Hwayoung because they do not want to sit next to her in the car".

However, CCM decided not to prosecute another netizen claiming to be a CCM trainee who was hit by Jiyeon because the teenaged schoolboy living in Anyang, Gyeonggi had already voluntarily admitted that he was the one who wrote the false article and had contacted CCM to ask for forgiveness.

CCM stated to Star News, "We had wanted to hand the matter over to the police this morning, but decided to discuss the matter with lawyers for a more definite opinion. After discussions with the lawyer, we then formally requested the police to look into the false and malicious post made by the netizen."

Because CCM is located in the Gangnam area, the Gangnam Police Department was commissioned, and not the Seocho Police Department.


Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120731n28167

Translated by: kkyc222 @ Diadem (via Chinese Translations)

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They should have taken quicker action to showcase they were serious with these false accusations/postes. I mean, come on, these articles damaged the good names of ppl. (mainly the members). You have to be firm in your actions CCM else you'll be the butt of all jokes (which is the case now) :wacko:

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please clean up t-ara name .

the anti is too much...

i feel like they really wanted t-ara tear apart .

but this news make me feel that t-ara rumours will be over soon .

i don't think anti's purpose is to tear t-ara apart

they just want to know the truth

wondering why KKS should be the one that explain all this controversies rather than t-ara members themselves

they also want justice to be done if and only if Hwayoung had been bullied for 20 months already

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Considering CCM made itself look like a big joke to the police, it wouldn't surprise me if the police themselves didn't even bother investigating this case seriously at all.

Coming from a guy whose granddad was also a police officer for much of his life after being discharged from the ROK Air Force....he probably would have just laughed at whoever from CCM filed the request at the police station. Lol.

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