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[12.08.03] Hwayoung not focusing on signing a new contract right now


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:D I'm so happy she's finally moved on from that crappy company and CEO.

It's good that she's taking her time to relax and clear her head. I hope that, when she debuts in a new company, she comes back better than ever in the music industry ^-^

I swear to god, if she left the music industry like Bekah from After School did, I would have xxxxxx that stupid good-for-nothing KKSaskjdgfCEOwejfsdmofo

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found on tumblr

[RUMOR VS FACT] T-ara’s bullying case: Evidence #11

What netizens said:

Boram not acknowledging Hwayoung as maknae in T-ara because on Hyomin’s birthday, Hyomin called Hyomin as a second maknae. Since Hwayoung is older than Jiyeon by a few months and Hyomin is 89er, Hwayoung suppose to be a second maknae not Hyomin. On Jiyeon birthday, Boram also wished Jiyeon by called her forever maknae Jiyeon.


Translation: you are not pretty, not sexy, not even cute (I was joking haha) Happy Birthday to our T-ara second maknae Hyomin♥♪ ♫ ♬ ♩


Translation: Happy Birthday to our forever maknae Jiyeon♥♡♥♡. Although unnie is now wishing you in hospital but the next time we meet I will be recovered already♥ Prepare to get trouble againㅡ!!۶(✷ㅅ✷)۶

The truth is:

On Hwayoung birthday, Boram wished Hwayoung and called her maknae!


Translation: Always looking down on unni, our tallㅡmaknae Hwayoungie. Happy birthday★☆ pats butt♥

So, what is the problem here? Boram called Hyomin as the second maknae???

Here we go…

Jiyeon and Hwayoung both born in 1993 so they actually a same age friends. In this case, both of them actually a maknae in T-ara. But in T-ara fandom, since Jiyeon is the younger by a few month than Hwayoung, so she become the official maknae. Just like one group only need one leader, we can only have one official maknae in a group. Position as maknae in the group quite important in idol world because maknae will represent the cuteness of the group so in public and media eyes, Jiyeon is the official maknae!

Is that changed the fact that Hwayoung also the T-ara’s maknae in T-ara members’ eyes? The answer is NO!

Boram called Hyomin as the second maknae because for her, since Jiyeon and Hwayoung is the same age, they are the 1st maknaes in T-ara. Boram’s tweet on Hwayoung birthday is the proof! Of course netizens don’t bother to cap the tweet and post it (¬-̮¬)

Netizens then point out the words ‘Forever maknae Jiyeon’ in Boram’s tweet!

What’s wrong with that words??? Jiyeon indeed a maknae in T-ara so nothing wrong with that words! CCM announced the addtion of two new members a few weeks before Jiyeon birthday so with the addition of Areum and Dani who is younger than Jiyeon, Jiyeon is no longer a maknae in T-ara. The words “Forever maknae’ probably means that, for Boram, even though Jiyeon is no longer a maknae in the group, she will always look at Jiyeon as the youngest one.

This is the translation from BNT Interview when the reporter asked Boram about her opinion regarding the addition of new members.

“I look forward to it. I’m happy yet worried at the same time. At times I think ‘will they be able to adjust?,’ but when I see the members’ cheerful selves, all of my worries disappear. I don’t think they’ll have any trouble adjusting. More than that, when I see our little ones ‘Jiyeon’ and ‘Hwayoung’ doting on the new members, I smile unknowingly. Should I call it an ‘auntie’s heart’?”



Eunjung to Hwayoung:

우리 막내애기 화영이의 생일입니다!!! 많이많이축하해주세요>∇<!!!! 옆에있는게..이제는너무나익숙하고..없으면안된다!! ㅋㅋ너는꾸준히잘해나갈수있어 너의 능력을 믿고있어♥쏴랑한다!!!

Translation: It’s our maknae baby Hwayoungie’s birthday!!! Please send her a lot of your greetings !!!! Having you next to me..I’m so used to it by now..and I can’t have you away from me!! ㅋㅋ You’re completely capable of doing well, I believe in your ability♥I love you!!!!

Hwayoung replied:

@taraeunjung1212 고마워언니!!!!! ㅋㅋ뒹굴뒹굴겸댕이 내 백구언니ㅎㅎ

@taraeunjung1212 Thank you unni!!!!! ㅋㅋ Cutie cutie, my Baekgu unniㅎㅎ

Hyomin to Hwayoung:


Translation: It’s our big baby Hwayoungie’s birthday ♥ Everyone please congratulate her~~ ^^ Happy birthday Ryu Hwayoung!!!!

Hwayoung replied:

@b89530 ㅋㅋ아 또언니랑 연습하고싶땅ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ콜해 ㅋㅋ

@b89530 ㅋㅋ Ah I want to practice with unni againㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Call me ㅋㅋ

Jiyeon to Hwayoung:

룡룡이생일축하해!!!! 음하하 선물은내일줄게..♥ 우리룡룡이축하해주세요!!!

Ryongryongie happy birthday!!!! Eumhaha I’ll give you your present tomorrow..♥ Please congratulate our Ryongryongie!!!

@pjy1234 크르릉~~~박찌롱ㅋㅋㅋ고맙따잉!! 우리내일피자맛있게만들자ㅋㅋ

@pjy1234 Keureureung~~~Park JjirongㅋㅋㅋThanks!! Let’s make a yummy pizza tomorrowㅋㅋ

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though I'm glad that's she's having the time off she's been yearning for all this while being in T-ARA, it surprises me that no company is even thinking or rumoring about signing her. she's a big, big talent that should never go to waste. hope she'll be having a great career ahead of her after this time off...

#SupportHwayoung, #SupportT-ARA

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The worst thing about this is the ignorance of the fans.

I don't know why the witnesses of the bullying didn't talk about it until these days. Both teams have their supporters from industry.

I love Hwayoung, she is my bias. I'm with her. But it doesn't mean try to get T-ara disbanded. I can't call the other members: Hey! you're guilty! Because there isn't any evidence confimed.... I don't even know why Hyoyoung didn't say anything... they worked together in LD Zombie Version.. So, I guess that the problems started after that MV. All T-ara members and humans make mistakes. They can regret their actions if bullying existed. Whatever, I think that keep insulting them it's a type of bullying.

Think what you want, you are free~... Sexy, free and single ♥

There are people who say that supporting T-ara is Supporting Bullying...

Let's see. T-ara is a music band. I like their music, I like their songs, I think they're good at stage. So Should I stop listening to them just because they have problems? Nope, dears. Their real life is pretty different. Do you think that they're like they show in the TV? I don't think so.

Furthermore, There aren't any strong evidences that proves the bullying. We will never be able to know the truth. You have to think about it. If bullying existed, they'll never confess. The situation is out of control. KKS failed, a lot. He shouldn't have let the things go this far. He shouldn't have waited for 3 days until the announcement. And if bullying existed, He must have taken actions when it appeared.

Seriously guys, their real life is not their idol life. They have to live with strange people for years. They can't meet their parents. Obviously there are problems without them. They must fight a lot between them. Bullying is not such a good thing, but it's existence between T-ara members will never be proved or refuted. KKS will keep lying if it existed.

Sorry for my bad English.

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someone wrote this on tumblr

Everyone wants the truth, but when they do tell the truth, no one believes them. Why? Because it’s not the truth that they want to hear. You all just want the truth that would benefit your side the most. You want your truth because you don’t want to be wrong for bashing T-ara as much as you did. No truth will ever be enough for you at all.

When people show this truth, no one wants to believe that they were wrong and they’ll come up with excuses to prove otherwise.

You can’t just blindly pick a side without knowing both side of the story. You all believed Hwayoung’s side, but when someone posts T-ara’s side, no one wants to believe it. Why? You were shown the whole truth, not just small part of a clip edited and posted as bullying. We just have to live with the fact that no truth will ever be enough for some people. No matter what you do, how you show it, how sorry you are, no one will care because it’s not what they want to see or hear. T-ara was successful before Hwayoung and I’m sure that they can become successful again with the support of their fans. Hwayoung learned to be an idol and a good rapper and I’m sure that she will be successful in the future as well.

I hope that netizens will stop pushing this matter more. I think T-ara,Hwayoung, their families and friends have already suffered enough because of this. If you really want to make a difference in life and prevent bullying, then go to schools, talk to kids, make organizations,ect. Just sitting behind a computer and making/joining T-Jinyo won’t do you any actual good in the cause that you want to help. They can turn T-Jinyo into an organization that helps prevent bullying in schools,workplace,ect. Make a protest for something actually meaningful.

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I thought Supernova was under CCM?

Anyway, I'll support her in whatever decisions she chooses. I don't know if she was bullied or not because there is no solid, hard, concrete evidence of so. However, I do not deny that she might have been bullied. We never know.

I just hope she stays away from CCM and KKS. Their way of managing girl groups is silly. They threaten to kick out and replace members and restrict them from activities if they "act out". And from what I see, all Hwayoung did was refuse to go onstage ONCE. And she was injured.

Oh well. Rant over d:

I'll support her in whatever she does (:

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