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[12.08.04] Backlash after T-ara appears on "Sebakwi", "We demand an apology"


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Are you serious right now?

They demand an apology for airing a broadcast that would've been aired either way?

If this whole scandal never happened they would've been happy that T-Ara was on the show.

They need to grow up.

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found on tumblr

Some opinions about the incident of T-ara

@charogne6 (A reporter in Korea)



The datas (which attack back the ridiculous evidences of netizens) were shown such like that, and those who still don’t believe just announce that ‘”I’m T-ara antifan”. Don’t pretend that you guys are on the side of the victim Hwayoung.


From a pointview of people who can see clearly this world, behaviors of people who can’t see must look ridiculous. On the other hand, people who can’t see don’t even try listening or take a look at the other’s opinion. Also, if anyone points out and opposes it, those people will just eliminate her/him. That’s why they never know their own ridiculousity.

@djuna01 (a movie reviewer)


I feel scared of people who attack T-ara continuously by such informations. It can’t be regconized as something related to justice. Stepping on the kids who have already fallen down is that fun? Even if those kids low-priced as you call, then what nonsense reasons of bullying is all about….

@hotchicksbyj (Bae Yoonjung – Leader of T-ara’s HotChicks dance team)


The careless thought of people who don’t know the truth is… so scared

(it seems she deleted this tweet)

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Seriously, they don't give a crap about the truth .. their only goal at this point is too destroy. They're probably angry because all of the talk of bullying has been proven to be false. I'd have a lot more respect for these Korean news organizations that originally spread the rumors and lies if they'd finally start reporting the truth .. and allkPOP still sucks!

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this haters are really too much... i think mbc doesnt believe in the "scandal"... tq mbc for airing that... we hope we can still see Eunjung in WGM... And all of other T-ara members on tv and variety show....

i don't believe in what ever "bullying" thing... come on... have the haters learn psychology of person that being bullied??? they may be a reason for everything ... but i'm thinking that "bullying" is not the reason... T-ara is made from a group a nice girl.. i BELIEVE....

stay strong T-ara...

these flood of haters will just get off one day...

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T-Jinyo and Protests

Lately these few days, it is no longer about who’s right and who’s wrong.

It’s no longer about whether or not Hwayoung is bullied.

What is really going on is how to bring down T-ara.

So far, this is the biggest scandal in T-ara history.

Yes, we have Jiyeon scandal, Hwayoung lovey-dovey scandal and all sorts of things.

But those are not T-ara brightest days.

T-ara is still that group that is childish in the public’s eye.

Nobody really bothers whether T-ara survive the scandal or gets beaten by it.

But lately, T-ara has been clinching many achievements.

Dominating the Japan market with their various hits.

Dominating the first half of 2012 with purely one single.

As a result, people felt threatened by this, they’re jealous, they want to fight against T-ara but bringing them down is very difficult.

So when this type of scandal appear, they quickly utilises the media to defame our Queens.

The media, evil as always, will do whatever it takes to increase the number of viewers/readers to their ‘news’. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake, if it’s based on no evidence. As long as it’s attractive, people will read it, they post it.

Exaggerating the news, that’s what media does best.

Just like how teen crimes are exaggerated in the UK, sites like allkpop just keep on posting news of baseless conjecture.

Yes they have sources, but they take advantage of the fact that we, international fans, do not read Korean and claim that they translate it exactly how it’s written when it’s not.

When things like proofs against bullying appears, they take forever to post them onto their site, cause it would mean the drama is ending, readers count will dropped.

That’s what the media wants, bunch of scrooge claiming any benefits available without the slightest business ethics being put in consideration. It’s business after all, yes it’s entertainment world, but this is all business, it’s all about the money.


What are those? EGGS?

Seriously what do they hope to achieve by these I really don’t know.

I don’t see how throwing a few eggs at CCM is gonna bring the whole building down?

It’s not like throwing eggs and conducting these protests are going to make KKS so scared to bow down before them. What do you expect? Like KKS has egg-allergy or something? =____=

These are people, who act rashly without thinking.

They protest in the name of Queen’s of which I’m really ashamed of.

They demand truth, truth about the scandal when it has already been given to them, that there is NO BULLYING.

They say as T-ara fans, they’re very angry and they demand explanations.

What explanations do you want? That there is bullying? So you just gonna keep throwing eggs no matter what explanation is provided cause you only accept the explanation that there is bullying?


Exactly what I’m saying people, T-Jinyo and these so-called Queen’s are one group. Yes they don’t contact each other but their purpose is the same: To have CCM/KKS/T-ara confirmed that there is bullying. Their purpose is the same but the outcome they hope to achieve is different.

T-Jinyo are wolf in sheep’s clothing bunch of fools. They act all high and mighty, fight in the name of justice, demand fairness and equality, demand bullying to be eradicated but all they want is for T-ara to be disbanded. Based on what I’ve been hearing, T-Jinyo is headed by a 15-year-old. I mean like seriously? You can’t even feed your xxxxing self, and you form this hypocritical organisation to brings down a CORPORATION? T-Jinyo have what? hundreds of thousands of people? And all that turns up at the protest like what? 6? Keyboard warriors, keyboard warriors everywhere. If you want to bring across the message, do it the diplomatic way. They want to talk to T-ara, why? Usually when things go wrong in, let’s say, a supermarket/fastfood restaurant you automatically ask to look for the? MANAGER! that’s right. T-Jinyo are bunch of fools that lose to KKS and are just trying their luck by pressing T-ara to say out the ‘truth’ they are looking for. But when T-ara say there is really no bullying, I’m sure they’ll just say that KKS is doing the trick again.

I mean, LET’S SAY, T-ara did bully Hwayoung, why would they even own up?

Why are all these brainless people trying to take T-ara down with such cheap methods? They’re the real bully, media are the real bully, but nobody cares, cause they’re wasting our precious time ;)

So people, like what the American president say,” We don’t negotiate with terrorists”

We, Queen’s, should do the exact same thing and say: WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH BUNCH OF CRIMINALS TRYING THEIR LUCK IN BENDING THE TRUTH. (I mean, protesters are criminals aren’t they? :P)

Meanwhile, these fake Queen’s demand the same ‘truth’ but not because they want to bring down T-ara, they’re not as wicked and evil as T-Jinyo but they’re even more selfish than T-Jinyo. They want to feel better, to feel compensated. Let’s just ignore them should we? They’re at the road’s end and the best thing they can do is throwing eggs. They can’t even afford watermelons to throw. Pathetic bunch of crowd.

To end off, these madness will end. it will end. and it’s all up to KKS on how he will solve it. Either that or the media decided to post some truths finally. We as fans there’s really nothing we can do except in helping proving there is no bullying and stand by T-ara during these difficult times. Don’t have a change of heart into other fandoms and don’t EVER bash T-ara, then you’re no different than the antis and I’m just gonna troll you like all the other antis.

Nights, gonna be less active for this week due to exam ;)

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tara-international tumblr

Thank you!

To the horde of amazing new followers! You guys are awesome! Spread this to everyone you know! Show them we are in this together! Do submit your personal stuffs of T-ara here too! Let’s share, support and love! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

P.S Sorry about the submission codes on the tumblr, we’ll fix it asap! >.<

post yr stuffs of t-ara at tara-international tumblr..okay

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ahahahah! just want to laugh on those haters! why apology?,,t-ara including hwayoung deserves love not hate! there's no bullying at all,,i can still remember when eunjung and hyomin helped hwayoung during a particular concert when hwa left her shoes on stage..little things counts but for negative people,,mistakes and rumors have the most gravity on their mind...so why would t-ara and sebakwi should mind those bitter people??? LOL to them,,life goes on,,they should not dwell on what the haters believe what they are.numbers of fans doesn't matter,,what's important is,,THERE'S STILL MANY PEOPLE NOT EVEN FANS WHO LOVE THEM AND WILL STILL WATCH THEM.

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I'm repeating myself from another thread but who cares :D (sorry moderators)_:

A bit off topic but:

Enough with all the gloom & doom.. finally some good news!!!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking for the first week of August:


1. PSY – “Gangnam Style” – 42,080 Points

2. SISTAR – “Loving U” – 19,065 Points

3. BoA – “Only One” – 18,669 Points

4. Davichi – “Do Men Cry” – 18,244 Points

5. 2NE1 – “I Love You” – 13,835 Points

6. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love” – 12,521 Points

7. PSY ft. Sung Si Kyung – “Passionate Goodbye” – 10,773 Points

8. T-ara – “Day By Day” – 10,208 Points

9. B2ST – “Beautiful Night” – 10,108 Points

10. PSY ft. Park Jung Hyun – “What Should Have Been” – 8,949 Points

Yeah!! despite it all... our girls are still clinging to the charts.. also Soyeon's "Haeundae Lovers" has aired and.....

Soyeon's recieving mixed reviews for her acting... I'm taking this as a good news, its her first try, the drama is still ongoing so she still got time to improve and atleast people are commenting on her acting and not threatening to burn down the TV Station for airing a "tainted" T-ara member..

I always thought Soyeon was much better in variety shows anyway, hope this all scandal will not reign in her sassy sharp wit that I love so much...

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This is the most silly case I've ever seen. Why would you apologize when you have'nt even done anything wrong? I won't.

Just like @ maknae23 mentioned, "If they didn't like it, why didn't they switch off their damn tvs or change the channel instead of watching T-ara throughout the whole show?" If I hate a person so much and she/he is appearring on the TV, I would've change the channel. Because, I don't even want to look at his/her face. Come on, what so hard about switching the channel.

That is just how I feel. I would love to see T-ara in drama and shows. I hope it will pass quickly so our girls can be on shows again with a smile on their face.


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i really don't understand their minds...they are not the boss of anyone...are (anti) fans dictators?...blackmailing (emotional) all companies of t-ara's advertisements,programs,dramas threatening them they won't buy the products and watch the show...what the hell! they are accusing the girls for being bullies but themselves are bullies too. these companies should they take their stand. mbc,kbs,sbs,tvn,mnet, etc..don't be afraid to show any t-ara on your programs, only a few will protest, but we are millions (including us, international fans) will stay to support them.

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T-ara Wins Poll for Girl Group with Strongest Minds


T-ara was chosen as the girl group with the strongest mental capacity.

According to a poll taken on the community portal site DC Inside from July 31 to August 7, T-ara was ‘the girl group with the biggest will and the strongest mental capacity’.

The group garnered 11,858 votes, 80.1 percent out of the total of 14,798 votes for the poll. T-ara became popular after debuting in 2009 with Lies, and has been active in music, acting and variety both as a group and individually. Recently, however, it’s found itself in big trouble with outcast rumors that started through social networks.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) followed T-ara with 860 votes (5.8 percent), while Kara came in third with 369 votes (2.5 percent). 2NE1 and SISTAR could also be found on the list.

DC Inside is currently holding a poll under the same theme with boy groups from August 7 to 14. As of August 8, JYJ is in the lead with 192 votes, which is 81 percent of the total number of votes.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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Yeah this just proves my theory that most of the people that are/were bashing and criticizing them, are all just random people that had literally nothing better to do. If they actually cared a bit besides going out of their boring lives, t-ara wouldn't be the group that got first in those votes with 81%.

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This is absolutely getting old and getting old really fast. If they didn't like T-ara appearing on the show, they should have watched something else for crying out loud. I know that Nichkhun of boy band 2PM was edited out of a couple of television programs because of that drunk driving incident. But as for T-ara, they didn't get edited out of anything because of the bullying scandal, so I don't think that there is one single reason to get all worked up about it. So if T-ara appears on another variety show, everyone just needs to either watch them have fun or watch something else on television. And oh yeah, they need to give up wishing that T-ara can disband for good and let go of the scandal for once because the girls aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Everyone is being so immature right now and they need to grow up for God's sake

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