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Jae Min tweets supportive messages to EunJung

Posted on August 1, 2012 by guest1blogger

Source: @actorajm (Ahn Jae Min – EunJung’s andWooJung’s friend)

Kor-Chi Trans: Shapley水の滢 @ WooJung baidu

Chi-Eng Trans: @catgoh92


- Today I rested for the whole day, secretly browsing the internet and I found EunJung’s news, it’s really sad. She is a very kind hearted child actually…FIGHTING-ah dongsaeng!!!!!!…..

- The EunJung I know is very innocent and lonelier than anybody, unlike of a celebrity’s personality. After coming back straight from Japan, not even sleeping for a bit, [she] went to watch the performance by her same age graduates, even until the very end of performance, she is this kind of friend. To her, taking care of people beside her is something she ought to do naturally, even after ten years she is still the same (they have been friends for ten years). Normally I won’t talk about T-ara’s things, but I am too shocked when this incident happens. After [knowing each other] so long, we have become like a family, so I am very heartbroken. Seems like now she is [mentally] exhausted, FIGHTING! Praying that as time passes, everything will turn out fine. I love you, sister.

FROM: http://woojungislove.com/

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I'm glad close friend's of T-ara members are coming to speak out now. In all the mess recently every one's been focused on Hwayoung and we forget that the rest of T-ara are human beings who as well have suffered and struggled so much, they deserve to be given a chance and to not be judged based on rumor and hearsay.

Jae Min is a good guy for not holding back because of controversy and I'm hoping T-ara's other friends will speak up and support them in public.

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