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[12.08.02] T-ara are victims of reckless reporters


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[12.08.03] T-ara are victims of reckless reporters


T-ara are victims of unconfirmed reports in the media.

Recently, the bullying situation began with a few tweets and reports saying Hwayoung was bullied in T-ara. Suspicions that idol groups have bullying in them have been around forever, and didn't just start yesterday. But the recent bullying accusations have exploded and attracted more attention than ever before.

A problem that lies within this is that there is so much interest in the case, that reports are being published in the press just to increase views and clicks on their website which is the wrong attitude.

To confirm the allegations that first began about bullying, netizens went and dug up various things that happened in the past. Excerpts from various different broadcasts were brought up through screen-captures and questioned, but they were not originally a problem when they first aired. The reports spread throughout the media were written without going through a verification process. Reports that were contacting representatives from the broadcasts were also hard to find.

In addition to making screen-captures of various broadcasts, rumors have been circulating about T-ara. False and malicious rumors, such as "gangs" and the like, have been circulating online because of "netizens suspicions," but like the screen-captures, they have not been verified. The "trainee" was proven to be false, and the "back-dancer" report as well, but both spread before any confirmation had been done. Some even have gone far to force evidence and say that Hwayoung left a hidden message, "fans only know," in her Twitter message but the truth is it's different depending on where you look at the image.

Websites gain revenue through clicks on ads on their website, and these reckless and unprofessional reports being spread attract attention and revenue for whoever reports it.

The bullying allegations first started on July 28th through Twitter messages and continued until the 2nd. T-ara related searches dominated every popular search ranking on various portal sites. The Olympics began, but T-ara's scandal has attracted more attention and higher interest. The topic located at the center is that journalists recklessly report things posted online without getting confirmation just for a few more clicks on their website.

Hwayoung recently posted on Twitter, "Please stop now and look forward to when I'll return with a new more mature and sophisticated image." The situation is at a point where it's finally calmed down.


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120802n20672

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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"The situation is at a point where it's finally calmed down."

Finally is right. This whole thing has been blown waaaay out of proportion by anti-fans and ex-"Queen's", or so they would have called themselves a while back. Kind of makes me sad that these are people who once called themselves T-ara fans and supporters. Some support they're giving, eh?

I've also started noticing that things are more calm than they were say three or four days ago. Hopefully this means that T-ara will finally start having some sort of peace.

Whatever the case, T-ara will take something from this. If the bullying is true, then they will learn that bullying has severe consequences. If it's not true, then perhaps they will learn that a few ambiguous tweets, followed by another ambiguous tweet can lead to trouble. And that their "fanbase" isn't exactly stable, so it'd be best to act accordingly. I do know that internal conflicts will arise. That's a given, and it doesn't happen exclusively to T-ara. Hopefully next time an issue arises within T-ara, they will know not to reveal it to the public and to try their best to resolve any problems they have.

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This reminds me of what AKFG said not long ago - Korean journalism as a whole is a massive joke, since reporters rely on forums and anonymous accounts as their sources for the stuff they report. Actually, the whole Korean media as a whole is a lousy joke to begin with.

For those malicious rumors - it's a tossup between either the netizens or Kim Kwang Media itself. The possibility that KKM may have spread those rumors itself can't be denied, considering the girls themselves were literally silent on the whole issue.

From this point on, both the Int. and Korean fandoms should start communicating each other more often, cooperate, recover and rebuild.

T-Jinyo is still running around active and they're even planning to stage an organized protest outside CCM's building - probably for the wrong reasons since it's KKS himself who should be protested against by everyone. If anyone wants to dare, communicating with their head honchos should be considered as well, since the fans themselves are dying to know the truth too.

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found on tumclr(its quite long)

Hwayoung is bullied?



As a pro T-ara Queen’s I wouldn’t force people that tries to defame T-ara to read this post. If you are anti-T-ara and you are unwilling to accept what we pro-T-ara thinks in this matter, you are advised to leave this post immediately.

Since the controversy started, we Queen’s have been going through so much pain in defending what we had always believe in.

When the sudden influx of antis just flooded in, we remain calm and choose to believe in T-ara.

We waited for the official announcement to prove them wrong, but antis seems unconvinced.

Angered, they began to search for evidence that Hwayoung is indeed bullied to strengthen their foundation.

They said that the agency is lying and all sorts of things refusing to accept the official statement.

Even when Hwayoung herself convey the message for them to stop all these, they would give excuses such as Hwayoung being forced to tweet.

When an article about Hwayoung apologising to Kim KwangSoo after this whole incident, they choose to ignore that has ever happened and AGAIN return to prove that Hwayoung is bullied.

They refuse to give the scandal a rest, in the name of pro-Hwayoung fans. I’m sad to say but they have failed to notice the real importance here. Hwayoung had always been a very obedient girl. As the second maknae in the group, it is only normal in this society where age matters significantly, that Hwayoung listened well to her unnies. Taking advantage of these, more evidences had been gathered and finally, even the Queen’s that has hold on so far began to waver, and T-ara is losing their fans day by day. It’s really unfortunate, but I’ll just say this one more time:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

We, the Queen’s, swear to stand by T-ara side, through their ups and downs.

We will, in the name of T-ara, defend T-ara through any controversies.

When T-ara commit mistakes, we accept their mistakes and lead them to the right path.

When T-ara achieve milestones, we celebrate as one unit, and embrace the sense of togetherness.

In this difficult times, we will not falter, we will not be misled, we will stay strong, and come back as a stronger individuals.

Evidence time:

I’ve been browsing through the web these few days and THANKFULLY, som

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That's how big an influence a news report can have on a celebrity's life. IMO, The problem is most of "bloggers/online reporters" are not real reporters who actually studied to be a reporter. And the "netizens" are not helping either with their witchhunt mode...

All the more reason why I think cyber security and even some lengths of censorship should be imposed on these 'online reporters' in Korea. I'm all for freedom of speech but there's clearly a limit to how much it can be taken up to - some people simply abuse it and in the case of Kpop, it's overly abused.

I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that the power of netizens in Korea is simply a bit too much and that serious means of keeping it under control should be taken into consideration.

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Fans want to believe they want to believe, even if it's not true.

A fan, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person who supports with a liking and enthusiasm for something.

i would not label people who call T-ara members bitches, wanting disbandment, or conjuring up theories for their own amusement fans

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that reports are being published in the press just to increase views and clicks on their website


I had decided to ban myself from visiting allkpop and the like ever again, but (after I calmed down) seeing how ridiculous there articles were, I found some entertainment value in it. I might as well give them those clicks.

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most of the story come from ALLKPOP.. they didn't even confirm anyhthing. they hear about those thing for just 2-3 minutes, less than 5 minutes the news is being spread to the world. WTH is that. they just like spread the news that they think will make their site rating up. also DKPOPNEWS. just the same like ALLKPOP. both of that side suck. they even bring some news that are confusing u know. arghhhh, i hope the remain t-ara fans will stay strong and support them whatever happen. let the betrayed learn something when t-ara stand up again and climb to the peak like they did before. i'm sure the girls strong enougn to face this situation if we, Queens as fans support them from behind whatever happen. <3

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i wouldnt necessarily say its calmed down, theres still a lot of hate going on, but it has gotten much better.Pictures of T-ara on FB or articles on AKP doesn have as much anti's calling T-ara b!tches and more T-ara fans or standing up for T-ara but the mess hasnt calmed down, there has been a huge improvement

i just realized that my comment is a huge run on sentence O__O to lazy to fix it lol

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[RUMOR VS FACT] T-ara's bullying case: Evident #6

Netizens post this:

Hwayoung is left out



The truth is:

Okay, I have to admit that K-netizens really good in manipulating information to ruining people’s life. They’re really smart.

Okay guys, the 1st & 2nd pictures is screencap from a video. Sorry, I can’t find the video (will update if I find it later). Just like they manipulate the screencap in case #5, they also do the same to this post. Here is the press photos T-ara @ Gimpo International Airport on 4th July 2011.



See the difference???

They just capped the video when Hwayoung stay at the back.Smart move, right?


(watch this fancam!)

After they posing for the camera, they started to move into the departure hall but Hwayoung move first and some members still posing for the camera. That’s why Hwayoung position is changed and she stay in the back!

Okay, now we move on to the 2nd cap. What’s wrong with walking alone??? They’re not a kids that need a parents/adults to hold their hands all the time.

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xskf04_120121-t-ara-s-pretty-boys-e05-720p-cut_shortfilms (HYOMIN & SOYEON WALKING ALONE)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV95fOYZ7LQ (HYOMIN WALKING ALONE)

Netizens exaggerated to much???

sorry i can't upload other evidence so just check on tumblr okay

Evidence time:

I’ve been browsing through the web these few days and THANKFULLY, someone actually made my life easier by compiling the evidence that T-ara had bullied Hwayoung into a post. Now I just have to reference from there.


Probably one of the very solid evidence in this scandal. I suppose by now people would have already figured out what the tweets mean (If you really didn’t know, you can go to my Tumblr and check my full report). Anyway, the tweets say everything. In my view, the tweets can be seen as encouragement for each other for their Budokan concert. The reason behind this is because T-ara is the first Korean Girl Group to stand on Budokan stage and it reallly meant a lot for them. So it is important for them to keep the fire burning by cheering each other up. Hwayoung, however, was injured at that time. Hwayoung too felt disappointed for not being able to give her all for this once in a lifetime concert (once in a lifetime as in there will only be one chance for them to stand on the stage as FIRST GIRL GROUP). Keeping this in mind, it’s only normal for her tweet to look a little bit more emotional and sad than the others. She’s cheering herself up.

Hyoyoung talked about her other twins going through pain and Hwayoung replied she only has her. They are twin sisters for god sake. They understand each other more than a mother understand her child. The pain that Hwayoung is feeling may be that she’s injured, may be that she can’t give in her best for the concert, but if this scandal proved to be a non-bullying case, then this is pain is definitely not because she’s being bullied. Hyoyoung then tweet another tweet saying having pretty face is useless if your heart is ugly. I’ll just train. Netizens ought to prove that at this point, Hyoyoung is still trying to comfort Hwayoung. It could be conflict in her group between a girl she thinks is much prettier than her. But without solid proof, there is no saying that Hyoyoung is talking on behalf of Hwayoung. If Hyoyoung is really trying to do so, as the older one, (if I am talking on behalf of my younger siblings I would have done it this way): @RHY422 Hwayoung-a Cheer up, having a pretty face doesn’t matter if her heart is ugly. Just be strong, tell unnie if there’s anything troubling you. Hyoyoung would have mentioned Hwayoung! Netizens also used Tarae (Hwayoung rap coach) tweets as evidence. Tarae sounded angry in her tweets and is scolding two bitches. Netizens (in their effort to prove 5-ara guilty) only take notes of this and refuse to post the remaining tweets. Here are the remaining tweets:

Second EDIT (making the first edit even more probably irrelevant):

Tarae: (1) ㅡㅡ;; What is this. The timing is unbelievable.. Well thank you for interpreting it to encourage Hyoyoung… but when I went to naver after finishing work, why are you dragging me into it!!?? I wrote that to spite the two bitches who disrespected me but… crap…

(2) How can thinks get mixed up as much as this… Whether T-ara are fighting or Hwayoung gets hurt, I’m busy enough working to feed myself!!! I’m not interested!!!! Am I meant to be Nostradamus or something? Think for yourselves. Hwayoung, I’m sorry… I didn’t know. xxxx. I’ve become T-ara’s enemy…

(3) I just want to work hard on music and give you all good music so don’t take interest in me for things like this. So unfair. Whoever inovlved me in this, come out… I’m going to kill you.

(4) jo_suyeon (to Tarae): What;;

(5) Tarae (to jo_suyeon): What do you mean what? I just got a million antis for nothing.

(6) I didn’t mean that I’m not interested in [don’t pay attention to] Hwayoung, I’m saying I’m too busy. The two!! The two bitches are… who?? Hyomin and Eunjung?? It’s Beyonce and Nicki Minaj!!!! Your interpretations.. I haven’t even spoken to those beauties before.

(7) Are you dyslexic?? I care about Hwayoung, i care about her, you little futures of the Republic of Korea..

(8) I have done wrong~~ I’m not only a teacher who cares about Hwayoung but a proud rapper of this country~~ I care~~ It’s true that T-ara fans are scary~~~ ah~ the sudden interest made me pay some attention to the comments~~ I take it back, antis~~~

(9) Let me say it again, the shock that all you fans had, I felt several hundred times that because I’m her teacher so that should be expected. I saw the blog and I was angry but I was even more angry that I was involved.

(10) Please continue to support Hwayoung until the end. Take care of her more closely than I have. In spirit and in deep sincerety.

(11) I apologise for the few words that I posted that caused so many fans to misunderstand. As much as you felt it, please take care of her and look after her that strongly and deeply.

Source: http://oniontaker.com/post/28131098948/trans-120725-t-ara-situation#ixzz22KzHe7yL

If you guys don’t believe me, I can’t make you believe me. Then I advise you to just search the web yourself and continue defaming T-ara cause I’m really so tired of this scandal.

That proves the source of this scandal as bullying as WRONG!

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Picture may speak a thousand words, but these pictures have been cut from a what seemingly joking show into a malicious post. This is a Japanese game show titled Han Love. (Full game show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwKANnm34aY) Meanwhile, this particular game show is coincidentally during the Batsu game (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batsu_game) Check out the full video to fully understand the situation. Look at 06:30, Jiyeon also have to suffer the same punishment. People have been saying about how Koreans should have known of the seriousness of stuffing rice cakes may choke the victim to death. So you guys actually think that Eunjung would actually kill Hwayoung? In the view of all viewers watching the show, and the emcee would just stand there and laugh, and Hwayoung would just accept the fact she’s going to die and drop dead? Please, even a murderer don’t kill in front of a large crowd, what’s more of these celebrities that care so much about their image. And if you notice, Eunjung didn’t force in the whole rice cake. Now stuffing the WHOLE rice cake in is no joke, but as long as Eunjung act as if she were forcing in the rice cake, it would be fine. Plus, which of you people know the meaning of sportmanship? If Eunjung actually faked this punishment, she would be asked to redo it and it would just complicate the matter. Everybody talked about how Eunjung is so bad to Hwayoung. Has anyone ever comment on the picture below? Shameless creatures.




For this evidence, they are filming Star Life Theater. The crew asked Hwayoung why are you reading book when the van is so shaky. When Hwayoung was about to answer, Jiyeon interrupted saying that she only reads because there’s a camera. Using this as evidence, they said T-ara members laughed out loud and left Hwayoung feeling uncomfortable. However this was not the case when I look back at the clip. Hwayoung actually applaud when being teased this way


Those who need more evidence, just go and search T-ara Star Life Theater episode 3 and skip to 17:10. Hwayoung admitted that she really reads because of the camera. Case closed.



I don’t know where this is from and cos it’s hangul I can’t read it. People said that the content is saying Jiyeon got 1st place in popularity votes while Hwayoung get 0. So people actually filed this under bullying? When is the last time, you guys made fun of you SAME AGED FRIEND? We need more of Jiyeon purposely trying to put Hwayoung in an awkward position and not based your decision that this is a bullying case only based on this one picture. Let’s say Soyeon (my bias) gets 0 votes in popularity votes. Jiyeon wouldn’t dare to make fun of her because she’s her unnie. As I had EMPHASISE before, South Korea is a society where people really takes age into serious matter where you have to bow 90-degree if you are greeting your senior and other culture. When people find out about people sharing their same year of birth, they will be EXTRAORDINARILY friendly with them immediately because when will be the next time they can act like themselves if not to their same aged friends? Seriously, this is a stupid picture, it’s just showing how close Jiyeon is to Hwayoung and how comfortable she is with her that she can joke with her this way. Yes I don’t have evidence Jiyeon is not making fun of her time for this part. But IF YOU WILL, think of what I just said on top, if it doesn’t makes sense, I can’t force my opinion on you so LAUGH ALL U CAN.

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Finally things have calmed. It really shows how people can be rash and greedy but one thing about this is we can really see who the real Queens are. Hope this starts the reflection and hopefully the T-ara girls emerged from these stronger than ever. T-ara fighting!!

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Jeez this is new and already has a ton of views. I've been saying that about ad-view generation for awhile now (not to mention AKP runs awfully on my computer because of it), but never has it been more apparent than now that there is reckless reporting from "reporters".

From a public policy point of view, should news be allowed to have internet advertisements like this? If their income is based on viewership, every hyped up article, mis-titled article, bad news article is sure to draw a ton of views. I am of the opinion that news sites should not be allowed to have advertisements. Their job is to report the news.

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