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[12.08.02] D-Unit's Wooram, "I was looking forward to the first stage with my sister"


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[12.08.02] D-Unit's Wooram, "I was looking forward to the first stage with my sister"


After the situation with Hwayoung's contract being terminated and her leave from T-ara, it was announced T-ara would stop all activities and schedules. T-ara's Boram's sister Wooram, who is part of the group D-Unit, has said she was disappointed she couldn't share the stage with her sister yesterday.

T-ara was supposed to perform at the SBS "K-POP EXPO Super Concert" yesterday (August 1st). T-ara Boram's real little sister, Wooram, who belongs to the girl group trio D-Unit, also performed. Because of the forced cancellation of activities, Wooram wasn't able to stand next to her sister on stage, which was something she was looking forward to.

D-Unit's Wooram said, "I was so excited to stand on the same stage as my sister Boram. But due to the recent internal group problems, we couldn't. I'm a little disappointed by this, but I know my sister will return giving the best of her ability in performances."

D-Unit will officially debut on August 3rd.


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120802n11010

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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I wanted to see both of them interact since they haven't seen each other for a quite sometime now..I really like D-unit song and I will support them just like I support our QUEENS!!~ No matter what other other people say QUEEN's will stick together no matter what.

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that must have been a bummer... Imagine that your really anticipating something then it suddenly gets delayed... I hate it when times like that happen...

well...hopefully you guys will share the stage soon....( you heard that KKS, the word 'soon' means after you bring Hwayoung back this instance)

on unrelated news...

The mv for their song I'm missing you is out :D and I'm totally addicted to it ~ Baby I'm missing you ~

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if and only if one of T-ara members step in front and speak the truth

Wooram's dream can come true and it will be the full stop of all antis' activities outside there

just..speak...the..truth...and clarify it...

*speechless* i'm feel pity with this little girl that wish to perform with her sister

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[RUMOR VS FACT] T-ara's bullying case: Evident #6

Netizens post this:

Hwayoung is left out



The truth is:

Okay, I have to admit that K-netizens really good in manipulating information to ruining people’s life. They’re really smart.

Okay guys, the 1st & 2nd pictures is screencap from a video. Sorry, I can’t find the video (will update if I find it later). Just like they manipulate the screencap in case #5, they also do the same to this post. Here is the press photos T-ara @ Gimpo International Airport on 4th July 2011.



See the difference???

They just capped the video when Hwayoung stay at the back.Smart move, right?


(watch this fancam!)

After they posing for the camera, they started to move into the departure hall but Hwayoung move first and some members still posing for the camera. That’s why Hwayoung position is changed and she stay in the back!

Okay, now we move on to the 2nd cap. What’s wrong with walking alone??? They’re not a kids that need a parents/adults to hold their hands all the time.

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xskf04_120121-t-ara-s-pretty-boys-e05-720p-cut_shortfilms (HYOMIN & SOYEON WALKING ALONE)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV95fOYZ7LQ (HYOMIN WALKING ALONE)

Netizens exaggerated to much???

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[RUMOR VS FACT] T-ara’s bullying case: Evident #5

Netizen posted this:


At the beginning of T-ara’s episode of KBS “Star Life Theater,” all the group members lined up to give an introductory greeting. As all the members pointed at the camera, to signal the start of the show, Hyomin oddly strikes her finger upwards, and accidentally pokes her finger at Hwayoung’s face.

The truth is:

This is the most funny one and just shows how desperate K-netizen to bring T-ara down!


How can you describe something accidentally as bully? I accidentally hit my friends head, that doesn’t mean I bully my friend. I bet a lot people out there also experience the ‘accidentally’ incident once in their life. Still unsatisfied? Okay, here is the video…

In this video we can see Hyomin turns her head and leaned her head towards Hwayoung as a sign of apologise after this ‘accidentally’ poking/hitting. She also showed the sorry expression but of course haters can’t see that. They just cap the video at certain part to shows that Hyomin hitting Hwayoung and idiots just believe that. The camera still rolling so of course she can’t apologise straight to Hwayoung that time. We never know what happened after the cut. If you notice, at the early of their speech, Hwayoung grab hyomin arm and also follow her silly act + tried to hide behind Hyomin. I think that’s why K-netizens only post the caps of this video as evidence to the public. If they post the whole video,peoples will know the truth!

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It was supposed to be a happy moment

for Wooram to be able to stand on stage together

with Boram,but things are getting worst.

I hope Boram and Wooram can stand on stage together

again.All this messed needs to clean up soon.

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now maybe she unable to stand the same stage as Boram, but when this things dies out, she'll have lots of chance.. I wish this year Gayo Daejun, Jeon Sisters and Jung Sisters will perform together... i love these siblings.. :D

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